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    Exchange of Life, Advanced Rite
    Dice Pool: Power+Occult or Empathy
    Time Per Roll: 1hr for every day the person has been dead. Maximum amount of time is 10 days.
    Duration: permanent
    Bonus: +1 when you have a willing sacrifice
    Cost: You must sacrifice someone to make this work.
    Resurrect someone by offering another's life in exchange.


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      Atavism Augmentation, Intermediate+
      Dice Pool: Power + Occult or an a Skill appropriate to whatever Atavism is selected.
      Time Per Roll: 30mins
      Duration: 1hr per dot in Lair Rating
      Bonus: +1 if the atavism has been used recently
      Cost: none
      Temporary yet complete access to all pieces of a single Atavism, regardless of satiety.


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        Blessing of the Protogenoi, Advanced+
        Dice Roll: Finesse + Occult or Expression
        Time Per Roll: one & a half hours
        Duration: until the purpose has been fulfilled or until the Begotten violates the agreement
        Bonus: +2 if the protogenoi & the Begotten are of the same Family
        Cost: none
        Request one of the protogenoi bless you.


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          The Atavisms of Kin, Epic
          Dice Pool: Power + Occult or Socialize
          Time Per Roll: 4hrs
          Duration: completely permanent should it succeed
          Bonus: none
          Cost: both participants that gain, must each make a symbolic sacrifice
          This rite requires two or three participants. The Ritemaster, the Gaining Begotten, & the Kin. The Ritemaster is the one who knows & is performing the rite, & the can be the same character as the Gaining Begotten, but doesn't have to. However, if the Ritemaster & the Gaining Begotten aren't the same character then you need some justification for why they are doing this as the Ritemaster doesn't gain anything in the fulfilment of their role all by itself.
          This rite allows a Begotten to develop an Atavism via a Kinship bond. It only works if all parties are consenting.
          You (the Gaining Begotten) must examine the aspects of the chosen Kin & select something to focus on. This choice will form the building materials of the Atavism you get. If the aspect you select is Vigor then you need to work in some mechanics for how it's different to more regular strength-based Atavisms.
          The Kin in exchange, looks over your Atavisms & selects one get. The effects of the chosen Atavism cannot be easily replicated by any powers the Kin already has. For the most, the Kin powers this Atavism as if they were a normal Begotten with just the power source being swapped to whatevers appropriate. If the Atavism requires a Lair, look for the most appropriate stat & work from there.
          Once, you've made the exchange the effects are permanent.

          Intrinsic qualities: kindred being clinically dead; Uratha shapeshifting, regeneration, connection to spirits; Unchained ability to lie flawlessly; etc.
          Splats: any Splat (Auspice, Tribe, Lodge, Compact, Conspiracy, Bloodline, Clan, Covenant, etc.)
          Other: appropriate Merits; Disciplines; Devotions; Rotes; Contracts; Embeds; Exploits; Dread Powers; Endowments; etc.
          ‚óŹ Note, that all this can be affected by what the Kin uses the chosen aspect for or in what circumstances the Kin uses the chosen aspect.
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            A list of ideas for possible Atavisms acquired via the Obcasus Rite in my previous post.

            Messenger of Blood
            Kinship Required: kindred that uses ghouls & Auspex, probably a Mekhet
            Normal: addictive blood.
            High Satiety: perceive what's around people that are addicted to your blood.
            Satiety Expenditure: project Nightmares through these people, onto anyone around them.

            Nightmare Wasteland
            Kinship Required: Zeka Promethean
            Normal: your Nightmares all have an element of radiation that people become extra paranoid about.
            High Satiety: inflict someone to suffer from fears relating to your "element".
            Satiety Expenditure: levels of radiation start to rise.

            Reflective Steps
            Kinship Required: changeling that has Mirror Walk from the Contracts of Steed, primary use is to hide & runaway
            Normal: can enter a mirror & hide there for a time equal to your Lair Rating.
            High Satiety: as above, but can take someone with you.
            Satiety Expenditure: can exit via any reflective surface within a radius of 1km.

            Corpse Servant
            Kinship Required: Lucifuge with the Castigation Abaddon's Call
            Normal: raise a corpse to do your bidding for a time equal to your Lair Rating.
            High Satiety: as above, double the time limit.
            Satiety Expenditure: the corpse remembers information about its life which you can ask it about.

