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    Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
    Demacians ae good templates for Heroes - as are their Noxian counterparts.
    Garen and Jarvan 4. definitly could make for great Heroes with their focus on Justice. Chosen Blade is definitly a thing, Real World for J4 (representing his ult trapping you), Garen having the Armor and Strength Gifts. Draven is a relentlesly glory-seeking hero, Darius a "ends justifies the means" one.
    Is there a 'regeneration' Gift to represent Garen's passive?

    Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
    Quite obvious, which is why I might've missed her before: Shyvanna could make for a curious Dragonbreath and Skin Deep gifted Begotten. Throw in some Looming Presence, and something to resemble the AoE fire damage, and we're all good.
    Could you use Vengeful Earth and just reskin it a bit? Maybe swap out the Earthquake Tilt in the Low Satiety version for something fire-based? I'm not sure what you'd do with the Sat. Expenditure version, though. Maybe some kind of firebending? Or you could just have the AoE be her imposing a fiery Lair Trait.

    As for other Beasts, Evelynn is definitely a Beast Rampant with From the Shadows, Limb From Limb and Alien Allure. I could see the new Swain as a Beast too, an Ugallu Tyrant or possibly a Whisper. His 'eldritch blast' thing could be a reskinning of Dragonbreath, but I'm not sure about the rest. Perhaps Needs Must?
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      Originally posted by Wormwood View Post

      If you ever feel like playing some unranked games for fun, let me know via PM =D

      Currently trying to get into Pyke, since I like his character design so much. I think he could be a good Begotten or Bound template.
      It will probably take a while for me to find the will to get back into it, but I do still love the game and the characters, so I think that will happen in due time. Also, I'm a EUW player too, so that won't be an issue.

      Having said that, allow me to congratulate as well for becoming a dad!

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      This is what I'm working on


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        Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
        Is there a 'regeneration' Gift to represent Garen's passive?

        Could you use Vengeful Earth and just reskin it a bit? Maybe swap out the Earthquake Tilt in the Low Satiety version for something fire-based? I'm not sure what you'd do with the Sat. Expenditure version, though. Maybe some kind of firebending? Or you could just have the AoE be her imposing a fiery Lair Trait.

        As for other Beasts, Evelynn is definitely a Beast Rampant with From the Shadows, Limb From Limb and Alien Allure. I could see the new Swain as a Beast too, an Ugallu Tyrant or possibly a Whisper. His 'eldritch blast' thing could be a reskinning of Dragonbreath, but I'm not sure about the rest. Perhaps Needs Must?
        All Heroes have Hard to Kill, which is some sort of Regeneration. Cooking up a Gift wouldn't be hard though: make it 1B/T, 1L/Hour, 1Agg/Day. Add some resistance to CC via a Bonus to Stamina rolls, done =)

        Swainn as a Beast would have Skin Deep for sure. Monster from the Deep for the CC-Pull thing. His E however would need to be something very different. Reskinned Vengeful Earth comes to mind as one thing I can think of. Some variation of Storm-Lashed might work as well (localised Storm at range rather than centered on the beast), with the normal effect doing the CC-Pull, low Satiety being his Q but changed to deal damage in a cone. alternatively, his R is spending Satiety on Skin Deep and Storm-Lashed, and E is an AoE "lightning bolt". It would keep things mostly nicely in-family, too

        We don't have many ranged Atavims, do we?


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          Slight Necro:
          The Sinking City has a great atmosphere, and some of the teaser/trailer sequences look very usable for the visuals of Nightmares, Lair Traits, Burrows.
          Conarium also has a few sequences that could work well for nightmares and Lairs, especially the very first minutes of the game could work as an eerie-but-somehow-beautiful Lair.


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            Originally posted by Cinder View Post
            As for other games, I always point to Bloodborne. A game that involves dreams, fears, horrors and people being devoured by the nightmare and turned into beasts does ring quite a few bells (plus the best understanding and masterful use of Cosmic Horror out there, which I think to remember is something you appreciate too). Dark Souls also provides people comsumed by desires and awesome monsters
            Expending point made by Cinder - Bloodborne game setting sounds a lot like what would be if powerful Beasts Horrors would be locked and analyze by school of mages and Lancea Sanctum vampires. And the ending is literally going in to Horror's Lair for fight.

            I advise to see whole Bloodborne Lore video - it mesmerized me!

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              The Sinking City has released more trailers, the most recent one looking so incredibly appropriate for a Nightmare in conjunction with You Cannot Wake Up.

