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Beast Analysis & Hacks #1: Beast & Primordial Gnosticism (2nd Attempt)

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    Originally posted by Teatime View Post
    I vote for Reconciliation and Mythology, in that order.
    I'll second that. Start with Reconciliation, as it means you might get it out before the Players Guide comes out. Mythology also sounds quite entertaining. All of them sound great, though. I look forward to seeing how you handle them.

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      I'd like to see the Dark Mother Chronicles or mythology.


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        I vote for Reconciliation, Lessons and Mythology, in that order.
        Quite liking this approach.


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          Alright, writing Reconciliation right now. Since that's gonna mostly be me chatting about character analysis, Mythology will follow and bring some more crunch to the table along with the essay.

          Those two seem to be the most recurrent ones, thanks everyone

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            Originally posted by Cinder View Post
            - Dark Mother Chronicles. Inspired by the "The Tales of the Dark Mother series, it's about trying to find Mom. Involves archeology, echoes from past ages, buried secrets, fears and lessons that manifest as separate entitities/sentient beings/visions (working on a name for those) that you earn when the Dark Mother feels you've learned enough and also give you power-ups (think Interlocks, except you need to hunt and eat them first)
            - Monster with a Thousand Faces. Aka me taking the mythology side of Beasts and Heroes and going crazy with it. Inheriting an Horror, acting like a monster of old, all that sort of stuff. Plus what happens when myth begins to get in the way of characters. Also includes an Astral race of critters called Mythophagi that latch on people and force specific mythic patterns upon them. Considering I'm a huge mythology geek, it should be fun.
            - Beasts, dreams and Jung. Me talking about archetypes, symbolism and recurrence, all in Beast terms
            - The Hero thread. Me giving a lot of thoughts to heroes, something I actually never did in a coherent sense. Basically me talking about how I see Heroes and think it's the best way to use them and the ways one can explore their potential
            - Beasts and Lessons. When, Why, What and How about Lessons. Whether they're something real, a social construct or a bit of both. Also how the need for those came into be and became fundamental to all Begotten. Heavy on personal canon but hey, let's be honest, all this stuff is like that.
            - Reconciling being a monster with a life spent at being a regular person. Looking back at things like daily life, religion, philosophies, friends, family and all that.
            In order... Reconciliation first, because a lot of people have trouble seeing it as something Beasts could even attempt (also it interests me). Mythology. Dark Mother/ Dream and Jung. Heroes. Lessons.

            For another hack, I might suggest Othering. As distinct from marginalisation or oppression - the powerful are protected from marginalisation and oppression, but they can still be othered. And in ways that go beyond the direct hatred and violence of Heroes - there was a thread a while back on monster tamers, or you could imagine Beauties who try to save (or fetishise) Beasts, or mortal cultists of the Dark Mother who want the Beast to be the focus of their worship and won't take no for an answer. All those types of people could have their own versions of Hero traits and Anathema.