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    So with the Hobgoblin and Hobgoblin Queen thing i was pondering how that would impact the Begotten. Since they are more connected to the Hedge than any other non fae supernatural. I refer to how in the corebook they refer to how Beasts lair rating interacts with the hedge similarly to the wyrd of the true fae and changeling. For hedge denizen i presumed it would impact them similarly to Changelings: a body looking similar to their horror. But it was the Queen condition i was uncertain about. I thought maybe their lair and horror would be dragged into the hedge with them, but i was not sure so i wanted you guys to add your opinion.

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    Couldn't this have been in the Beasts in the Hedge thread?

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      Originally posted by Caedus View Post
      But it was the Queen condition i was uncertain about.
      So. Funny thing about that: while it's definitely not just changelings that can become first-generation Goblin Queens by a strict reading of the text, Beasts are on the short list of gameline-level supernatural beings that can't make that jump — they haven't got the necessary Touchstones to give up more of their ties to humanity and take the final step off the path.

      Also, the notes on Begotten shaping the Hedge are referring to the Changeling 1e mechanics — 2e has markedly changed that framework since Beast was in development.

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        If you're interested, I did a write-up of hob-Beasts in the mashup thread a few months back: Jabberwocks.