              As for other games: Diablo is a surprisingly curious source of inspiration.
              But currently, I am stuck on StarCraft.
              Sarah Kerrigan could make for a fantastic Beast, her Zerg self being her Horror. Abilities like From the Shadows, Eye of Heaven and Monster From The Deep (or Vengeful Earth re-fluffed) reflect her Ghost-training and Psychic Ability, while Skin Deep, Relentless Hunter and Limb from Limb reflect her Zerg self. Storm-Lashed is Zerg!Kerrigan's psy storms, and if you throw in an Alien Mindset and Mimir's Wisdom to reflect Broodwar Sarah's awesomeness, you have a horrifying Supernatural Ability skill set. Lair Trait wise, something to reflect the Zergy muccus, so Slick or Viscous. Exposed. Minions, Crushing to reflect the Swarm?
              In combination with her mundane skills, which would be very high stealth and brawl/firearms, high intimidate, subterfuge and persuasion, and some good investigation and academics, she'd be a force to reckon. Merit wise, I expect sniper-related Fighting Styles, Horrorspawn, leading abilities.
              Family would be Anakim, Hunger would be Power.


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                Aside from the nostalgia and loving the games and lore, I noticed that there is quiet a bit of inspiration for Beast, from Horrors (any demon, but especially the Lesser and Prime Evils) to Cults (Horadrim or Priests of Rathma, anyone?), to Heroes and full Beasts. Sure, you won't stay 100% true to the original, but that isn't the goal in the first place, although the inspiration should still be recognizable.

                Let's start us off with someone less obvious: Tyrael, Archangel of Justice.
                Tyrael provides us with both a human form and a Horror - his Archangel of Justice form. Obviously, this means he has Alien Allure, which helps explaining peoples' willingness to follow him. Other Atavisms are Wings of the Raptor, Weakness Exposed, Lightning Strike, Needs Must and Eye of Heaven.
                Leader of the Horadrim Cult (offering Occult skill specialties, Mental and Supernatural Merits focused on occult items), he is a Judgemental Ugallu Nemesis to his enemies, but Nurturing to his people.
                The "enemies" or targets of his punishment: every other Supernatural trying to establish a cult or exert dominance on humanity, and everyone supporting them (plenty of food sources in the ChroD). This is less likely to make him the Apex of a region, but due to surviving all those confrontations, he is quite powerful and well on his way to Inheritance.
                His Nightmares are "You Deserve This", "Behold My True Form" and "You Cannot Kill It".
                His Lair is the High Heavens, Lair traits are: Blazing Light, Currents, Maze, Thin Air, Thralls, Murmurs, Disruption.
                Notable Merits: Retribution 5, Heavy Weapons 5, Know their Falseness, Scour your Body, Advanced Fame, Indomitable, Epic Iron Skin

                And, of course, Diablo himself: Leah, the Prime Evil.
                Leah was a good girl, with promising talents as a Proximi, but her family history proved her doom: her mother gave her up shortly after her birth to stay part of Leah's father's cult, but he was struck down when he was Slumbering, and his Legendary Horror escaped. Leah had been adopted by a well-meaning Hero meanwhile, and when he was killed by a Mage, her Herald Mother sensed her chance, captured her daughter, and used the Epic Obcasus Rite Restore the Heart to forcefully rip out Leah's soul and replace it with her lover's Horror.
                Reincarnated in some sense, Diablo went on to do what they alway do: try to reach Inheritance and dominate everyone and everything. Due to the process, some traces of Leah are still left, giving the Beast a softer side, too, though. Their first action was to kill their mother/lover for her actions/inability to prevent their death in the first place.
                Vicious Anakim Tyrant, with a Caring side. Atavisms are Titanic Blow, Terror's Friend, Looming Presence, Dragonfire, Alien Mindset, Illusion of Safety, Skin Deep and Death of Light.
                Nightmares: The Walls have Eyes (a High Satiety version is often active within their Lair they call Realm of Terror), You were never right, Your struggle won't matter, Run Away, You cannot Run, Fear is contagious, All your Teeth are Falling out
                Lair: Burning Hells
                Lair Traits: Burning, Crushing, Minions, Sealed Exits, Isolated, Poor Light, Maze.
                Birthrights: The original Anakim Birthright as well as the Health Buff, and likely the Juggernaut Makara Birthright.
                Notable Merits: Legendary Horror 5, Primordial Cult: Deceptive/Mystic 3/Influential/Doctrinal, Vast Lair 3, Look Between Worlds, Advanced Giant
                Influence: Fear 2, Demons 5, Fire 1, Madness 1
                Numina: Aggressive Meme, Blast, Dement, Emotional Aura, Implant Mission, Awe
                (The Proximi status was 'burned' when the Horror took the spot of Leah's soul).

                I would like some feedback on Diablo's Influence/Numina. And yes, this is very much an endgame final boss =P

                Regarding the Heroes/Nephalem:
                Necromancers/Priests of Rathma are likely Moros/Thyrsus hybrids, but could also be reasonably modeled with Beast: Namtaru or Inguma Nemesis that punish whoever threatens the Balance of power (e.g. bring low any sort of monopoly or dominant faction to feed), with Basilisk's Touch (poison-skills), Vengeful Earth refluffed into Vicious Bones to represent Bone Spear/Spikes, Skin Deep (Bone Armor, anyone?), possibly Plague-Bearer refluffed to depict their curses and Caught in the Webs for Bone Prisons, Shadowed Soul would be topical, and lots of Horrospawn.Viable Horrors would be the Guardian Dragon Trag'Oul, anything Necro-shaped, or the Albino-look the class sports in the games. They are likely to have some Obcasus Rites.

