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  • Beast NPC Random Generator

    After past conversations with my other tabletop friends, I got the idea it'd be nice to try and make a little NPC generator of some sort? The idea itself being for use as a way to get a very basic list of traits to jump from for quick throwaway NPC's or as a base frame for character creation.

    Beast is the splat I know best so felt like the best place to start.

    The Gen itself can be found for download here.

    Right now it's a fairly simple build, just doing the randomization for everything. Though in future I'd like to add a few options to allow more control of what gets randomized and what doesn't, and potentially expand to other splats depending on interest.

    Any feedback or suggestions on how I could improve or add to this would be greatly appreciated!

    Call me Nin or Mischka, whichever you prefer.

    They/Them Pronouns please!

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    This is useful for me since I tend to end up having to come up with NPCs on short notice, and randomizers help with feeling not quite so put on the spot. I've used other online generators to come up with character traits but I've never seen something specifically geared towards Chronicle of Darkness use.

    (Small disclaimer in the interest of transparency; I am one of those tabletop friends so I might be biased here. )