            Combat Maneuvers
            Kinship Required: Rahu Blood Talon
            Normal: boost to Weaponry & Brawl, as well as to any Fighting Style you may know.
            High Satiety: as above, enhanced boost.
            Satiety Expenditure: add Lair Rating to the damage output you make against an opponent in physical combat.


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              Chimeric Item (Advanced Obcasus Rite)
              Dice Pool: Power + Crafts or Occult - 6
              Time Per Roll: One day
              Duration: Permanent
              Bonus: Rote Quality if the Beast incorporates significant imagery that deconstructs the Monomyth, such as an item associated with the Myth of an Incarnate
              Cost: A Consecrated Temple, the heart of a Hero ripped from their chest on the same day of the beginning of the Rite

              The foolish Hero thinks the implementation of cunning tools is a concept within the purview of the Bright Dream and thus exclusive advantage of humanity. The Beast can subvert that narrative and creates his own tools of fear, which become imbued with the power of the Primordial Dream. The heart of the Hero transforms into the rough Size and shape of the desired Equipment, and becomes the vessel for a fragment of the Beast's Horror. Chimeric Items have the following traits:
              • Durability equal to [Crafts or Occult]. Heroes bypass this Durability if attacking the Chimeric Item with a Chosen Blade or equivalent Heroic Gift.
              • Can hold up to 10 Satiety points within itself, but starts with no Satiety and must receive such metaphysical energy from the Beast. This pool of Satiety can be recharged by using the Chimeric Item in ways that match the Hunger of the Beast, following the usual rules for Satiety Potential. Alternatively, it can be left within a Consecrated Temple to recharge its Satiety at the same rate that the Beast loses Satiety [BTP Core Page 111].
              • Can mimic one Atavism possessed by the Beast, with an effective Lair equal to the Beast's [Lair/2 Rounded Up]. This imbued Atavism does not have to work exactly like the version used by Beasts, though its effects and appearance are always influenced by the Beast leading the Rite. As an alternative to an Atavism, it can mimic a Nightmare. The user must roll the same Attribute, plus item's current pool of Satiety. The Beast can imbue an Atavism or Nightmare he does not possess, but he must have Family Ties with another monster who displays an equivalent supernatural ability.
              • If involved in a Clash Of Wills, roll the [Highest Resistance Attribute] of the user, but add the effective Lair.
              • It appears to be a normal piece of Equipment to most people, but to those who are sensitive to the Primordial Dream (e.g. all Heroes), it looks as if it was a Horror reshaped into a sword or equivalent.
              • It can affect entities inhabiting Astral Twilight. If the Beast has the Look Between Worlds Merit [BTP Player's Guide Page 102], then the Chimeric Item affects all other frequencies of Twilight as well, except the one inhabited by Angels of the God-Machine.
              • The Beast can extend his senses through it as a reflexive action. He is instinctively aware of whenever the user of the Chimeric Item spends or acquires Satiety while wielding it. He can open a Primordial Pathway that leads to the Chimeric Item's location. The Beast must still spend 1 Willpower, but foregoes the usual roll in order to score 1 automatic Success. He also adds Crafts or Occult to his Resolve for the purposes of determining how many turns the Primordial Pathway lasts. The Beast can return to his previous location much in the same way.
              • When the Chimeric Item reaches Satiety 0, it inflicts a negative Persistent Condition on the user reflecting a compulsion that matches the Hunger of the Beast. This Condition can only be Resolved by killing a Hero or Feeding the Hunger with a Satiety Potential of 8+ (in the latter case, the user does not roll and simply acquires 1 Satiety). When the Chimeric item reaches Satiety 10, it becomes dormant until it is brought to a Consecrated Temple and the Beast opens a Primordial Pathway there so that the Horror can reawaken the fragment inside.
              Exceptional Success: The Chimeric Item's effective Lair is the same as the Beast's full Lair, and it has twice as much Durability. Opening a Primordial Pathway to the Chimeric Item's location no longer costs Willpower. If destroyed or lost, the Chimeric Item simply reappears within the nearest Consecrated Temple between Chapters. This is nullified by performing an Exorcism [ChroD Core Page 139], or if the Chimeric Item is destroyed by a Hero. For the former, assume that the exorcist needs to complete an Extended Action using the normal dice pool for Exorcisms plus relevant Merits and Equipment, with an interval per roll of one day and Target Number of Successes equal to [Power + Resistance] of the Beast's Horror. If the exorcist has a relevant Specialty in Occult, he gains Rote Quality and shortens the interval to one hour.
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