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    Originally posted by Tessie View Post

    I'm sorry to say but she's kinda solved already.
    The Dark Mother is a god tier Astral entity. She's not literally the mother of all monsters, but she's that archetype in a realm where symbols manifest literally, meaning she would treat all monsters as her children whether it was true or not. That is most likely the reason Beasts can form kinship with other monsters; they're connected to the Astral and to the Dark Mother and thus treats Kinship as being true, so much that they can even gain mechanical benefits from it. Note that other monsters don't get automatic good first impressions with each other, or any ability to form Kinship.
    Ah that's bnpth sad and neat...

    was it from the players guide? Because i haven't read the players guide.


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      Most of it can be inferred from the nature of Beasts, knowledge about the Astral (primarily from Mage but BPG also touches upon it), and the realisation that Kinship can't be literal as it would negate the confirmed origins of some of the other splats. Especially werewolves whose origin had little to no cause for doubt in Werewolf (at least the broad strokes version) and was later confirmed and expanded upon in Dark Eras.
      Short dev confirmation can be found here.
      Even without the BPG further cementing the Dark Mother as an Astral entity it's really the most logical and likely explanation. Note that this doesn't actually limit how powerful she can be (compare with the Aeons who are gods of the Arcana while also being Astral entities), or explain why Beasts are created or in what other capacities she might differ from other Goetia.
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