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Hunter cults?

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  • Hunter cults?

    Is it possible that beast can actually have hunter cells become cults?

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    Those cells would be denominated cancer cells, which is the denomination for any cell that becomes compromised like that, be it by Beasts, or getting your cell become thrall to vampires, for examples.


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      Funny you mention that, because my Beast has recently begun working fairly closely with a few Hunters and even has Family Ties and a rather intimate relationship with one of them. The philosophical discussion of what qualifies one as a monster came up, and they argued that having inhuman powers and/or taking something from and manipulating humanity were the big qualifiers - to which my Beast pointed out that human beings manipulate each other constantly and several of the Hunters have supernatural abilities or grafts that they themselves got by mutilating 'monsters' - thinking, feeling human beings. Point went to the Beast in that argument.


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        I'm now imagining a Tempter who tricks Hunters into breaking the Code. "C'mon, what's a little collateral damage if it means destroying that monster once and for all? Sometimes you gotta break a few eggs, friend. If you don't, who will?"


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          The Reckoning in Mortal Remains is practically a Hunter Beast Cult, seeing the Begotten as the messengers of God. In my head canon, Cheiron are somewhat a Beast Cult going out of control, which decided to make heroes out of monsters and took one step too far at trying to become a "family".
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