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Making a Beast: Faceless Edition

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  • Making a Beast: Faceless Edition

    Short Story: I'm having trouble picking Atavisms and Nightmares to match a "faceless" Namtaru concept.

    Long Story: So I had a dream last night wherein I was wandering a city drained of all color. Ash and dust clung to the ground, the buildings bleached and almost coral or bone in texture. The only living souls there, besides I, were humanoid beings made almost of the same hard-organic compound, their heads utterly featureless. They seemed to be communicating with one another by some means I could not partake in, whether it was subsonic or telepathic. It was then that I realized I had been stabbed at some prior point, as blood began to stream from me, providing red to an otherwise greyscale bony universe. I begged for help, but the faceless men regarded me with a mixture of apathy, indifference, and vague disdain or revulsion. The few that even seemed to notice me as I felt weaker and weaker seemed more interested/repelled by the red of my blood than the fact that I was injured. Finally, on the verge of death, I awoke.

    And realized I needed to make a Namtaru out of this experience with isolation, not physical isolation but utter social disconnection. Like being in a foreign country and not speaking the same language X the wifi network crashing X complete Otherness.

    The problem is, while the lingering injury might fall under Basilisk's Touch, or the general composition of the faceless men and their bone-city under Unbreakable, I am having trouble piecing together any Atavisms and Nightmares to represent:
    1) Being Faceless/Lack of External Identity
    2) Being severed from social interaction
    3) Being without a means to communicate.

    I saw a custom Atavism earlier about being able to change your face so you could Be Anyone, but how does one represent Being No-One?

    Edit: minor spelling corrections.
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    Not the reply to everything, but reading this I realized that aphasia should totally be the basis for a Nightmare

    When it comes to your third point, something similar to this perhaps?

    Your words betray you
    Why are they looking at you that way? You just tried to talk to them but it's like your words came out wrong. You keep talking but, the more you do, the more it becomes evident they cannot understand. Nobody will listen to you no matter how hard you try. How long until you won't be able to understand yourself? It that already happening?!

    Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
    Normal: The target of this Nightmare discovers that other people react to her words with disdain and disgust, as if they either don't care about her or don't understand her words. The victim gains the Delusional Condition and suffers a -2 penalty on all Social rolls
    High Satiety: Being unable to communicate without seemingly gain the hate of those around her, the target of the Nightmare becomes afraid of people and how they might react to her presence. The victim gains the Agoraphobic Condition.
    Satiety Expenditure: The victim shuts down completely, unable to move as intended or speak coherently. She gains the Insensate Tilt
    Exceptional Success: The victim is no longer able to understand any sound. She gains the Deafened Tilt.
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      I think your on the right track right now if this is being formatted like a starting character.

      Legend: Aloof (Regain one point of Willpower when your character passively observes or ignores a dangerous situation that occurse nearby but doesn't directly effect them. Regain all Willpower if your character passively observes or ignores a dangerous situation that does directly effect either themselves or their loved ones.)

      Life: (whatever human characteristics best sums up the character you intend this to be)

      Atavisms: Basilisk's Touch, Unbreakable

      Nightmares: You Are Alone, You Can't Wake Up (to evoke the feeling in the dream of looking for help or escape but finding none)