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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

    Chamber claiming is 'only' investigation in it's Integrity loss event, yes? Can it be extended in to more than one session small story? Can Chamber reflect Other Realms - so there would be real reason to 'go to Hell and back' ( Hell, Arcadia, Underworld, you name it realm you want ).
    I see no reason the primordial dream can't reflect the hedge, twilight, or the Underwood.

    Also, Beast v Demon is pretty well written in, so don't feel bad to include angels, demons, or cults. Heck, vampires and mages build cults too.


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      Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
      They could all be investigating a mystery.
      • Where has the Apex gone to? They still hold the spot, but no one can find them or their Horror.
      • Why is everyone afraid of a burning clock-tower, when no Beast has that as a Horror, and the town doesn't have one?
      • Who killed [X]? It was clearly no mortal murderer, and the trail leads across multiple otherworlds.
      • Some wretched new weed has invested all the Lairs in the Hive, but the Apex is just as clueless as everyone else. It has even started afflicting mortal dreamers.
      • People are dying in their sleep, and no one knows why. Not only is the rash of deaths troubling, Night Gaunts have started saturating the local Dreamscape.
      • What is the Vermillion Codex, and why is everyone looking for it?
      • Why is Harrowgrave Hall full of Chambers? Just what happened here to inflict that kind of trauma?
      Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
      They could try and stop a regional threat.
      • A Hunter/Hero group has chosen the PCs City/Hive as a test-bed for a new, terrible weapon. Not only are Heroes congregating here in greater numbers, they are imposing Anathema on Beasts regardless of Satiety or direct conflict.
      • Spiders. Spiders, everywhere. They are all swarming to the city, and even the ones you've formed Kinship bonds to aren't forthcoming with answers.
      • Pressure is building. A storm is coming.
      • The entire area has been dragged into the Underworld by Reapers. How can the Brood reverse the process, or at least, save who they want?
      Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
      They could all help one of their kin.
      • A Vampire Kin has lost their last Touchstone. The Brood need to encourage them to find another person or thing to connect with before they fall into Torpor.
      • A Werewolf Kin has being injured by some horrifying silver-based weapon that is slowly killing them. Beasts are more geared toward harm than healing, but they'll need to do something or else their Family member is doomed to an agonizing demise.
      • A Mage Kin is in danger of going Mad. Attempting to curb their Obsession only leads to alienation and rejection, so the Brood will need to help them along without letting them go too far.
      • A Changeling Kin has been captured and is being held in a fortress Hollow, deep in the Hedge. Have fun storming the castle!
      • A [X] Kin has fallen in love. Help them woo the target of their affections.
      Originally posted by Vent0 View Post

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        Things i've done/had players do/will use as plot ideas:
        • Act as the bodyguards for a Changelings or Mages (Any Beast)
        • Work with Mages pursuing mysteries (Hunger for Secrets)
        • Accompany a Promethean on its Pilgrimage
        • Be a supernatural detective (Secrets/Any)
        • A family drama story involving Beasts and other supernaturals trying to live their lives in a town or neighborhood rife with supernatural weirdness and mundane craziness
        • Explore other worlds (The Astral, Underworld, Hedge/Arcadia)
        • Typical 'fighting with Heroes' story
        • Being Batman
        • All out war with the G-M's angels and possibly allying with Demons
        • Getting involved in Vampire/Changeling politics
        • Join a Werewolf pack/Vamprie coterie/Motley/insert group here and act just like any other member
        • Child Beasts chasing mysteries and hunting monsters a'la Stranger Things/Scooby Doo
        • Playing the antagonists in a typical Horror Movie plot, with killing optional
        • Fighting other, even more horrific Beasts
        • Anything any other person with human motivations would do.
        In short, there's a lot that Beasts can and would do, and i don't understand how people have a hard time finding stuff for them to get into. Every time i've played a Beast the hard part has been that they didn't have enough time to do everything. And the list above was just off the top of my head; right now i'm playing a Beast in a post-apocalyptic setting who is a doctor dating an Atariya and trying to put together an exploration/diplomatic/relief squad to travel beyond the immediate area where he lives (Las Vegas) and scout for new resources and survivors, in addition to dealing with Brood issues and staying fed.


