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  • the Beast asleep

    Hello to everyone,
    Excuse me in advance for my English, it is not my first language 😅
    i m gonna start soon writing a campaing with some Beast npc and pc and i was wondering...
    what happens actually to a sleeping beast?
    If i understand it rightly:
    -she doesn t experience nightmares anymore
    -her oneiros had transformed into the lair
    -she recover willpower, and that means some kind of mental rest

    1-She doesn t has dreams anymore?
    2-her dreams happens only in her lair?
    3-her consciousness merge with the horror and experience the horror activity as dreams? (Especially inflicting nightmares)

    And in case 2 and 3, what about the slumbering condition complications?
    And a beast that learns lucid dreaming t echniques?

    What do you think?

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    From what I remember from the core it's 3. When she sleeps she goes with her Beast as they prowl the Primordial dream hunting any dreamers im the vicinity



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      I searched a lot in the core but i didn t find any clear passage about it.
      The inflicting nightmares paragraph (pag 99) says that an hungry horror goes to hunt in the dreams of nearby people when the Beast sleeps but it doesn t say if the beast remember anything the day after