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    Originally posted by The young man in the cafe View Post
    Upon further reflection I probably have a spider horror too, they terrify me and I see the spider as fitting my female side better than the rat... why are spiders female coded anyway? And could a bigender beast have horrors that take turns inhabiting them? Spider me is probably a eshmaki tyrant, since people often tell me that I am scarily quiet unless I talk in which case my voice booms across the room and drowns out everyone else.
    It has probably to do with the 'waist' of the spider, which gives an impression more reminiscent of a stylized female body. Same thing applies to Wasps.


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      Speaking of Eshmaki spiders, they say you're never more than 20 feet away from a spider at any given time.


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        Oh man, basing my Beast traits on my nightmares is interesting and extremely fitting, because I don't have nightmares anymore. I used to have them pretty frequently, and although the details varied the core theme was always the same. I'm being hunted by something, a person, monster, or group too dangerous to fight, but no matter how hard I try to run away, or how cleverly I hide they're never more than a few minutes away from finding me.

        That's pretty clearly a vicious back and forth cycle of Run Away and You Cannot Run, and the only way to snap out of it is to turn and confront whatever is chasing me. It also suggests Maze and Sealed Exits for Lair Traits.

        In real life it's very likely a combination of anxiety and subconsciously registering sleep paralysis in my dreams. I can't run in the dream because part of my brain knows my legs aren't obeying the signals to move.

        Then I started lucid dreaming. I'm not very good at it, in the sense that I can't do it consistently and I usually wake myself up, but my ability to alter my dreams is directly proportional to how angry I am. And getting constantly cornered makes me really, really angry. I'll be surrounded and something will just snap, I'll realize it's a nightmare, and that I'm in control, and then I end it.

        The most memorable instance was probably the time I fought the sky. Yes, the sky. It started as an incredibly banal dream; I 'woke up' in my bed, realized I had overslept, and looked outside to see what time it was. Only the sky was dark in the middle of the afternoon, and I couldn't get the numbers on the clock to stay still so I could read them. Oh. Ok, first time I went lucid doing something boring and not fighting for my life, guess I'll take it real easy, look around the house, try some real minor changes, nothing ambitious or crazy. I made it as far as the upstairs landing before the sky noticed me. It just... went off. Started flashing all kinds of crazy colors, like a color changing strobe light. If you've ever seen the animated Phantom Tollbooth, you know what scene I'm thinking of. So the sky is mad at me. For noticing it was the wrong color? This dream is weird and suddenly terrifying. You know the feeling where you want to run but your legs won't move? You ever had that feeling while standing still? It was like a giant invisible hand trying to crush me into the floor. It forced me down on one knee, and I very clearly remember thinking "I can't do this! I can't fight the sky! ...What am I saying? This is my dream. My rules. My will be done." And I stood up. And immediately woke up, sitting upright in bed, sweating from the effort of moving my sleep locked muscles.

        So that's Cyclopean Strength, and maybe Unbreakable.

        Since then I've only had one major nightmare. I still don't like talking about it. It was so bad that I destroyed the dream with blue nuclear fire when I went lucid. Not the monster, the whole dream. I saw a void where the dream had been for a moment before waking up, still angry. Dragonfire, I guess?

        I learned my lesson, and my dreams never get a chance to turn into nightmares because I confront the fear head on when they start going south. Anxiety dreams are just no match for rage and direct confrontation. Not too long ago I dreamed I was in a fight with a bunch of guys and two of them had my arms pinned so I couldn't fight back. I woke up just enough to roll over to free the arm that I was sleeping on, and fell back into the dream with both arms free to fight.


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          I might have some insight about why you couldn't read the clock...

          Fun Fact: The portion of your brain that allows you to read is active while you're awake, and dormant while you're asleep. Because of this, many people find that they struggle to read and write properly while dreaming.


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            Oh I know. I picked up on it being a dream specifically because I had recently seen a movie called Waking Life that talked about that and some other cues that can tip you off to a lucid dream. It's an excellent movie, very much worth watching.


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              I don't really have any consistent, frequent nightmares, and I've never been as badass in my dreams as HelmsDerp, but I do love Beast, so I'll give it a go.

              Family: Anakim. My common nightmares are about being thrown into situations where I have no control, or I'm at the mercy of someone with more power and authority than me. The good old "you have to go back to high school / college for one more class" is familiar to me, as is being mocked by a boss or teacher. I can still have flashbacks to fear of my father yelling at me when I was a kid, even though we have a great relationship nowadays.

              Hunger: Not really sure, to be honest. I guess Nemesis, for getting back at childhood bullies, Tyrant for wanting to control everything in my life, or Ravager for my anger issues would be the most likely candidates.

