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Death, or Fear? Anakim Analysis.

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  • Death, or Fear? Anakim Analysis.

    While Wisecrack takes it on the fear of death. They probably have done fear in general. The Anakim of the show is fear, not just of death, but the unknown. Much like how Vampires were supposed to be originally viewed. The Anakim is familiar yet there was (or is) no discernible way to communicate with them. Which allows the dehumanization be easier for the mortals in the walls to not only hate, but also fear. The fact that there are two Anakim that mortals can control can be used not only as to allow the wild Anakim in, fighting fire with fire, ultimately its the usage of fear to subjugate those living in the walls. Probably that fear isn't sating the hungers of the Anakim, at least the wild ones, the controlled ones can feed on the fear of both the mortals and the wild Anakim.

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