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    As I read my way through Dark Ages Companion (great book), I got to wonder which of the new Nightmares in the Reconstruction chapter could be used by Beast characters in other historical periods. I reasoned out that to count as a 'universal' Nightmare any Beast can freely develop, the fear it is based upon should be widespread in the human population; otherwise I suppose at least some kind of sustained contact with a subject with that kind of experience should be necessary, similar to the way Family Ties with appropriate supernatural breeds are required to develop Nightmares based on supernatural experiences/features. So:

    Soldier's Heart: this seems to be based on the PTSD-like trauma created by war or similar events such as violent crime or natural disasters. These are a fairly widespread human experience in all societies and historical periods since the Fall, so I'd rank this Nightmare among the 'universal' ones in the corebook.

    This Isn't My Skin: this seems to be based on fears about racial or gender hierarchy being overturned. This may be a widespread concern in certain societies and historical periods, less so in others. Apart from the obvious cases (e.g. Victorian period, American South during slavery or segregation), I'd leave the decision on this being available or not to consensus of the group.

    Don't Take My Leg, Doc: this seems to be based on fear of mutilation being widespread. So I'd make it available only in periods when war created a sizable number of amputees, such as Reconstruction USA or post-WWI Europe.
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    This Isn't My Skin strikes me as being "almost universal" in the Western world in tines of racial tension. Race drives so, so much fear on both ends.