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A Hoard of Heralds and Horrors

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  • A Hoard of Heralds and Horrors

    Now that we have the Player's Guide, we have a new menagerie of critters to play with in the form of Heralds and Horrorspawn. Post your creations here!

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    Wait, when did it come out?

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
      Wait, when did it come out?

      Threads are here and here.


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        This is slightly different from what you're looking for, but I remembered I'd written these up, and this seems like a good place to put 'em. Here's (most of) the sample characters from the new Hunger write-ups. Apologies for any errors, it's been a while since I checked these. (I didn't include IEA or Aki Aozora because they're not individuals):

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          It's a bit past my bedtime, but I have an idea for an Inguma Tyrant who takes after Reptoids and who has a love of creating disposable Horrorspawn as his jumpsuited troopers (and so his "officer corps", ie his friends from the sci-fi club that is now his Cult, aren't in danger). He uses a lot of Men in Black when he's planning to assault a target or humiliate someone.


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            Something I found particularly interesting about Heralds was the fact that when their Beast undergoes Inheritance the Herald becomes a Beast themselves. It gave me an idea for a very long-running cult, an unbroken chain of Inheritance and Devouring going back in time. Of course it wouldn't be as clean as that, but I'm bagsieing the idea until I can write it up properly when I'm not on my phone. I do have a name, though - the House of the Dragon.


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              Also, couldn't a good Inguma Ravager based off of the Undertaker from Backwater Gospel (


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                I feel like if spmepme *doesn't* make a Lizard Person Iguma with Doppleganger / That Disguise Atavism and equally lizardperson Horrorspawn...


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                  Originally posted by SoulGambit View Post
                  I feel like if spmepme *doesn't* make a Lizard Person Iguma with Doppleganger / That Disguise Atavism and equally lizardperson Horrorspawn...
                  Way ahead of you.


                  The result of the Children of Draco containing equal parts Steven Universe fans and wiseasses, Sneople are the Horrorspawn agents of Prince Wy'vorn (aka Joe Rossman) when he wants some cheap muscle or, more often, disposable infiltrators that don't need him to pay legal fees or cover up for his friends. As the name implies, they resemble reptilian humanoids with ophidian heads in their true forms, not unlike their creator's Horror-though unlike him, they don't have human eyes or a wide range of facial expression (it's not needed). They personify a different aspect of the Myth the Prince is building around himself, that of the Endless Army of the Illuminated Emperor. He certainly uses them enough that the increasingly frazzled Heroes never suspect there's only one at a time, two tops. Or of the mockery that is their existence.

                  Best At: Infiltrating enemy ranks, Sabatoge, Causing internal dissent among humans

                  Worst At: Faking emotions, Hiding disgust for romantic feelings, Fooling friends and family

                  Dread Powers: Atavistic Nature (You Will Obey), Phase Step, Shapeshift
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                    Huginn and Muninn

                    Jerome Clement doesn't look like a Tyrant; then again, Odin was known to come to the faithful in the guise of a destitute traveler, to test their hospitality. That's how Jerome sees himself--not a homeless beggar, but a god in disguise. And like Odin, Jerome has a taste for turning the tables on those who don't show sufficient concern for their fellow mean.

                    Huginn and Muninn mostly look like ordinary pigeons, because they always start with one. Their purpose is double: attracting real pigeons wherever Jerome goes, which gives him resonance with his Lair Trait (Minions), and spying on the pedestrians who walk past him every day. (Breadcrumbs help with the former, and his Atavisms with the latter, of course.) The Royal Eagle won't feed on those who show Jerome a bit of kindness, and he won't let it feed on those who just ignore him. But the ones who sneer at him? Or hector him for daring to appear in public? Those arrogant enough to believe they aren't one bad day from being him? Oh, they'll get what's coming to them.

                    As for Heroes, well...they tend to be so blinded by their grand quest, they never see the trees for the forest. Or the pigeons for the park.

                    Potency: 1
                    Legend: Merciless
                    Power: 2
                    Finesse: 5
                    Resistance: 3
                    Dread Powers: Beastmaster (birds), Hunter's Senses.
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