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          It's not I do not see a small plots idea potential in Beast - I just have a bit problem on putting some BIG ideas that start coherent chronicle for whole brood, not only single members sub plots. This topic is exactly for pointing this 'big ideas' to build chronicle from.

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            Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
            It's not I do not see a small plots idea potential in Beast - I just have a bit problem on putting some BIG ideas that start coherent chronicle for whole brood, not only single members sub plots. This topic is exactly for pointing this 'big ideas' to build chronicle from.

            The main thing to keep in mind with Beast is while they have plenty to do on their own, there isn't some big overarching metaplot/thing all Beasts do. The best way to give a Brood something to do as a whole is to give them a common thread to draw on, same as any other splat. Maybe a more powerful or influential individual tasks them to do something, or they have Aspirations that intertwine ,That may be what brought disparate Beasts together in the first place, and once you get them together with an initial plot getting them to work together as the Brood bond tightens and they get embroiled more deeply in eachothers' business is easy. You can put Beasts up against just about anything, based on their interests and talents. There isn't much that a whole Brood can't handle.


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              Try a FATE style character creation where each player defines how the met/know two other players. Use that web of connections to determine what they might all be linked to or interested in.

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                I try to avoid FATE-like creation as my RPG club games have a high players rotation - so why I look for gamelines own external threats. But will complie points raisen in Opening Post later today.

                My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
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                LGBT+ in CoD games


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                  Obcasus Rites, as raised by Mad_Maudlin, are an excellent point to start a story or keep one going.
                  I mean, just look at the Horrific Idol Rite I made up, and note that the necessary material HAS to be from some outside world (hey, cthulhu idols were usually made up by some 'unknown material', too, after all) so there you have the need to go and explore other realms, especially if you make the Idol a necessary trapping in a Rite to deal with e.g. some mysterious event.

                  Let's go with something like this: Chambers have been randomly collapsing, which is kind of a bother, especially if it takes away YOUR chambers that you've worked so hard for.
                  So, players need to figure out what the hell's going on, hitting books of legend, libraries and consult city history and records. They'll have to run around in the dream, might even have to escape a collapsing chamber or perish in the attempt to do so. The might uncover an old Grimoir (as in, the Obcasus variety, family tree and secret history of the Hive, that one), wherein the find their answer.
                  Let's say what they learn is that a supremely powerful primordial being (Dark Mother? One of her Firstborn? The First Insatiable? Something else entirely?) has awoken after a long slumber and downright devours the fear out of the chambers, causing them to fall into the Mists. They can't possibly face it though they might try (in vain).
                  There is a way of stopping it, however: create a supreme amount of Fear, terrifying basically the whole population (supernaturals included!) p AND they need to seriously upset the metaphysical balance of the place to sent it back to slee.
                  But to pull something like that off, you'd have to pull off, in essence, a Rite that goes beyond Epic. Utterly impossible. The player's need to find another way.
                  However, let's say there's a way to link the Rites. You'd have to pull off like 4 Rites at the same time (e.g. Folie a Deux, Gatecraft, Kingdom of Nightmares and Night of Revels), one of which at least needs to be Epic in scope - a single one's tough enough to pull of by itself at the best of times. And coordinating them to go off at the same time.... You'd need one consecrated temple per cardinal direction and at least one Idol per Rite, but it'd work. The Rites would apply to the whole area covered between the Idols (which'd be gupled up as material for the Rite to link them).
                  Now you still need to go to gather Hedgewood and Deadstone or similar exotic substances, make the Idols, get the trappings for the other Rites, and pull it off.
                  So find gates to other worlds, open them, go in, run around, take some stuff which someone might take offense to, meet some people, be a hero or monster etc etc.
                  The result could look something like this:
                  Everyone and everything is subjected to a Nightmare, some minor Lair traits litter the place, no one can escape the area by driving out, running away etc. All the while people are flooded with the need to hunt them down and punish a certain someone (might even be the Brood, for added shits and giggles: not THEY have to run and hide, or bolt up somehwere). Every Gate, from Avernian to Hedge, is permanently opened up, and provides the only means out of the city - by leading into the Hedge, Underworld, Astral etc. In addition to the natural panic, people are Spooked, Delusional, Agoraphobic or similar.
                  Hive-wide panic, violence and death will be the result.
                  And let's say it works like a charm - they players've just sent the thing back to sleep. Congratz! But they also utterly terrified the entire population of a city while uncovering the Supernatural: This will send not just ripples, but Tsunamis through the Primordial Dream. Heroes will come a dozen a dime. Hunters will plop up so much that you might feel the entire TOWN has gone Vigil. The Kindred and Mages will probably demand to know what the FUCK just happened to them, the 'police-forces' Sin-Eaters and Uratha will have their hands full with a ton of other stuff for a while, but once they've managed, be prepared to answer some not-so-polite questions. And if all this fallout isn't enough, just consider the metaphysical rammifications of pulling so much Primordial into the physical world... who knows what Gates've been established, which one's are still open, and worst of all, who's attention you've caught. The God-Machine? Quite likely. The Dark Mother's? Possibly - though if that is good is up to debate. A magath, maybe? What else lurks out there?
                  Some good things, too, though: The chamber collapsing has stopped. The Night (because that's what people will refer to) will cause countless chambers to sprout, pop and bud into existance. Maybe Primordial Pathways are easier to use in this city, now? Throw in a +1 or +2 modifier for being closer to the Primordial Dream.
                  Oh, and with an act like this, I think the Brood may very well apply for the status of Apex. So one of their Lair traits (possibly a shared one) will be encountered throughout the Hive, which is nice and gives them an edge.

