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    Originally posted by Cinder View Post
    I'm rather busy lately, for a bunch of reasons that range from tedious to awesome, thus I haven't been able to produce any homebrew.

    Still, I've got an idea I think I can squeeze into my schedule without too many issues: what do you people think of a thread were I'll basically compile short fiction, fake documents and assorted plot hooks about the Dark Mother? I'm thinking of something along the lines of the Clanbooks, Signs of the Moon or the first chapters of the Hunter supplements.

    It's mostly just for fun: I enjoy making those and they'll be a mixture of theories, possibilities and my personal headcanon (or headcanons) about Nightmare Mom I hope you might find entertaining. Besides, I have a bunch of those already clear in my mind.

    Would anyone be interested to a thread like that?
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      Oh well, seems you people liked the idea. Thanks everyone, that's quite the encouragement

      That's meant to be a rather chill thread, something to write for when I have some spare time and I'm done with more serious duties and deadlines. It's just that I happen to come up with setting material, pseudo-poems and fairytales about the Dark Mother when I let the mind roam (because of course I do) and thought that I might as well put them on paper.

      I'll keep in mind that so many of you would read that sort of unusual thread

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