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    Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
    I’ve been trying to do the bulgasari, a creature from Korean lore, as a Beast. Probably an Anakim Ravager.
    Bulgasari ( Korean )

    In Goryeo (Korean Dynasty) era, there was Ki Jong-Lang, a Buddhist monk. Accidentally, he received divination with 'You can take 100 sons’ from fortune-teller. After that, to take 100 sons, he forms a connection with women who came to pray at Buddhist temple. So, he gained 99 sons. Then, he tries to rape a wife of minister. But he was caught and put on the wanted list. So, he visited a younger sister's house to ask help. But the younger sister want to accuse brother to get for a reward. Husband of the sister who knows this fact killed his wife because husband thought that his wife betrayed moral laws. then Husband helps with his wife's brother.

    In return, monk gives a monster which was made by rubbing rice paste. This monster looked like a small bug start eating small needles. then ate chopsticks, spoon, scissiors, hoe and etc. Eventually, this monster is getting bigger as more eating iron in Goryeo. Then, Goryeo tries to kill this monster but not died. So, this monster was called as 'Can't killied’ (不可殺 - Chinese pronunciation : Bul Ga Sal).' Goryeo used last means that burn the monster.

    However, Bulgasari have not died. With body that had burned, this monster wander on Goryeo's territory. As a result, all territory ran into danger with fire. Goryeo's King has declared that a men who kill this monster can received government position and treasure. So, he attached a amulet which was given from monk (Wife's brother) at the Bulgasari's body. Then, Bulgasari vomited all iron and vanished. As a result, He received not only a government position but also treasure and lived happily.

    • Horror: Bulgasari - body is like bear, head and nose is like elephant
    • Family: Anakim
    • Hunger: Ruin – In tale, Bulgasari is only destroying things or terrifying people.
    • Atavisms: Cyclopean Strength, Relentless Hunter, Storm-Lashed, Terror’s Friend, Titanic Blow
    • Nightmares: Run Away, You Cannot Run, You Cannot Kill It
    • Lair: Inferno of Iron – dark land of melted iron that is blazing inside fire infero – and Bulgasari with it.
    • Traits: Extreme Heat, Flooded, Thin Air, Burning
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      Originally posted by The Third King View Post
      The Wendigo from Native American folklore would seem like a very good Horror.
      Wendigo ( American )

      This woods spirit was, and is, very real to many in the northern woods and prairies of the States. Many legends and stories have circulated over the years about a mysterious creature who was encountered by hunters and campers in the shadowy forests. In one variation of the story, the creature could only be seen if it faced the witness head-on, because it was so thin that it could not be seen from the side. The spirit was said to have a voracious appetite for human flesh and the many forest dwellers who disappeared over the years were said to be victims of the monster.

      The American Indians had their own tales of the Wendigo, dating back so many years that most who were interviewed could not remember when the story had not been told. The Inuit Indians of the region called the creature by various names, including Wendigo, Witigo, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go but each of them was roughly translated to mean "the evil spirit that devours mankind". Around 1860, a German explorer translated Wendigo to mean "cannibal" among the tribes along the Great Lakes.
      Native American versions of the creature spoke of a gigantic spirit, over fifteen feet tall, that had once been human but had been transformed into a creature by the use of magic. They are tall and lanky and are driven by a horrible hunger.

      According to the lore, the Wendigo is created whenever a human resorts to cannibalism to survive. In years past, such a practice was possible, although still rare, as many of the tribes and settlers in the region were cut off by the bitter snows and ice of the north woods. Unfortunately, eating another person to survive was sometimes resorted to and thus, the legend of the Wendigo was created.

