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    Topic about Insatiable ( Strix-like monsters for Begotten, from Conquering Heroes book ) relation with general Kin ( i.e. other monsters of CoD universe ). To start, I ask if Insatiable can devour Kin monsters? Cause I have idea of Insatiable that wants to devour all ghosts and whole Underworld, as it heard that Dark Mother remains can be there. ( Her Moment would be The Clashing Faults - to remake Underworld into empty Caves - or Primordial Seas – to flood Underworld once again, as it was on its beginning. )

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    Dark Mother is in the Underworld – Dark Mother is dead. Many myths ends with slaying the Tiamat, Echidna or other Monster Goddess. And they are true. Mother’s Land and her Communions are only after effect of her existence – ripples on water of universe, Dream shades of once all-powerful being. No, real Mother is in vast Lands of the Dead. Once killed, her physical form rot and was devoured by her Children. What’s left of her, her essence, her… soul? – moved as first guest to the Underworld, locked Land of the Dead before this act, literally starting the journey of the ghosts to the Ocean of Fragments. This is why Underworld looks more or less likes caves – this form is most natural representation of the Cave of Mother in Dark Dream, the very first Lair. Tale is that who finds her soul, laid In Underworld, may rebirth her once again, in flesh, by channeling her in his Horrorspawn. Can you find your dead Mother?

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    I’d say yes, they would go after such prey, but only as it relates to Beasts. So, an Insatiable might go after Sin-Eaters because a particularly tasty-looking Begotten has ghosts as Kin.

    I ran a brief Beast campaign, set in Tokyo, and an Insatiable that had been spelunking in the Underworld was a plot point. We never got far enough to do much with it, but in my ideas the Insatiable was hunting an Eshmaki that’d taken up residence, down there.


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      The Insatiable can feed on anything that can feel that shock of fear, same as Beasts.

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