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    Inscribed in Flesh (Basic)
    "This is going to hurt..."

    Dice Pool: Finesse + Crafts or Occult - 2
    Interval: 15 minutes
    Duration: Permanent (or until resolved).
    Bonus: +1 if the targets share Mystery Cult Initiation
    Cost: Ink, paper, and brushes

    This ritual binds the targets to a simple agreement, something that can be summarized in a sentence or two. Elaborate multi-clause contracts are not covered by this Rite, but an oath or geas is. "I will not reveal the secrets of the cult," for instance, or, "I will protect my master from all enemies." Both parties should be participants in the ritual.

    The one swearing the oath writes it out on a piece of paper or other flammable material. The Initiate then burns the paper, and in the flames sees the oath transformed into a sigil. This sigil then is painted or drawn onto the swearer's flesh in ink. When the ritual is complete, the ink transforms (painfully) into a fresh tattoo, and the swearer is bound by the oath indefinitely. If the terms of the oath are fulfilled ("I will bring my master the head of his greatest enemy") or become irrelevant ("I will protect Jane Smith from harm," but Jane dies of natural causes) the color immediately vanishes from the tattoo, although a faint scar remains behind.

    The tattoo appears normal to non-magical observation, but if the bearer attempts to violate their oath, they begin to feel burning pain from the tattoo. They may spend a Willpower point to overcome this pain, but the pain will continue to escalate every hour until it begins dealing Lethal damage as long as they remain in violation of the oath. (The tattoo itself may begin to bleed, ooze, or otherwise become disfigured, depending on the nature of the oath and the location of the tattoo). To stop the pain, the bearer must either fall back in line with the oath or confess their transgression. If they are unable to observe their oath due to external interference (for example, being held prisoner) the penalty still takes effect.


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      How about a rite that allows a chosen target to 'channel' a patron Beast's Nightmares or Atavisms? Sort of how certain Stigmatics in DtD could do so if they have the Integrated Sleeve merit.

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        Originally posted by MrParaduo View Post
        Any suggestions on how to make a "resurrection" rite? Perhaps it'd require a sacrifice of equal worth to the recipients involved? Or maybe it only works on mortals?
        The closest thematically appropriate idea I have on that front is "Restore the Heart" (BPG 109).

        Generally speaking rites aren't meant to solve problems as exchange them for another.

        Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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          Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
          Horrific Idol (Intermediate Rite)
          Thanks guys! Now I can have my Cthulhu... Makara Cursed Idols in my games Temple!

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            I have a Beast PC who is marrying a Vampire and i need a marriage rite. Anyone have ideas?


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              Originally posted by Eternal Darkness View Post
              I have a Beast PC who is marrying a Vampire and i need a marriage rite. Anyone have ideas?
              When in doubt, use blood. Maybe some variant of the oath-rite earlier in the thread, maybe mixed with an element or two of the whole blood-brothers thing? You know, exchanging blood in a symbolic fashion?


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                Originally posted by Eternal Darkness View Post
                I have a Beast PC who is marrying a Vampire and i need a marriage rite. Anyone have ideas?
                Oh, oh, oh, that sounds awesome!
                A "blessed and unified by the Mother" Kind of thing, yes?
                I like the oath as a basis, but feel like this should have Something Special About it.
                Maybe introduce a lifelink, stealing from the Healing Ritual ? Shared healthpool for a while, so to speak?


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                  Originally posted by Eternal Darkness View Post
                  I have a Beast PC who is marrying a Vampire and i need a marriage rite. Anyone have ideas?

                  There is a merit in the vampire elder book in pg83 involving marriage you could base it off that also in secret of the covenant there is an invictus oath called oath of matrimony on pg 190 you could also base it off of that if you want.


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                    The marriage in question is between a 500-year old vampire who is currently mostly mortal due to plot reasons, and a much younger Beast. It's a very cool and interesting situation.

                    This is what I cooked up in a few minutes. I wanted it to accomplish a few things:
                    • Drive home the seriousness of the union with enforced consequences
                    • Allow for multiple participants, possibly even an entire brood including even mortal loved ones
                    • Have thematic elements that feel like a dark, bloody marriage rite
                    Bloodsworn Union (Basic)
                    Dice Pool: Power + Expression or Occult -1 per participant
                    Time Per Roll: 10 minutes per target
                    Duration: Permanent (or until resolved).
                    Bonus: +1 for every target that has the Family Ties condition
                    Cost: None

                    This rite binds all participants in a marriage recognized and enforced by the Dark Mother herself. All participants involved have a persistent version of the the Swooning condition in regard to all others who are subjects of the rite that cannot be resolved by any means short of death; those who did not have it already gain the Family Ties condition toward all Beasts involved in the rite, which cannot be resolved except by death of one or all participants. As part of the rite, each participant offers a small amount of blood into a ritual vessel and swears to abide by the terms stated by the ritemaster (Supernatural beings lacking blood, such as ghosts, may substitute another fluid or simply choose to pay a point of suitable power such as Essence). Those who knowingly break the contract (they cannot be forced to do so, but can be tricked or coerced) gain the Cursed condition until they are personally absolved by all other living participants.