      • Horror: Wendigo - animalistic large, thin being that have glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs and overly long tongues. Most have a sallow, yellowish skin but others are said to be matted with hair.
      • Family: Eshmaki
      • Hunger: Prey – Wendigo is hunting humans for their sweet meat.
      • Atavisms: From the Shadows, Limb from Limb, Lightning Strike, Looming Presence, Needs Must, Relentless Hunter, Skin Deep ( Shaped for Speed, Talons, Maw )
      • Nightmares: Run Away, You Are Not Alone, You Cannot Run, You Will Never Rest
      • Lair: Snowed forest – Deep, dense forest, entrenched in heavy snow and ice. From time to time are hanging half-eaten bodies of humans.
      • Traits: Blizzard, Echoing. Exposed, Extreme Cold, Hunting Ground, Viscous, Undergrowth
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        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        New Atavisms is needed for turning people in to stone on seeing face of monster for Namtaru – I called it in work Face to Stone – but you may have better idea.
        The Incarnate (through Myth) can have this petrifying gaze, that is a good starting point, since the Myths are close to atavisms in power. (but much simpler)


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          Some Slavic Vibes here. Pick your poison.

          Baba Yaga.
          A Lesovyk is always cool.
          I feel one could make good work out of the Rusalka myths.
          Vodnici are fun.

          And for a really fun challenge for an Incarnate: Koschtschei the Deathless.


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            Added Hoard and Hunting Ground Traits to the Dragon ( Western ) and Wendigo write-ups. Looks in to Slavic Horrors, probably star from Baba Yaga, as I know her best.

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              Baba Yaga ( Russian )
              In Russian folklore there are many stories of Baba Yaga, the fearsome witch with iron teeth. She is also known as Baba Yaga Boney Legs, because, in spite of a ferocious appetite, she is as thin as a skeleton. In Russian that's: 'Baba Yaga Kostianaya Noga'. She lives in the hut on the chicken legs. When a visitor enters her hut, (not too often) Baba Yaga asks them whether they came of their own free will, or whether they were sent. (One answer is the right one!)

              Thankfully, she appears to have no power over the pure of heart, such as Vasilisa and those of us who are 'blessed' (protected by the power of love, virtue, or a mother's blessing.) Baba Yaga rules over the elements. Her faithful servants are the White Horseman, the Red Horseman and the Black Horseman. When Vasilissa asks her who these mysterious horsemen are, she replies: 'My Bright Dawn, my Red Sun and my Dark Midnight.'

              Amongst her other servants, are three bodiless and somewhat menacing pairs of hands, which appear out of thin air to do her bidding. She calls them "my soul friends" or "friends of my bosom" and she is more than a little reticent about discussing them with Vasilisa.
              Although she is mostly portrayed as a terrifying old crone, Baba Yaga can also play the role of a helper and wise woman. The Earth Mother, like all forces of nature, though often wild and untamed, can also be kind.

              In her guise as wise hag, she sometimes gives advice and magical gifts to heroes and the pure of heart. The hero or heroine of the story often enters the crone's domain searching for wisdom, knowledge and truth. She is all-knowing, all seeing and all-revealing to those who would dare to ask.

              She is said to be a guardian spirit of the fountain of the Waters of Life and of Death. Baba Yaga is the Arch-Crone, the Goddess of Wisdom and Death, the Bone Mother. Wild and untamable, she is a nature spirit bringing wisdom and death of ego, and through death, rebirth. Many Begotten wonder if she is not the Dark Mother herself – or at least one of her avatars.

              • Horror: Baba Yaga - She has the form of old hag. Her nose is so long that it rattles against the ceiling of her hut when she snores, stretched out in all directions upon her ancient brick oven. She travels perched in a large mortar with her knees almost touching her chin, and pushes herself across the forest floor with a pestle. Whenever she appears on the scene, a wild wind begins to blow, the trees around creak and groan and leaves whirl through the air. Shrieking and wailing, a host of spirits often accompany her on her way.
              • Family: Anakim
              • Hunger: Secrets – Yaga teach others about price of wisdom.
              • Atavisms: Eye of Heaven, Mimir’s Wisdom, Needs Must, Wings of the Raptor ( Mortar ), Shadow Stalker, Terror’s Friend, Vengeful Earth
              • Nightmares: All Your Teeth Are Falling Out, Bugs Everywhere!, Everything You Do Is Worthless, Fear Is Contagious, Flying and Falling, Soldier's Heart, They Are All Around You, You Deserve This, You Were Never Right
              • Lair: Legged Hut – Deep in the forest, there is hut that have a personality of its own and can move about on its extra-large chicken legs. Usually the hut is either spinning around as it moves through the forest or stands at rest with its back to the visitor. The windows of the hut seem to serve as eyes. All the while it is spinning round, it emits blood-curdling screeches and will only come to a halt, amid much creaking and groaning, when a secret incantation is said. When it stops, it turns to face the visitor and lowers itself down on its chicken legs, throwing open the door with a loud crash. The hut is sometimes surrounded by a fence made of bones, which helps to keep out intruders! The fence is topped with skulls whose blazing eye sockets illuminate the darkness.
              • Traits: Crosswinds, Echoing, Minions, Murmurs, Thralls, Undergrowth