                  There you have investigation, exploration, possibly a chase or two, some fights, maybe a raid, maybe a siege because why not?, dealing with consequences, set the stage to do some politics (albeit it's not your cup of tea, players might enjoy it) and an open end in case you want to go further.

                  P.S: I am well aware the Rite-thing is absolutely over the top. It's supposed to be. I am in the mood for catastrophes of biblical proportions, atm =P


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                    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
                    It's not I do not see a small plots idea potential in Beast - I just have a bit problem on putting some BIG ideas that start coherent chronicle for whole brood, not only single members sub plots. This topic is exactly for pointing this 'big ideas' to build chronicle from.
                    You're thinking about this the wrong way. Beast isn't really like D&D or even other CofD games where you can easily create a plot, and then "slot" characters — any characters — in to experience it. So much of how a Beast game develops is going to depend greatly on the individual player characters and their Hungers, Aspirations and Legends. What a Tyrant wants and what a Ravager wants are very different things. They can work in a team, no question, but it's easier to create a larger, full-Brood plot if everyone is moving in a similar direction. Tell me about your Brood, and then I can tell you what to have them do.

                    You mention you have a lot of turnover, which complicates things. It means you can't have the overall plot tie too closely into any one (or everyone's) character story. That's fine! Early on someone (Wormwood?) turf wars and family squabbles. That could be a good hook that can keep going independently, even if individual characters have to drop out. How about a city where two other splats are engaged in a Cold War-type standoff, with the player Beasts as a neutral part caught in the middle? Vampires vs. werewolves, or Mages vs. Demons. And then the plot is about this conflict, and whether or how the Brood wants to get involved. Negotiate peace? Support one side or the other? Do so openly, or try and keep an appearance of neutrality and distance? What about other groups that may have an investment in the conflict?

                    Something like this also feeds into Beast's mechanics; a lot of active, agitated supernaturals are likely to birth new Chambers all over the place. Does the Brood try to claim as much territory as possible? Are outside groups (other Beasts, or Insatiable) moving in to take advantage? That gives you a hook to explore the geography of the Primordial Dream, as it relates to your area. Do the players have cults? Are those cults in danger of getting caught in the crossfire, or seduced away to one of the other camps? There's a lot you can do!