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    I looked back and I don’t think there is actually one of these. I figured I’d just ask what your kinships in games or just what your ideas for ones are. Who’s the beast? Who’s the kin? How did they meet? Those kinds of things.
    You can be as general or specific as you want, and they can be any CofD monster you want, from one of the main splats to subsplats to antagonist splats to bluebook spats to weirder things like Supernal Creatures or Quashalim or just random horrors or what have you.

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    We have a NPC with a Loupe-Garou Horror who's joined a Pack of Uratha. Keeps him fed.

    My PC helped out (the NPC and him are friends) on a Siskur-Dah dealing with giant mosquito horrors. He and the pack are on friendly terms now, and the (Irish Mobster) PC really has taken to the (Biker-Gang) Werewolves. They drink beer together, occasionally.
    Due to intense working relations with a vampire Baron (and being Bloodbound by another Vampire seeking to cause problems for aforementioned Baron), he is certainly going to also take up Kinship with Vampires at some point. Work came about due to a number of factors (Baron had to give up some territory to preserve a balance, loopholing his way out by giving the area to the PC as -comparatively measly- reward for a very dangerous task) but seems like it will last for a while.

    My other Beast PC, a therapist, is trying to sow peace among some Pure major Pack (or even local faction) leaders who used to be a couple. So that will likely leave a Kinship mark. Once Changeling hits our site, he's going to extensively deal with those primarily.

    Another Beast PC needed intel, and made a deal with an Ordo Dracul Defiant: information in exchange for willing participation in as-of-now unspecified experiments. That will likely end in Kinship, too. Or death? Who knows
    That PC is also looking to meet up with Abyssals, so will likely cross paths with a Scelestus-in-the-making soonish.

    Re: Ideas

    A Lawyer who's a Beast will want to keep relations with Changelings, I think. Especially if they are of the 'support and save Kin' kind. And really, a Changeling-taught rules-savy narrative-native Beast should be a nice addition to a Freeholds forces.
    It is also quite likely they'd run into Kindred influence, and thus, sooner or later, Kindred. That could go either way, depending on their Hunger. (Keep in mind that those with Kinship don't have to be friends!)
    The Circle of the Crone is likely to embrace a Beast, and a very powerful Beast (e.g. one of your last game's most powerful Beasts, possibly turned Incarnate) could work as a Totem for a Pack.

    A Mummy might like a Beast at their side, as a sort of left-hand-man (right hand's already taken, usually).


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      I have a PC who is a mage actually, and I'm really hoping he and one of the beasts meet up and start a kinship. As a moros who explores souls and ghosts in his spare time, he'd be very interested in a horrors.

      I'm looking forward to seeing more beast-spirit interactions. There are several very powerful spirits in the area, and one of my PCs is very near to a chance for a kinship with one of them.