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    Would "Your Rage Consumes You" make their job too easy?

    And how about Terror's Friend to make people scared of resisting the urge to fight by their side?

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
      Would "Your Rage Consumes You" make their job too easy?

      And how about Terror's Friend to make people scared of resisting the urge to fight by their side?
      Both good options! To be honest, I threw this one together in about 15 minutes. Almost certainly could use some fine-tuning. ;-)


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        I dont think 'your Rage consumes you ' s victims would apply to sating the hunger - enablers are all about you doing that thing, not you being supernaturally forced to do that thing. At that point, it would be like slipping bacon into a meal to make it haram- the Victim breaks unwillingly or even unknowingly With Their faith.

        Still a very topical Nightmare, and hey, no one said anything about forcing people to attack you so you fight back with possibly lethal violence isnt fair game.


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          Attempt at a Changeling (Gristlegrinder, specifically) inspired Beast.

          Cedric Gordon, Anakim Predator

          Wendigos are famous for their appetite for man-flesh. Some are satisfied by any human flesh, but others desire far more: strong, powerful prey, so that they may take its strength into themselves.
          Cedric Gordon is plagued with the latter appetite.
          After suffering for a very long time, Cedric learned to come to terms with his Horror's needs, accepting his divergence from humanity while doing so. Since to his mind, this state of affairs has been forced upon him through the Devouring, he looks to punish his 'Creator', or at the very least, to dine upon him.
          This sort of antagonism and horror hunger quickly earned him sympathy and understanding among some local Changelings. They've helped Cedric come to terms with his state by accepting parts of it, and help him out as a honorary member of the Freehold.
          He usually runs lean, relying on his extended family to provide meals for the Wendigo. Nonetheless, every once in a while, he decides upon what he deems worthy prey, and hunts them down to consume them. As a hobby cook and socialite, this is no ordinary affair, and Cedric takes great pains to ensure that the meal is more than satisfactory.
          His usual guests are an esteemed group of friends: a few Gristlegrinders, some flesh-consuming Vampires, and a Werewolf fine with eating human meat.
          The prey only has in common that they can defend themselves, and are often hunters in some way or shape themselves: policemen, criminals, sexual predators, actual hunters, bounty hunters, soldiers, tournament fighters, Hunters. His favourite dish, however, is Heroes.
          He tries to abstain from supernatural flesh, which is why he keeps lean: when picky, the Wendigo wants Vampire, Werewolf, Promethean, Changeling, maybe even fellow Begotten on the table. The Horror doesn't care about the implications and relationships - Cedric, however, does, very much so.

          Atavisms: Cyclopean Strength, Crushing Coils, Ravenous Maw, Relentless Hunter.
          Nightmares: The Water Won't Last, You Cannot Run.
          Lair: Cold forest full of seemingly identical, very tall trees.
          Lair Traits: Extreme Cold, Undergrowth, Maze, Fog.


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            Howsabout a Beast with Kinship with...
            ...Deceived mummies?
            ...Hive-Claimed humans, possessed by various magath?
            ...idigam of some kind?
            ...Torn Sin-Eaters?


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              Another Changeling-inspired one
              Alexa Smith, Inguma Nemesis
              "Don't make promises you cannot keep."
              Alexa Smith is a judge, and her Horror punishes those who do not keep their end of a deal - a match nearly made in heaven, some would say.
              The Horned Man is not easily swayed, and sees right through most attempts to manipulate the truth.
              However, sometimes, when no suitable meal presents itself, Alexa makes do - usually by Feeding a temporary Hunger for Power.
              Drawn to her job due to her inherent desire to help other people and protect people from each other, her Devouring has been nothing but a huge blessing, albeit at the cost of her soul.

              Life: Protective
              Legend: Judgemental
              Horror: Cernunnos
              Lair: Dense Forest
              Lair Traits: Blazing Light, Undergrowth, Jagged
              Atavisms: Mimir's Wisdom, Enemy Within, Alien Mindset, Fear's Friend, Alien Allure
              Nightmares: You Cannot Wake Up, This Is Due Tomorrow, Behold My True Form, You Deserve This, You Are One Of Us

              Demigod Beast I had already written this one down before, sadly, my computer failed me and the text was lost. This is a poor re-creation. But hey, at least I tried, right? Here's a Deceived-inspiried Beast:

              Dedi, Anakim Nemesis
              "Satisfied with serving others, are we? You should not."
              Sightings of this ancient Namtaru is considered a bad omen for any Hive: Dedi is powerful, and careless when feeding. Dedi is also a glutton, so their very presence is practically a beacon attracting Heroes. But this is far from the worst: for one reason or another, Dedi is denied Communion with the Dark Mother, which lead them to develop extreme green-eyed envy for those who can, making them their favourite target. So once Dedi is in a Hive, Obcasus Initiates go into hiding, lest they end up a victim. Some speculate that this might be Dedi's attempt to reach Incarnation.
              Maybe ironically, Dedi's Horror, which looks strikingly similar to Ammut, punishes those that do not try to rise above their station. This, makes the Cursed their second-favourite dish: after all, access to such power should be accompanied by a desire to express yourself and partake of the world, not by losing yourself to serve something else.
              To their Cult, Dedi is a God, and they go to great lengths to fulfill their wishes.

              Life: Greedy
              Legend: Vicious
              Atavisms: Cyclopean Strength, Ravenous Maw, Crushing Coils, Relentless Hunter, Fear's Friend, Looming Presence, Shadowed Sould
              Nightmares: All Your Teeth Are Falling Out, Fear Is Contagious, Behold My True Form, They Are All Around You, Tabula Rasa, You Deserve This
              Lair: A dark tomb.
              Lair Traits: Darkness, Noxious Gases, Unstable, Maze, Murmurs, Bottomless

              Aaand an attempt at a Vengeful Sin-Eater inspired Beast.

              John Doe, Eshmaki Nemesis
              "You can't escape."
              John used to have a different name, but ever since his Devouring, that man's been dead. Now, John is out there in the city, practically a hobo, punishing cruelty and teaching them that 'those who live by the sword, die by the sword.' He feeds his Shadow of Death by targeting groups of violent criminals (for a given definition of criminal: everyone who forces their will upon others by use of force. Yes, this includes police forces), usually feeding deeply and killing one of them to make sure the 'lesson sticks'. Occasionally, he goes out of his way to punish less extreme cases of violence, like verbal abuse, but he's got to be very hungry for that.
              No one knows for sure, but apparently, shortly after his Devouring, a Hero killed his family trying to get to him. Ever since, John became rather judgemental regarding the use of force, but none of his experiences has undone his tendency to help people when needed.

              Life: Selfless
              Legend: Relentless
              Atavisms: From the Shadows, Limb from Limb, Relentless Hunter, Light's Death, Monster from the Deep, Skin Deep, Shadowed Soul.
              Nightmares: You cannot take it with you, Death is a Prison, Your Struggle Won't Matter, Fear is Contagious, You Are Lost, You Will Never Rest, You Cannot Wake Up, Run Away
              Lair: An empty, ancient and eldritch city, filled with moving translucent shades and displaying strange non-euclidian geometry.
              Lair Traits: Poor Light, Bad Angles, Minions, Murmurs, Maze, Disruption (anything more advanced than Middle Ages' technology), Thin Air