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Fan idea, a way for beasts to embrace, cause awakening first changes, etc, etc etc.

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  • Fan idea, a way for beasts to embrace, cause awakening first changes, etc, etc etc.

    not sure if it would work for all supernaturals, but it would help reflect the theme of a connection between them them really being family.

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    I'm....really hesitant about this idea. Family's one thing, and the power and prominence of their theory should have teeth, but to explicitly make them monster makers that way crosses over into toe-stepping territory.

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      Critics of Beast have enough of an issue already of Beast seeming to be the "Mary Sue-splat" of CofD. This wouldn't help things.


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        I might allow certain means of a Beast being involved in the alteration or whatever for another splat, but I don't think I'd have it running in any way that couldn't be somewhat replicated by another splat. Some like the embrace are too tied up in their splat for a Beast to get involved outside of more anomalous situations. (Because plot hooks are fun and its a bit more solid if your group is hunting some sort of monster that is causing movie lycanthropy to run rampant) A mage* I might allow, but it would basically be in the situation that the person is already starting to awaken or showing signs; and the shattering of reality as a Talassi drags the parking lot into some kind of nightmare room before slamming a freaking manacle from nowhere around your face and dragging you out of the parking lot and somehow you're now stuck in a flooded sunken ship just ends up forcing the process.

        *This may fit more for OWoD mage, but you get the idea.


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          Agreed. They may be unwittingly involved in the mystery play, the first change or fae abductio. But causing such things is way over the top.


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            Nah. It'd just give Beast's legion of haters one more reason to screech about how awful the game is.


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              Another point I would like to raise is that this is really more of a thing for the Dark Mother of Monsters, if any, rather than Beasts themselves. And even then, it'd be debatable.