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[Thought Experiment] Other Supernaturals as Atavism(s)

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  • [Thought Experiment] Other Supernaturals as Atavism(s)

    Inspired by SunlessNick's comment over in the Beast Storyteller's Guide thread "Some Dread Systems for building supernatural family and other phenomena. Beasts might be the crossover critters, but that side of the game shouldn't have to require books from outside the line.", how would you build out some of the key traits of other supernatural beings as if they were one (or a few) Atavisms?

    Pretty much anything that might be missing to do "X, but as a Beast", like some blood drinking Atavism for a vampire, or more overt animal form Atavism for a werewolf.

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    Hmm. well, there's an Atavism over on the homebrew Atavisms thread called Draining Kiss, which was pretty much made for vampire-type creatures. For the werewolf-based one, perhaps call it Mask of the Beast?


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      My two cents on the topic:
      For a Werewolf, a shape-shifting Atavism would be probably cool to have. Throw in a Relentless Hunter (maybe with scaling regeneration rather than flat) and Limb from Limb, and you're pretty much good to go for the basics. Lair would probably be something that allowed them to just chase you down, so Exposed maybe?

      The Draining Kiss, or another ability that allows to heal up/boost up yourself by taking in a bodily fluid of choice (could be something else than blood for other types of vampires, e.g. cerebral liquid) for a vampire-like beast. Add in Nightmares to taste, like You must obey if you go for something Ventrue-ish, or Behold my True Form for a Nosferatu-style vampire. Said Shape-shifting for Gangrel, From the Shadows/Shadow-Souled for Mekhet, Alien Allure for Daeva. Darkness or Poor Light would be up pretty high on my list of trait choices.

      Changelings are too diverse imo to reflect a general changeling, though I suppose Darklings and/or Beast as well as Elementals should be quite managable by flavoring the fluff correctly. Elemental? Fluffed Dragonbreath, Unbreakable. Darkling? Shadow-Souled/From the Shadows. Beast? Limb from Limb, maybe a sensory-improving Atavism (like Eye of Heaven improves eyesight). Alien Allure for Fairest, I guess. Ogres would be probably Anakim-slanted, with Looming Presence, Cyclopean Strength etc. Wizened would have Sons of Wayland.

      The others seem harder to properly represent + repetitive in some regards.
      Prometheans? Relentless Hunter + Unbreakable, imo.
      Same for Mummy, plus a whole bunch of other stuff (For a Mummy, you could probably pack all the Nightmares you could think of).

      Imo, going this route,it might be better not to recreate the other lines so much as their inspirations:
      A huge, slavering Loupe-Garou would fit well into a pack, despite being sufficiently different.
      An animalistic, predatory Chiropteran looking to drain and/or devour its prey could fit into Kindred Society like any Savage, but would be distinct in its behaviour and abilities, thus more interesting/useful/dangerous for the powerful to have around. An Alien Allure-clad, Siren-tongued (possibly sparkling =P) Daywalker offers a whole different level of possiblities. (Seriously though, Drac walked in sunlight, so this is closer to the 'original' version, I guess.)
      There are trolls and there are Trolls. Both have something to offer to the table.
      You can't really have a D:tD-type Demon, imo, due to the biotechnostuff. You can, however, have a Fire-and-Brimstone type of Devil. Or a Balrog, because, why not have a Balrog?!