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The Fog Kraken [Unfettered, Splintered City: Seattle]

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  • The Fog Kraken [Unfettered, Splintered City: Seattle]

    The Fog Kraken
    Type: Unfettered (Makara)
    Rank: 5
    Attributes: Power 13, Finesse 15, Resistance 12
    Influences: Fear 2, Fog 2, Hunger 1
    Manifestations: Discorporate, Hedge Gateway, Materialize, Nightmare Apparition, Twilight Form
    Numina: Blizzard*, Crosswinds*, Downpour*, Drain, Fog*, Innocuous, Invade Dream, Legion, Monster from the Deep**, Rapture, Regenerate, Storm-Lashed**

    Corpus: 27
    Essence: 50
    Willpower: 10
    Defense: 13
    Size: 15
    Speed: 33 (38 when swimming)
    Initiative: 27

    Ban: Fulfill its Hunger for Prey
    Bane: Iron Harpoons

    Description: Often mistaken for a Hedgebeast by Seattle's changeling population, the Fog Kraken holds far stranger origins than the other monsters running freely in the city's Hedge. It is an Unfettered Horror, and its Hunger has been exploited by the True Fae, Magog, to discourage any attempts by the Lost to carve out a foothold in the Hedge. To date, none have encountered it and lived to tell the tale, and the number of changelings who have fallen to its predations continues to grow.

    The Fog Kraken differs from many of its kind with its continued use of a Lair. The Retreat did not lead to its Chambers' collapse, and the Unfettered uses them as its refuge whenever it isn't roaming through the Dream or the Hedge. This anomaly may have been the result of the original Beast failing to become an Incarnate, or perhaps it is due instead to a potent connection to the Lair. Whatever the reason, the Unfettered has retained control over the elements raging within it, and it readily evokes them in its hunts.

    Appearance: True to its name, the Fog Kraken takes the form of a massive octopus. It appears to have transparent flesh, and is constantly enveloped by a thick cloud of frigid mist that saps the life out of those who stray too close. A pair of lambent green eyes rests above its tentacles and beak-like maw, mesmerizing those who lock gazes with them.

    Storytelling Hints: The Fog Kraken is an Unfettered devoid of the original Beast's personality, but it has retained a great deal of cunning and intelligence ffrom the Retreat. It chose to aid Magog for the opportunity to sate its Hunger, and has grown more powerful and dangerous over the years. Indeed, its continued survival has been a chief factor in the Others' influence over Seattle, and thus its destruction can potentially give the changelings leeway in organizing themselves at last.

    * -- Imposing Lair: The Fog Kraken can impose Lair Traits as if it was a Beast with an effective Lair equal to its Rank. Furthermore, it may spend five points of Essence to impose a given Trait in a non-resonant location.

    ** -- Monster's Arsenal: The Fog Kraken can use any aspect of the Atavism, and spends a point of Essence and Willpower to invoke the effects of Satiety Expenditure.

    *** -- Waking Dream: The Unfettered warps the psychoactive landscape of the Hedge as if it were a changeling, substituting its Rank in place of Wyrd. Furthermore, it can Warp the Hedge with a dice pool of Power + Finesse + Rank.
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    Inspired by a small bit in the Changeling segment of Splintered City: Seattle, found in p. 65. As always, critique is welcome and appreciated.

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    Age of Azar
    The Kingdom of Yamatai