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Kinship Nightmare Challenge!

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  • Kinship Nightmare Challenge!

    Hey this might be fun, so the concept here is that i will name a splat, supernatural organization or a character. And someone replies to that initial one with a kinship nightmare based on what i posted. Then they post another supernatural splat and someone else replies and on and on we go. I start by stating the Argentum refinement for Prometheans.(I reccomend that people look in the beast player's guide as it contains a more detailed guide for making Kinship Nightmares.)

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    I'm game. Problem is, I'm not sure I totally understand the Argentum Refinement. Would you mind explaining its themes as you see it, and why humans might fear a Promethean on the Refinement of Argentum specifically, as opposed or to in addition to the general fears of the outsider, of unnatural disasters and of losing control of your emotions that Prommies represent in my mind?

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      This one is kinda weird but...

      You're Just like Them
      They are repugnant. Evil. Insane. You want nothing to do with them and yet... you are like them in all the ways you hate. You want to pretend they are different because you hate it, but they are just that reflection of the things you hate about yourself.
      Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
      Normal: The Victim believes that some group chosen by the beast has something fundamentally wrong with them, but that they are also part of that group. Attempts to interact with this group in any meaningful way gain a -2 for their Dice pools, and they gain a Condition based on the group (for instance, criminals would give the Guilty condition)
      High Satiety: The Victim becomes so worried about his own personal brokenness in relation to the group that they find themselves stumbling with all interactions with them. If they ever fail a roll in relation to a member of the chosen group, it automatically becomes a dramatic failure
      Satiety Expenditure: The Victim reaches the point of utter hatred of the related group, and lashes out against them in anger. They must spend a point Willpower to perform any action that doesn't relate to being hostile to the chosen group.
      Exceptional Success: The Victim becomes afraid that everyone knows that they are a member of the given group they hate. They gain the Paranoid Condition.

      For my trade off, I'll continue staying within Promethean and ask for a Quashal kinship nightmare.


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        Originally posted by SdeSpencer View Post
        For my trade off, I'll continue staying within Promethean and ask for a Quashal kinship nightmare.
        Well, it's not a new Nightmare, but you could very easily reskin You Must Obey as You Have Your Mission or something similar.