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    Another one of these For Fun topics!


    Hero: You think you scare me? My ancestors were vikings, I've got the blood of Norse heroes running through my veins!

    Beast: I suggest you read more books... We giants killed all the Norse heroes!

    Hero: ... ... Hold on, I need to look this up...


    Hero: Look around you, monster! Your lair is going up in flames, now you have no place to hide!

    Beast: You... IDIOT!

    Hero: Wait... what the hell's happening to you? OH SHI-!


    Hero: So you're the big, tentacled monster, huh?

    Beast: Why, yes, I am! You looking to have a little fun, tonight?

    Hero: You could say that... *draws her weapon*


    Hero: I've been looking forward to this moment for 10 long years. The day I finally kill your ass!

    Beast: Strike me down, and I shall become more powerful than ever!

    Hero: In your dreams, monster! *decapitates the Beast*