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                As I prepare NPCs for my Edinburgh game, here is Scottish myths problematic creature...

                Finfolk ( Scottish )
                They are sorcerous shapeshifters of the sea, the dark mysterious race from Finfolkaheem who regularly make an amphibious journey from the depths of the Finfolk ocean home to the Orkney Islands. They wade, swim or sometimes row upon the Orkney shores in the spring and summer months, searching for human captives. The Finfolk (both Finman and Finwife) kidnap unsuspecting fishermen, or frolicking youth, near the shore and force them into lifelong servitude as a spouse.

                Unlike the "Selkie", the Finfolk are neither romantic nor friendly. Instead of courting the prospective spouse, Finfolk simply abduct them. Regarded as territorial and greedy, the Finfolk, in addition to their lust for humans, have a weakness for silver and things made of silver metal, such as coins and jewelry. According to legend a possible way to escape abduction is to exploit this Finfolk weakness by tossing silver coins away from oneself. The motivation for the amphibious abductions are inspired, in part, because marriage to a human is preferred over other Finfolk.

                To capture the unsuspecting human bride or groom, the Orkney Finfolk cunningly disguise themselves and their fins as other sea animals, plants or even as floating clothes. The Finfolk kidnapping attempt begins by approaching the prospective mate cautiously, floating ever closer, until it is possible to leap up and grab the victim. The Finmen often use another tactic, appearing in human form disguised as fishermen in a row boat, or a fishing boat propelled by oars. The Finwife prefers a more natural form, and often appears as a mermaid with long, flowing golden hair, snow white skin, incredible beauty, and, sometimes, a long fish tail. In some stories, she has a beautiful voice like that of the Greek Sirens.

                Now the problem I got with them...

                Family: Makara or Talassii?
                Hunger: Power or Secrets?

                Gents, maybe you can help me on deciding on those? Mr. Wormwood , 21C Hermit , The Third King and Demigod Beast?
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                  Here is my take on full Beast based on Grendel from English/Nordic poem Beowulf. Some may point he should be Makara as fisherman, but I simply did not remember other ‘lonely man of work’ job in modern world good for this Eshmaki Horror. Hopes you like him!

                  Thomas Grant - ‘Grendel’ ( English / Norse )

                  Background: Thomas was simple, lone fishermen. Being single in mid 40s and working all day longs on his keel boat, really hating his job, he developed unhealthy relation with alcohol. Being drunk was his way of life to fill his existential void.

                  Then, those two years ago, he passed once again as he gone few times a month. Instead of waking up in bar he drunk or on the shore, on the way to his boat, he waked up in some strange marshes. Trying to find his way up to home, he stumbled upon dark cave in the centre of this land. And in it’s darkness, then Grendel ripped him apart.

                  From that day on, Beasts that was Thomas stopped to drink. He come sober and started to fill his Hunger in other ways. Like in the poem, when attacking Heorot mead-hall, Grendel in him scared teenagers parting too loud. Parents drinking when they should watch over their kids. Thomas still fish on his boat on the day, but on the nights – he has better commitment than booze on the land…

                  What more unusual, he did not found any other Begotten to this day. And his loneliness and Hunger are casting a dark shadow on his existence.

