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    Beast is Monsters Inc. as made by Guillermo del Toro.

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      Batman and the Joker are equally viable character concepts.

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        "What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" ―Paarthurnax

        That's a Line that was Put about by afew of us while discussing Beast Prior... (Development changed one thing that it relied on but didn't right it off completely, How you become a Beast/Begotten) And it sums up afair bit of the flavour that drew me to supporting it.

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          "Being a hero, like a beast, is what you make of it." -Sidebar page 202, B:tP core.

          Now. To elaborate further. Beast: The Primordial is a game where the easy route both as a character and as a player is to be an unapologetic asshole on an IC basis. It strips away all pretenses of morality, of sanity, and the idea that you have to behave in a certain way. Other characters do not have this freedom of amorality. When given this, you have to ask yourself, "I am in a sandbox. Few if any consequences will come my way no matter what I do. What SHOULD I do, even if I can do virtually anything?". Most won't. Most will look at the freedom and take it at face value. Why not indulge in your power, there's nothing to prevent you. It's what others justify to themselves by believing they have a positive impact, despite abusing random unfortunates who catch their attention. And yet the truth of this all, is the axis upon which the game rests is the most important one. The players. The players do not need to be assholes despite in-character influence, as ultimately they control their character. They have freedom, and what they do with that freedom in a world of monsters is a big thing. They have power, and an environment which encourages petty status wars and competition for its own sake. They're monsters, and they have to hurt other people to survive. Sound familiar? In its own way, Beast: The Primordial is a full-circle reinvention of the classic byline from Vampire: The Masquerade, "A beast I am, lest a beast I become". And that is of course, compelling in its new form to me. The only challenge is, that the player here is the humanity meter rather than any numbers and a lot of us don't bat an eyelash at playing an unapologetic monster.

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            Well, after reading through more of the book, I'd have to say that Beast is a game about doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Wisdom through Fear, that's what Beasts contribute to society. While there are Beasts who don't care about humanity and just exist to satiate their appetites, such Beasts are not very welcomed by the rest of their kind. The book explicitly says "eat to live, don't live to eat."

            As a Beast, you take on the role of the Big Bad Wolf. In the narrative of Grimm's fairy tales, you are the moral of the story. Your job is to teach mankind not to be a bunch of idiots, or else there will be consequences for their actions. Heroes, the game's primary villains, have misinterpreted your actions to be detrimental to society (as opposed to beneficial), and they have dedicated their lives to hunting down and exterminating you whenever possible.

            Of course, none of this changes the fact that as a Beast, you draw nourishment from fear. You need to torment people in order to maintain your self control. If you refuse to do so, very bad shit happens, and that shit attracts more Heroes than it would have if you just maintained a steady diet. Heroes don't understand that your feeding habits are keeping the majority of humanity safe. They only see you as another trophy to be mounted on their wall, and so begins their quest.


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              In Beast, you explore the horror behind the world, in every way that phrase can be interpreted.

              To expound... First, you literally do have a horrific monster (and a horrific landscape) behind your worldly body. Second, most of the ways you feed that monster are through ordinary-seeming actions that are part of the normal human world - thus, you can explore the currents of evil and abuse that run through and behind the normal world, and that we accept as part of it. Third, Beasts have a mythology that unifies the supernatural into one family, and a good claim to connection with the horror who birthed them all.