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Okay, but what means 'local' in this context? Does town Hive 'ends' on the Chambers based only on locations in this particular town? Would Chamber based on the forest murder by monster just outside of town limits - would it be in the towns Hive? Or not, simply by not relating to direct idea of the town ( and by this, to it's Primordial Dream reflection as Hive )?

And what about Beasts Lairs - How can they be part of Hive if Lair is often based on totally fantastic location, not reflected in real location of the Hive material counterpart?
Pretty much all of this is covered in the Player's Guide.

The Primordial Dream outside of Chambers maps to the material world with fairly high fidelity, and so a Hive is comprised of all the Chambers in a given region an the Burrows connecting the ones that are part of a Lair. The Heart of a Beast's Lair, any Chambers formed in other worlds, and any Chambers that have faded from the dreamscape all exist in the Mists, i.e. the part of the Primordial Dream that butts up against the Beastly perspective on the Omphalos.

Where exactly the line is drawn for border disputes is something you have to determine for your own games.