                  Lair: Grendel’s Marsh-Den
                  Grendel’s Horror live in black cave amidst great, dark marshes. Each step is returning as heightened to listener, like the realm was driving everyone mad with sounds. Each step can also be last, as unstable ground can swallow you whole. And then there is monster in it, always watching, stalking it’s prey…
                  Chambers: Heart –The Dark Cave from what Grendel comes to hunt. Maybe there is Mother of it in?
                  Marshes – Great and boundless Marshes that can engulf you any time you walk them and not watch your steps.
                  Sea shore – Night bounded sea shore that is engulfing victims with unstable sand on it and crashing water.
                  Marty’s Bar – Latest addition to the Lair is tenement house in what Grendel massacred local punk rock band in bar, just after their concert. This horrified crime has shaken the mortal community to the core.
                  Traits: Echoing, Engulfing, Darkness, Hunting Ground – Per scene: 3

                  New Hive Trait: Hunting Ground – People can be attacked by Horrors multiple times and awareness of local Heroes do not rise. Trait shows in area as Grendel silhouette is found stalking every Chamber of the Hive ( even if it’s not the Horror itself. )

                  Description: Thomas is rough looking man that spent half of his life on water. He wears old, worn clothes that smell of sea. He maybe not most friendly person, but surely he is only old, lone drunk…

                  Storytelling Hints: Grendel in Thomas goes restless. His loneliness pushing him to more desperate measures. He wants to connect with Dark Mother just to have real family, at once. Crime in local bar finally moved something deep inside him. Something spoke to him by the vision. He wonders if is really the voice of Mother of his, Mother of All Monsters? Unless stopped, Thomas will become very violent Beast in pursuit to find his parent.
                  Legend: Vicious – Grendel is known from doing over-needed violence to his victims. If this was secretive not the nature of Eshamki Horror and his nomadic lifestyle on boat, he probably would been caught by police forces months ago just because the fear his acts generates.
                  Life: Simple – Thomas was very simple man. As Begotten he is still. He likes his days routine. Seeing him on the boat, you really would think he is only fisherman, dedicated to his job.
                  Family: Eshmaki
                  Hunger: Punishment - "Punish those who celebrate when they shouldn't."

                  Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 4
                  Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
                  Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 5, Composure 3
                  Mental Skills: Computer 1, Crafts 3, Investigation 3, Medicine 2, Science (Sea) 2
                  Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Drive (Boats) 3, Larceny 2, Stealth (Stalking) 4, Survival (Sea, Marshes) 3
                  Social Skills: Animal Ken 2, Intimidation (Unsettling) 3, Persuasion (Deals) 1, Streetwise (Rumors) 2, Subterfuge 3
                  Merits: Anonymity 3, Barfly ,Contacts (Criminal, Law Enforcement, Transportation) 3, Danger Sense, Danger Sense (Advanced), Direction Sense, Eidetic Memory, Patient, Resources 2, Safe Place (Boat) 3
                  Atavisms: Limb From Limb, Cyclopean Strength, Death of Light, From the Shadows, Relentless Hunter, Monster from the Deep, Heart of the Ocean
                  Nightmares: Behold, My True Form!, We Are Going Down!, You Cannot Run, You Will Never Rest
                  Lair: 4 (Echoing, Engulfing, Darkness, Hunting Ground)
                  Health: 8
                  Willpower: 7
                  Satiety: 4
                  Size: 5
                  Speed: 12
                  Defense: 6
                  Initiative: 6
                  Armor: 0

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                    To complete Grendel Beast, let's give it also a Beowulf Hero to hunt for.

                    Maximilian Forsberg – ‘Beowulf’

                    Background: Maximilian Forsberg is great and dedicated business investor in half of the world. However, he is now burden with secret – he started to have dreams about him freeing the land he comes from monsters. And, weirdly, it starts to make sense in his head.

                    He rose in Götaland region in Sweden. Heir to his father’s fortune, he was schooled and practiced money making even before age of 7. Most children would be tired be the life of constant deal making and searching for loopholes, but he did not mind. He was good at it. And you do what you are made for.

