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    Originally posted by FallenEco View Post

    I thought that rite was left in the book...will check later.
    It is listed as a possibility under "The Physical Form", but isn't among the rites.


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      Originally posted by Mad_Maudlin View Post
      I noticed the Horrorspawn writeup mentioned a rite to create a body for your Horrorspawn "out of the Primodial Dream." I think such a rite would solve the obvious problem of a Horrorspawn's physical form decaying (and the related need to keep sourcing bodies of the desired size for it to inhabit) but I'm trying to think of an appropriate downside -- what's the catch that keeps the rite from being the go-to method for embodying your 'spawn? Any ideas?
      Maybe make it so the horrospawn Becomes Far More independent in their actions, thus more likely to cause harm?


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        Feast for the Lost
        Dice Pool: Power + Socialize or Occult – 3
        Time Per Roll: Ten Minutes
        Duration: One Scene
        Bonus: +2 to all rolls if the Initiate knows, and has prepared the feast in accordance with, the targets Legend.
        Cost: Satiety equal to Rank or Lair
        The ritualist prepares a symbolic feast designed to entice a Horror from the Primordial Dream. This is intended to draw forth those Begotten who have undergone the Retreat, the Merger or the Divergence. At Storyteller discretion this can also be used to summon forth Horrors that have “died” and returned to the Mothers Garden or other less definable denizens of the Primordial. The participants of the ritual must offer up Satiety equal to or higher than the Horror’s Rank or Lair (whichever is appropriate) as part of preparing a meal for the creature. Assuming the ritual is successful the Horror appears and remains for the duration of a scene as it feasts on the offerings. The Horror has a neutral impression with the ritualist for the purpose of social dice rolls. While such creatures can be summoned, not all of them can be conversed with in the traditional sense.
        Exceptional Success: The Horror is pleased with the offering and the ritualist gains +2 to any social dice rolls with it for the scene.

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