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Sell me on conqurering heroes.

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    Originally posted by nalak42 View Post
    Dunno, it was the first thing my ST asked when I mentioned it* and I recall a few people saying they felt Heroes weren't as dangerous as they should be. Thus I felt it was a fair question to ask if they still felt that way to some with the new book.

    *It also doesn't help that I just found out he missed the section in the book covering mechanical benefits to Heroes, so he was unaware of any of their powers.

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

    The thing that really took me by surprise... Is learning that an aggressive Hero has a strong change of regaining ALL of their Willpower back just for daring to fight you as a Beast. Willpower can really swing fights and part of the defense of a Beast's Lair is that working your way through Burrows is meant to drain Willpower. But Heroes? They get it all back when they're facing off the REAL threat of the Lair....


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      Generally speaking it's still very easy for a Beast to outmatch a Hero in direct combat. The strengths of their respective powers, and the ease with which said powers are acquired/applied tilt heavily in favor of Beasts, but Conquering Heroes does a really good job of showcasing Heroes who use smarter tactics to create a significant threat. The ones that turn social networks against the player characters are particularly nasty.