              Atavisms: hoping for Cyclopean Strength and Mimir's Wisdom, given both the themes above, and frankly wish fulfillment. Going out of family, Limb From Limb and Dragonfire would be my first choices.

              Nightmares: one nightmare that I only had once but left a big impact would probably result in You Must Obey. My mother had become a vampire after she and my dad got divorced, and then hypnotized my father and I. No idea on the second, frankly.


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                Family: Eshmaki. Some of the few nightmares I can remember are deeply related to isolation. Ever had a dream where one of your best friends gives you a reasonable and logical explanation about why love is something that will leave you dying alone in the gutter?

                Hunger: Tyrant. Ooh good lord. This is the last thing you want me to be, and the one thing I'm most afraid of being.

                Atavisms: Alien Allure, From The Shadows, Mimir's Wisdom, Relentless Hunter, Siren's Treacherous Song

                Nightmares: Everything You Do Is Worthless, They Are All Around You, You Are Alone, You Are Not Alone, You Must Obey

                The Horror: An impostor thing. It looks kind of vaguely like a some stereotypically popular person (the all-American cheerleader, the hot-shot young executive - you get the idea)... if you squint. It's more like a thing wearing a meat suit than anything, like it crawled inside a person, hollowed them out, and then started playing them wrong. What's worse, the people around you can't tell the difference. They act like nothing is wrong, even as it's lashing them together to build itself a throne out of their quivering, willing bodies.

                The Lair: The lair looks shockingly similar to the places that became chambers, except they are full of "people" (Cramped). Really, they're the same twelve or so character stamped out over and over again (except when you see people you know through the crush of people - Mirages, of course), but they're everywhere. Standing in corners, "chatting" in circles, serving as furniture, just milling about... They are constantly moving and shoving you, creating a wall of bodies that severely limits you options (Currents, Maze, Sealed Exits). The Horror, of course, can move through these crowds like they were empty space (Exposed).


                No, I wouldn't play myself if given the option.

                I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

                So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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                  I don't think you need Exposed, as the Horror is already immune to Lair traits

                  A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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                    Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
                    I don't think you need Exposed, as the Horror is already immune to Lair traits
                    It's more to feed into the theme of "despite the swarms of people, you are entirely alone". You can't hide or take cover anywhere within the Lair.

                    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

                    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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                      Hunger: Collector. You should see my room. (Actually, no, you more sort of shouldn't.)

                      Starting Atavisms: I'm unbearably tall, often louder than I mean to be, and almost charming when I want to be, so I'll go with Looming Presence and Siren's Treacherous Song.

                      Family: Of the two represented by my starting Atavisms, I'm going to go with the Anakim, as having a more appropriate list of...

                      Lair Traits: Maze, Undergrowth (to represent wandering through my hoard/making your way through the stacks of stuff in my room), Exposed (my Horror towers above it all/sudden out-of-clothes experiences are a frequent occurrence in my dreams).

                      Nightmares: Everything You Do Is Worthless, You Are Alone, You Are Not Alone, You Cannot Run.

                      Additional Atavisms: Heart of the Ocean (I've been a keen swimmer in my day), Mimir's Wisdom (good memory).

                      Horror Design: The blend of Anakim and Makara Atavisms suggests a land-bound version of the Kraken from the original Clash of the Titans or its mythic antecedent Ketos.


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                        This one is kind of difficult for me because while I remember my dreams on a somewhat frequent basis, they are never consistent and are almost never nightmares - aside from the teeth falling out dreams I have been having more recently, but even then I don't really consider it a nightmare.

                        I think the best way for me to go about it is to go back to my very first nightmare. I remember a few little details about the content of the dream, but the main thing I remember is that I died in the dream - and when I say died, I don't mean like the usual dream death where I wake up just as I'm about to suffer a death blow. I was dead for what felt like a solid 5 to 8 seconds before I woke up.

                        I was killed by what I will call The Pursuer. Somehow I knew that The Pursuer was a drone, an unfeeling, futuristic construct. I could not see it, but I knew it was there and I knew that it could fly - it shot me with a laser beam from above.

                        To be honest, I feel weird about posting a machine beast, but I think it could work noting a few factors.
                        1. A machine would encompass more modern fears - machines are creatures of cold, purely rational logic, and they feel no pain. That said, the fear of death is universal, and machines can bring about that fear just as easily as mythical creatures.
                        2. A machine is a representation of the power and will of a creator. This of course leads to several questions. As the Beast of this particular horror, am I the machine, or am I the creator, or am I possibly both? If I am the creator, am I one machine, or many, or none? Perhaps it is the mystery that contributes in part to fear. However, since in the nightmare I was pursued by a single drone, I will focus on the aspects of the drone - perhaps with a few contributions from the creator.
                        3. In my first nightmare, it was a machine that pursued, hunted, and killed me. It was the source of my fear, for it held the power of life and death.