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                      Places of Fear (Intermediate)
                      Dice Pool: Finesse + Science or Occult -4
                      Time Per Roll: 1 hour
                      Duration: 20 minutes
                      Bonus: +2 for using a Horrific Idol, + 1 for using a Horror Mask
                      Cost: objects of various chambers and dealing 4 Agg to a Horrorspawn or Horror

                      Humans talk about Fata Morganas and similar occurences, 'distorted' mirages of real places.
                      What they do not know is that those distortions are real places, too.
                      Upon performing this Rite, every chamber connected to the Hive can be seen at a distance, in it's real form: The Bar is on perpetual fire, the Lake is covered with ice, and there is a hurricane on that certain playing ground. Similar to a rainbow, reaching the place only makes the 'mirage' seemingly fade away, instead letting the other chambers loom bigger and more prominently.
                      While the Lair traits don't come into effect, the visual cues might cause a panic (hundreds of people calling the firemen, only to have them end up at the place and realize it's not on fire. Not really). This Rite is a two-edged sword, as it gives Heroes and other enemies a lot to work with, but sometimes, this is all you can do to get rid of that troublemaker Apex - rally the Family, find his chambers, raid his Lair. Maybe it's a trap, to lure the Heroes in. Or maybe it's a sign of power and dominance - to use this Rite, one doesn't have to have a Chamber in the hive yet, after all, and looking for unclaimed chambers is so much easier if you can just spot them from afar...

                      Re-reading At the Mountains of Madness once again, and felt the "Mirage of Leng" scene should be represented in some sort of Rite. This is a first attempt at doing so. Feel free to change things up.


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                        I love how religious Obcasus rites are. They’re not sorcery, really, being akin to Uratha rites. They invoke a higher power in order to work at all. This gives Beasts more societal coherence, which is always a plus.


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                          Empty Nest (Advanced)

                          Dice Pool: Finesse + Medicine or Occult - 6
                          Time Per Roll: One hour
                          Duration: Permanent
                          Bonus: +2 to all rolls if biological relatives of the Beast are participating
                          Cost: 1 point of Aggravated Damage

                          This rite expands the ability of Beasts to create Horrorspawn, enabling what's normally the domain of Dark Mother herself. It allows a Begotten to give birth to an actual new Horror that might even one day manifest as a Beast.

                          The ritual must be synchronised with the birth of the Horrorspawn, that must be present in some form, whether through open Primordial Pathways, or being gestated by the Beast. If the Horrorspawn has already matured, the parent Beast must consume it, so that it can be reborn properly.

                          The ritualist performs a procedure involving the symbolism of fertility, suffering and creation. If the rite is successful, a new Horror is born out of the old one, or emerges from whatever egg or chrysalis is left in the Lair. If the rite fails, the resulting Horror is stillborn, leaving behind a physical body, or a Dream-corpse that will not dissipate. Either way, the entire process leaves the parent with a point of Aggravated damage.

                          The newly minted Horror leaves for the Mists where it claims a Chamber that will become its Heart. It also develops a Hunger and Legend of its own. The Horrors demeanor can be influenced by history of the chosen Chamber, nature of parent Horrors or karma netted by the Beasts themselves. No matter the cause, it tends to illuminate some important matter and is sometimes believed to be a message from Mother of Monsters herself.

                          Even after the injuries are healed, the Horror will carry marks of giving birth. This may take the form of scars, missing flesh used to nurse the young, or developing features denoting fertility like wide hips, teats, a pouch or an ovipositor. The touch of Mother never truly goes away. At Storytellers discretion, this is a good excuse to buy a relevant Merit, or intruduce some changes to the Horror.

                          Exceptional Success: The parent gets the benefits of Direction Sense (Advanced) for the purposes of locating the new Horror. This persists until the new Horror performs a Devouring.



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                            I'm bringing this up because I went and watched The Little Mermaid the other day with a cousin of mine and Ursula's 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' number gave me an idea. Would it be appropriate for there to be an Obcasus Rite which acts in a similar way to Ursula's magic - the granting of a wish with a terrible price and a condition that, if not fulfilled (e.g. the 'true love's kiss') deepens the price still further? A special gift from the Mother to the Tempters, perhaps, one which has reappeared in many cultures and across time, always after the creator of the rite claims a visitation or some form of contact with the Dark Mother?


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                              Sounds like a job for the Dread Power Miracle, at least as a model. Also, don't all rites require a visitation from the Dark Mother?

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                                Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
                                Sounds like a job for the Dread Power Miracle, at least as a model. Also, don't all rites require a visitation from the Dark Mother?
                                Point about the Dread Power (what book's it in?) but I meant for learning the rite in the first place- whenever and wherever it gets lost, Nightmare Mom pops around some time to 'teach' it to some Tempter. Hence the 'rabbit's foot wish' legends just about everywhere.