                    However, he also had a second pillar in his life. Housekeeper and close friend of the family that raised Max – as she called him – was immersed in Nordic myths. She told stories of their ancestors when he was little, cultivating lore of the land in the nights when she put him to bed. It ended when Maximillian got to boarding school, but the legends stayed with him all those years. In his teenage years in this facility he grow fond of swordsmanship and liked archery lessons. They are still his hobbies.

                    Decades later, after ending Oxford, he started to invest his father’s money in foreign capital. And after almost two decades in it, he is very good at it. To say he did some nasty things in his line of work would be understatement. He travels a lot, looking for next investment to expand his portfolio and capital. But he still dreams about Norse gods and monsters, from time to time.

                    Description: Desmond is a good shap man in his 40s. <Description of foreing inwestor.>

                    Storytelling Notes: Maximilian is ‘fresh’ to his awakening as Beasts slayer – but idea is growing on him. More and more nights he dreams of himself as ‘prince freeing the country from monsters’ ( i.e. Beowulf ), the more he losses touch with his every day, business side. For now, he is cautious and discreet, as any true investor would be. For now.

                    Maximilian’s Legend is Champion. He hunts and kills monsters because he believes only he can save ‘the land he came for’. In his heart, he wants others to speak of his great deeds and how that HE killed the dragon in the nearby cave. At present, all that is enough that local newspapers have headlines as ‘Mysterious hero save neighborhood from a mad man!’.

                    His Life is Businessman. Maximilian whole life rose as ‘man making money’ and what’s he best on. But it’s deeper. He have tendency to use other people to get what he desire, talking them over doing what needs to be done. And he is pragmatic and caution – he likes to plan everything he do. More the Hero rise in him, less he can listen to this his rational voice in the head.

                    Legend: Champion
                    Life: Businessman
                    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 4
                    Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
                    Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 4, Composure 2
                    Mental Skills: Academics 2, Computer 2, Investigation 1, Occult 1 ( 2 dots after 2 Beast kills ), Politics 3
                    Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Drive 2, Firearms 1, Weaponry 2
                    Social Skills: Empathy 3, Expression 1, Intimidation 3, Persuasion (Business) 4, Socialize 3, Subterfuge 3
                    Merits: Allies (Business) 3, Allies (Town Hall) 2, Contacts (Media), Fame 2, Inspiring, Resources 4, Status (Business) 3
                    Gifts: None ( After 1st Beast kill: Vanquisher’s Strength; After 2nd: Champion’s Endurance; After 3rd: Vanquisher’s Strength (2); After 4th: Open Gate )
                    Health: 7
                    Willpower: 6
                    Integrity: 4
                    Size: 5
                    Speed: 9
                    Initiative: 4
                    Defense: 5

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                      Im not sure if you accept literature, but Moby Dick and Ahab could work, and if possible the Jersey Devil and Mothman, both from America, could also work.


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                        Originally posted by Penguinbowler View Post
                        Im not sure if you accept literature, but Moby Dick and Ahab could work
                        Myself, I stick to myths and legends.

                        Originally posted by Penguinbowler View Post
                        the Jersey Devil and Mothman, both from America, could also work.
                        As I'm guy from Poland - Do you have good source on both of them? Especially Jersey Devil, as I remember his myths are very contradicting each other.

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                          Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

                          Myself, I stick to myths and legends.

                          As I'm guy from Poland - Do you have good source on both of them? Especially Jersey Devil, as I remember his myths are very contradicting each other.
                          The Mothman is a Virginian or West Virginian monster from the late 60's. Basicly he is a man who looks like a moth who is said to predict natural disasters, but no one really knows what he is, (Other then an 8 foot humanoid moth)and he rarely ever actually attacks peoples. The Jersey Devil is stated to be the 13th child of Jane Leers, and supposed menaced the Pines. It is best described as a Demonic Wyvern with the head of a goat or kangeroo and hooves instead of claws. It reportably attacks peoples houses, scratching at the room, and kidnaps and eats children. It also screams terrible screams.

                          I'll also just link the wikipedia articles just to be safe


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                            In your opinion, which Family/Hunger would you use for a horror based on the Mara from Germanic Folklore?