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Primordial Cults - Inspirations, sample cults etc.

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  • Primordial Cults - Inspirations, sample cults etc.

    Realized we didn't have something like this, yet, and thought it would be nice to have.

    A sample, a Cult I intend on creating at some point of other for one of my own PCs.

    The Iron Syndicate
    This Cult is an open secret in the underworld - part of a gang, the people who've joined were drawn in by promises of power and domination. These gangsters aspire to become like their boss, and have few qualms to demonstrate their might - they are downright eager for conflict, because only then can they prove their superiority to their rivals. Sure, their boss is the unquestioned number one - but they're happy with being number one as long as he isn't around.

    o - An Intimidate Specialty (e.g. Show of Force, Staredown, Blackmail)
    oo - One Dot of Demolisher
    ooo - Body as Weapon
    oooo - Giant's Gait
    ooooo - So, I am a bit stumped on this. I'd like some sort of 'Unbreakable Satiety Expenditure' like effect. Maybe: Once per month, the Cultist may downgrade all incoming damage by one level, so Aggravated becomes Lethal, Lethal becomes Bashing, and Bashing is ignored.

    They often also end up with Hungry (oo), Giant (ooo), Iron Skin (oo) and Air of Menace (oo).

    Possible inspirational material and my brief take on it:

    - Hydra (Marvel)
    A Cult centered on the Namtaru Tyrant Red Skull, obsessed with racial purity and similar trademarks of 'superiority'.

    - K'un L'un (Marvel)
    A Cult centered on the Unfettered Shou-Lao, special in so far as that they have a unique version of the Restore the Heart Rite that re-creates the Begotten also known as 'Iron Fist'.

    - The Esoteric Order of Dagon (Lovecraft)
    This Cult is a proper religion in the eyes of the state, with a lot of hereditary stuff going on. Dagon may or may not be a Makara Incarnate. There might have been more than one Dagon, but never more than one at a time...

    - Church of Starry Wisdom (Lovecraft)
    A now-defunct Cult that was centered on one particularly nasty Namtaru.

    - The Triune (Diablo)
    The majority of this Cult do things with good intentions. Only the innermost circle knows about the utter depravity of their Inguma Enabler, Namtaru Whisper and Anakim Ravager leaders.

    - SEELE (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
    A Cult heavily rooted in Government, Military and Police Forces, it is led by a collective of way-too-similar Beasts (think Spooky Twins *6,5), which pretends to help protect people, but in truth all these Ravagers want is to spread fear.

    - The Brotherhood (The Elder Scrolls)
    Made up of serial killers and those who aspire to be, a particularly cunning Namtaru Predator has found her niche as a Murderer-Contractor-Goddess. The Cult has to be remade every few years, but despite the amount of work that includes, the Begotten has found this re-imagining was to her liking.

    (will do Ras al Ghul and his Cult some other time to throw in some DC goodness, too)
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    So, here's a thing. The name "Herald" was sort of an...after-the-fact reference to Silver Surfer, in that I realized it was one after I had the term (there's a not very subtle joke about this in the Herald splat run down). Galactus and the Surfer would be a pretty good model.

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      Huh. Seems so obvious in retrospect. Thanks for that tidbit, Yossarian !

      I was wondering how one could make Bioshock Infinite's Colombia a Lair, the Songbirdis Comstock's Horror, and the Founders are his cult. Any ideas regarding Herald?


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        Obviously Elizabeth is his Herald, or at least, she's meant to be (and will end up so in the darkest timeline).

        I'd say Comstock is an Ugallu Tyrant, and the Songbird's Atavisms include Wings of the Raptor (duh) and Unbreakable. Columbia is formed of chambers that he's deliberately pulled out of their corresponding Hives (thanks to a Mastigos mage named Lutece) to create his own realm that hovers between the Bright Dream and the Primordial Dream. I think he'd have Thralls for a Lair Trait, to represent the Motorized Patriots, though I'm not sure how he'd create the Firemen and the Handymen -- or maybe those are the Thralls and the Motorized Patriots are Horrorspawn?