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  • The Ultimate Despair, Begotten

    I had a lot of fun with the Danganronpa franchise, despite its imperfect pacing and writing, but recently it came to mind that Danganronpa seems like an extremely good fit for Beast seen from the prey’s perspective. Then I started trying to figure out, what would The Mastermind be in Beast terms?
    Note: I would heavily recommend anyone interested in the series experience the games themselves first, as they are mystery based. Spoilers below!

    Junko Enoshima fits a lot of criteria for a Beast or related being. She engages in cruelty both major and minor to crush the will of others. Other characters are mostly dumfounded by her motivation, which is simply a consuming fixation on feelings of despair. Sounds a bit like a Hunger to me. Furthermore, Junko in person is just a human without combat skills, but within the school (DR1) and island program (DR2) she has almost complete control over the environment. She acts from behind an “avatar” of sorts in the form of Monokuma.

    So far so good. For her Family I would tend to say Talassii or Ugallu, simply because being trapped and being watched are absolutely central to the main series Danganronpa games. It’s pinning down the Hunger that’s difficult. Over the games and anime tie-in, Junko does things that could fit into the Punishment Hunger (executing murderers gruesomely), but also the Transgression Hunger (providing motives for murder in the first place, recruiting Despair cult members). You could also make a case that her overarching Hunger is for Ruin of people’s relationships and lives.

    Anyone who has played Danganronpa want to weigh in?

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    ruin does sound like the perfect hunger for Beast Junko. She specifically feeds on the moment when Hope is ruined, I bet. Ultimate Despair as inspiration for a Dark Cult or even an extended Multi-splat Brood sounds good too.

    The school as her lair though, I'm not sure. The executions themselves might take place in the lair, even if it's probably Kazuichi who made them in the original game
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      Wouldn't Junko fit the Anakim Family? With them being Nightmares of Hopelessness and whatnot?


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        For me, she is a Talassi with Hunger for Ruin, AND Alien Atavism, Untouchable as Merit and other stuff.


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          Please don't resurrect year-old single-topic threads

          A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"