                Barbarian Beasts are definitly Anakim, likely Predators, with the likes of Bul-Kathos or in-game Barbarians/Nephalem as their Horror. Abilities are Cyclopean Strength, Titanic Blow, Looming Presence, Terror's Friend (to represent Shouts), possibly Wings of the Raptor (those jumps!) and likely something like Crushing Coils and the Health-buff Birthright. Quite likely to have Giant, too.
                The Crusader Beasts definitly are Nemesis, and with Unbreakable and Epic Iron Skin as well as Cyclopean Strength to carry the heaviest armor possible. Most likely even specially made armor with a special Merit for wearing it. (In the works!) The Avatar of Akarath could work reasonably well as their Horror.

                More to come! (Witch Doctor similar to Necromancer, Monks could be either Beasts or Heroes, Demon Hunters are most definitly Heroes, Deckard Cain was a Herald, and it would be fun to model a Hakan II/Belial Beast as prince of a small but rich state.)


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                  I've been thinking a lot about the Legend of Zelda series and how the three recurring characters Link, Zelda, and Ganon could be used as inspiration for representations of the monomyth. In different ages, Ganon the Beast threatens the land with his Hunger for Power, and in reaction to this, Link the Hero rises up to confront him. Zelda lies somewhere in between, sometimes acting as the passive princess to be rescued, other times actively working with Link to defeat Ganon; her depictions have certainly influenced some notes I've jotted down in the past about a third category of "Dreamer" which I've tentatively labeled "Maidens," people who find their lives ensconced in a particular cultural virtue, and whose powers are alluring to Beasts and Heroes alike (albeit for different reasons).


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                    And their relationship could also be seen as what happened when the world actually needed beast and heroes, where virtue is good and the beast have meaning without needing to find it


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                      I just replayed Skyrim and... why has none of us brought up the Daedra yet? Seems so obvious in retrospect.
                      Sure, they are too powerful to translate them into Beasts wholecloth, but the point is inspiration, not necessarily 100% faithful representation.

                      So, here some ideas:

                      Hermeus Mora - Makara Whisper, with more than his fair share of Rites and eeven stranger abilities not connected to his state as a Begotten per se, due to his extensive knowledge on the Occult.
                      Apocrypha is his Lair, the Seekers are Thralls or Horrorspawn, and his Cult includes even the likes of some Mages and a few Kindred (likely Defiant) and possibly a Bone Shadow or two. Knowledge being the overarching theme here, obviously. The Lesson could be a simple "Knowledge is power". Atavisms are likely to include Mental and insight-improving skills, such as Mimir's Wisdom, Eye of Heaven, Weakness Exposed and Alien Mindset. Of course, also Monster from the Deep and Smashing Currents, because tentacles. Curiously, his Lair Traits include Corrosive pools of acid.

                      Dagon - Ravager, likely Anakim or Ugallu (depending on interpretation). In any case, has Storm-Lashed and a whole host of Natural Catastrophe- Lair Traits due to his being the incarnation of chaos, natural disasters, destruction and revolution.

                      Molag Bal - Anakim Tyrant, definitly. Very brute force approach, so lots of Anakim Atavisms like Looming Presence and Cyclopean Strength as well as Terror's Friend, possibly Dragonbreath. His Cult definitly includes Kindred, likely weaker ones which he dominates. His Horrospawn are crocodile-headed monstrosities. His Lesson is likely "Might makes right".

                      Hircine - Eshmaki Predator, with Skin Deep being a fitting Atavism for the master of manbeasts. His Cult likely gets a whole bunch of hunting-related bonuses and possibly a shapeshifting ability (or bonus), and likely includes lots of Wolf-Blooded and maybe a whole Pack, possibly other shapeshifters/skinchangers.
                      And/or Hunter Cells, because as long as something or someone's being hunted, Hircine's happy. This Begotten is quite likely to approve of Heroes and accept their spot in the world. His lesson is likely something akin to "everyone can end up being the Prey". Likely to invoke the Obcasus Rite Night of Revels as part of his Feeding.

                      Nocturnal - Eshamki Collector, with both From the Shadows and Shadowed Soul, as well as Illusion of Safety and possibly Enemy Within. Her Cult bestows on her followers Stealth and Larceny skills, and possibly persuasion or access to the black market. Her ultimate gift would be a Relic that grants an appearance change. Her Nightmares likely mess with peoples perception and memory.

                      Clavicus Vile - Inguma Enabler, likely with Alien Mindset, Siren's Treacherous Song and Illusion of Safety. Doesn't have a cult, likes messing with people in person. Can be a huge asset with his abilities, but also a huge liablitiy due to backstabbing tendencies. "Be careful what you wish for", indeed.