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Splintered City: Seattle [Beast]

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  • Splintered City: Seattle [Beast]

    Beast: The Primordial

    As a city large enough to support a number of supernatural beings, Seattle counts a sizable number of Begotten among its populace. These Beasts find no shortage of cousins and younger siblings to forge ties of Kinship with, but the dangers and risks of reaching out to them are equally abundant. To make matters worse, the presence of the God-Machine and the Unchained has given rise to a number of problems that the Children must work around, lest they find themselves clashing violently with them whenever their paths cross.

    Unfortunately, the God-Machine's influence in the city is not easy to avoid. The Seattle Freeze is a very real phenomenon in the Primordial Dream, and the presence of splinters in the City of Flowers has also resulted in other anomalies. There are Chambers in the Hive which exist outside the flow of time. Some persist well past the point when they should have dissolved back into the Dream, while others are tied to places in the divergent timelines anchored to the city. These temporal distortions can serve as potential backdoors into various splinters for intrepid Beasts, but they also paint them as targets for angels and demons who are tasked with securing the timelines for their respective sides. It doesn't help that such entities also enlist the services of Heroes to fight for them.

    Despite the threats arrayed against them, a few Beasts have managed to make an impact on the city's shadowy residents. The anarchy that befell the local vampires is believed to have been caused by a Tyrant or Ravager working with the prince's enforcer, and those Begotten who walk among the Lost suspect that the fog kraken may be a Horror set loose by the Retreat. Some even believe that the sasquatch - who has often been sighted in Washington - is a Rampant or Incarnate whose elusive nature may be the foundation of its Legend.

    Not all of Seattle's Beasts have their roots in the city, however. One Brood of Ugallu came decades ago after being forced to flee their homes in Vancouver. These Raptors have been building up their strength for a clash with the Makara that forced them out, and they maintain regular contact and coordinate their efforts with their Family in Mission. Some have taken interest in the 1889 and 1932 splinters, as they believe they can use either or both to somehow turn the tides in their favor. Both timelines are set in periods well before key points in the history of Vancouver's Begotten. If they can probe them deeply enough, and somehow reach their home city in either reality, perhaps they can uncover clues on how the Disciples grew so powerful.

    However, their attempts at accessing the splinters may draw more enemies against them. Both are occupied by the Unchained, and they have no intention of granting the Brood access despite the God-Machine having no apparent hold on them. Whether or not this leads into all-out war is a subject of debate, but many on both sides are averse to such an outcome. They have progressed too far in their respective agendas to have it all tumble down from a single mistake.


    New Traits:

    Deep Freeze [Major Trait]
    You have a hard time relating to other human beings, and cannot reaffirm your sense of self through pursuing your better nature. You take –3 penalty to all Empathy rolls and cannot regain Willpower except through your Vice and performing callous or hurtful actions. If you refuse any opportunity to indulge in either, you lose a Willpower point.

    Note: If you are adapting Deep Freeze into a Beast chronicle, treat the surroundings of characters affected by the Deep Freeze Condition as resonant to Lairs with this Trait.

    Shattered Time [Major Trait]
    Everything seems off. People move and talk too fast or too slow, or judder from place to place. Your inner ear swims and leaves you dizzy. At the beginning of each turn, roll a die and add +1 to your Defense, Initiative, Speed, or Perception dice pool for the remainder of the turn. Roll a second die and subtract -1 from one of the aforementioned traits. If you roll a 10 in a roll, the modifier lasts for two turns.
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