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    What I quoted from YeOfLittleFaith is what I want most of all.

    Back when the game had more of a focus on othering as a theme, I suggested analogues of Heroes for other forms of othering than that outright violence. Like fetishisation - people who are fascinated by Beasts, and want seduce/tame/redeem them, live in Lairs, that sort of thing - people who might seem like they'd be easy to make into servants (and some of them might even think that's what's happening and welcome it), but actually put their own narrative chains on Beasts the way Heroes lay anathema. Or appropriation - people who form cults around the Dark Mother ajnd Primordial Dream - either wanting to become Beasts (whether that's possible or not) - or forcibly fitting Beasts into the structures of their own mythologies, again by narrative chains. The latter could be a subset of the former - "I want you to be my face of divinity, so that's what you're going to be, whether you like it or not."


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      Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
      More, even non-canon, parts of Beasts society. Basic BtP is low on their own lore to make them jive in crossovers, but what about us wanting to run a rather strict Begotten games? Some new society variants would be great.

      Examples scenarios to run, like those in Werewolf the Forsaken 2E corebook. Nothing more than 2-3 pages, but springing and highlighting some specifics of Beast gameline as story inspirations.

      And when we are at this - Brood creation rules, similar to WtF Pack creation. Beasts broods maybe are not so extensive as packs, but idea how to connect different beasts would be golden!

      I actually agree with this a lot. I love the crossover information in the Core book, however, I do want to run some strictly Beast games and agree that it seems more initially designed to be crossover first and strict Beast games last.

      Brood creation rules woudl definitely be awesome too. We have Pack creation, Krewe creation, etc. so this would continue that.


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        It might have been Player's Guide material, but I'm going to link to a previous post of mine. It seemed to have been positively received:

        Originally posted by Teatime View Post
        Including Mortal relationships could enhance the contrast between the Life and Legend of the Beast, giving each its unique flavor. Also, the Beast attempting to reconcile its new nature with their old life allows for many intense stories. Being rejected or accepted by their human family would shape the Beast's character and inform their relationship with the supernatural.
        Originally posted by Teatime View Post
        I also think that Chambers should be generated by all Integrity loss, not just that caused by the supernatural. Beasts would feel attracted to places representing the worst humanity has to offer, which is excellent story material. It even enhances the present Lesson-teaching philosophy, by pointing out where the Beast might want to get involved. More than that, I think it's an organic way to make even amoral Beasts look better. "Sure" a Beast says, "I'm an abomination, but the world that allows this to happen can also have a place for me".
        Rule hack: Beasts are bizarro-Prometheans. Instead of Elpis and the Principle they have Hunger and the Narrative, that drive the Beast to self-destruction. Unless they resist, they will ruin everything they love and seal their own doom while learning nothing. However, if the Beast grasps at personal development, strives to understand the consequences of their actions, and adopts a code of conduct, there is still hope. They might save what they care about, have their deaths have meaning and maybe even attain their New Dawn - finding balance with the world and forcing the Narrative to accept them. Such a hack would welcome Refinement-inspired philosophy splats.

        Refinement-inspired philosophy splats, would have been great regardless of everything else.

        Find my Homebrew Fangs of Mara 2ed update Here


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          I'd love to see more exploration of the Primordial Dream, the Hive, and the Narrative that enchains both Beasts and Heroes. Although, speaking of Heroes I'd love to see a little more exploration of the Heroic condition that was teased at in Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes and maybe a few new Gifts for victorious Heroes to claim as their own. Noted: I am one of the minority who absolutely love the way Heroes are written up now (both mechanically and thematically) and encourage further development on that...with the exceptions being included as well (don't think I didn't notice the Integrity 5, 6, and face punching 7 included into Conquering Heroes )