                        Family: I was being pursued by a flying machine that I knew was there but that I could not see. Where could I go that it could not go faster? And if I am the creator, then the Pursuer is but one of many ways that the Creator could see me. The Ugallu is the beast that you cannot see but you know it is there waiting for you to make a mistake.

                        Hunger: I do not recall why my pursuer was chasing me. In fact, I understood nothing about what was going on in that dream (I was quite young at the time). As such, I will take the introspective route and go with Tyrant. I am the type of person to take positions of leadership if I think it is necessary. Part of the reason I did this is because no one else took the position, but it was also in part because I felt that if I were the one to take these positions, I would come out with an understanding of the role - a sense of the strength and limitations of the power I have and what I can do with it. About a year and a half ago I took on a position of power and responsibility at my school, but the position had a one year term limit. There are aspects of having power that I do not like, but when my term was up I keenly felt a lose. I got so used to my position of power that I missed it for a few months. I think it fits the idea of the bestial hunger (although not as strongly as a beast would feel their hunger). As a tyrant accrues more power, he continues to look higher. Once the tyrant is knocked down a peg, he realizes just how far he has fallen.

                        Then again, a machine is just the expression of the will and power of its creator, but that was not something I associated with the dream at the time. This thought came with some thought and introspection. However, I think it also justifies the hunger for power.

                        Atavisms: The Pursuer is heavy on atavisms and light on nightmares. Below is a list that I believe make sense.

                        Dragonfire - Destruction and wrath at a distance - the laser weapon of the Pursuer is now mine to wield.

                        Eye of Heaven - The soul of a man is bare before the keen sight of the Creator through its many robotic eyes. A machine like the Pursuer has scanners that can open the book of a person. Their secrets are open for me to read.

                        From the Shadows - The Pursuer is a stealth model. It knows where to fly so that it is not seen. You will know it is there, but you won't see it.

                        Mimir's Wisdom - This is the memory and knowledge of the Creator. A machine has access to a databank of knowledge and resources - perhaps just enough to accomplish their programmed task.

                        Needs Must - The Pursuer can fly, and as a flier it can always pursue its prey. The right vantage point is all you need. Or perhaps the Pursuer uses its connection to the internet to find its prey - after all, modern humans who live in cities depend on technology. Ultimately this is their downfall.

                        Relentless Hunter - For nothing is more relentless than a machine, for it need not eat nor sleep, nor does it feel pain.

                        Unbreakable - For nothing is tougher than a machine, for it is made of metal and feels no pain.

                        Wings of the Raptor - for The Pursuer can fly. It strikes unseen from above.

                        Nightmares: The Pursuer is atavism heavy an nightmare light. Here is a list that I think make sense. I have excluded Kinship Nightmares, which would only include Your Tools Betray You.

                        Behold My True Form - for the Pursuer is not a human. The Pursuer is a machine.

                        You Are Not Alone - for the Pursuer is after you. You may not see it, but it is there.

                        You Cannot Run - for the Pursuer can fly, and it can see you. There is nowhere for you to run.

                        You Will Never Rest - for the Pursuer is after you, and if you stop it will hunt you down.

                        Lair: While I recall what the dreamscape of my nightmare looked like, I do not recall any features of it that make suitable traits. The dreamscape was a technological place that I could describe as like being on a massive, technologically advanced aircraft carrier. I'll go through a few that I think make sense.

                        Maze - the lair is a technological wonderland, with elevators and several tiers, but it is all exposed and outside. Keep track of where you go. It is easy to get lost, especially if you are cut off by...

                        Sealed Exits - exits can be opened or closed electronically.

                        Corrosive and Electrified - stay away from the poorly maintained areas of the lair. Chemical spills and damaged circuits are common enough, and the Creator has not bothered to have them cleaned... on that note.

                        Slick - Aside from dangerous, corrosive compounds, there are plenty of spills that are simply slippery when wet. We would put caution signs, but if you are running from the Pursuer as fast as you can, a sign probably won't help...

                        Suffocating - This more has to do with the fact that the Pursuer is a machine. Machines do not require oxygen. The lair itself is not in a suffocating environment.

                        There are quite a few outdoor traits that could make sense on a less consistent basis. While it was sunny when I dreamt about it a long time ago, who is to say that the weather could not be different on other days?

                        Horror: I have never seen the Pursuer, but I knew in my dream that it was a drone. It was a technological construct that can fly and shoot lasers. While a drone does not hunger, it's creator does. That would in fact make the Pursuer an agent of it's creator's will, an expression of its power and control over others.