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Sleeping Dragon(s) - Edinburgh, Scotland setting

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  • Sleeping Dragon(s) - Edinburgh, Scotland setting

    Note: In this topic I often use local shorthand of Edinburgh name to ‘Edi’s’, like it’s called often by it’s inhabitants.

    Topic for my fan made Beast ( and crossovers ) modern setting located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Comments and ideas are always welcome. Let’s start with topics namesaker and main idea for Begotten community…

    Sleeping Dragon

    Arthur’s Seat and Sleeping Dragon legend
    ‘One of the most fantastical tales of Arthur’s Seat pre-dates even Celtic times. It’s the legend of the sleeping dragon. According to the legend, the land surrounding Edinburgh was once plagued by a huge ferocious dragon. It would circle the skies, terrifying locals, breathing fire, stealing precious livestock and generally getting up to the dragon-ly mischief. The people of Scotland didn’t know what to do. They were petrified of the beast and could see no way to satisfy its greed. Eventually however, this greed would become the reason for the dragon’s downfall.

    Over weeks and months and years, the dragon ate and ate and ate, taking whatever supplies and animals it wanted from the people of Scotland without second thought. The beast became so greedy that it grew fat and slow. No longer the fierce monster it had once been, the dragon’s constant fullness had made it increasingly lazy. One day, it rested on top of a peak just outside the city for a sleep.

    Unfortunately for the dragon, it never woke up. Instead, it became the hill we now know as Arthur’s Seat.'

    However, Sleeping Dragon is seen from time to time to circle over city!

    Sleeping Dragon is Unfettered Beast – Ugallu Family and Hunger for Prey of the people it ate. Now it’s sleeps, waking from time to time to revisit sleeping people in Edi’s, feeding on their dreams. However, Dragon is (probably) collecting real army of ghosts – to whatever objective it imagined ages ago.

    City of Ghosts

    Edinburgh, capitol of Scotland, is often called Most Haunted City in the World – it’s filled with stories of ghosts and undead almost by every corner. For the Sin-Eaters and Begotten – city IS overcrowd with ghosts! Mystery is why it is the case? What makes dead so restless in Edi’s? Some say it’s because of underground in Edinburgh, where victims of the Black Plague were quarantined and left to die, breaking normal rules of passing. Other points to the ancient legends of the sleeping dragon on the site of start the first settlement, that calls to the dead for his future army when he awake. Rest points to myriad of theories – Earth’s Lay Lines nexus, Picts made portal to Underworld that collapsed on the site of Living World or simply ‘Fairies did this!’ are all common answers In more widely spoken Bound. Truth is that nobody is sure WHY things in Edinburgh are way they are – only sure that city is overloaded with the dead.

    To read more on the Edi’s relation to ghosts, Underworld, Sin-Eaters and general situation of Dead in it – see Geist 2E Edinburgh setting topic.
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    Edinburgh Apex

    ( Edi’s Apex placeholder for later )
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      And with pointed to main mysteries of the Edinburgh, let’s dive deep into proper setting building. As I lately dwell in to Seekers of Dark Mother subchapter and how to make fan mechanics for it – let’s think how local Broods of Begotten can reflect Beasts communities described in Beast Player’s Guide. I also want to add one crossover entity in each group as Kin, to show inclusiveness of Beast as game. I will edit this post with new material once it’s finalized.

      Here are Edinburgh Broods in relation to Seekers of Dark Mother communities.

      Edinburgh Broods

      Athenaeum of the Dark Mother - ???
      ( Brood related to local universities, with Moros Mysterium mage as Kin )

      Empusae - ???
      ( Brood really into emulating Dark Mother, probably with Circle of Crone vampire as Kin )

      Guardian Beasts - ???
      ( Brood fixated on looking for the signs of Dark Mother and other threats, probably with werewolf as Kin )

      Dominae - ???
      ( I was going with idea of literal Council of Dragons, just to highlight title of setting. Scotland has few legends about dragons, so will go with them for basing Broods members. And for Kin I will probably go with Draconic Fairest from Spring or Summer Court. )

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        So let’s hammer a bit general concepts for members in Council of Dragons Brood. Opening draft of first group.

        Dominae - Council of Dragons

        Edinburgh is the second largest financial centre in the United Kingdom, only after the London, and the fourth in Europe by equity assets. In place like this dragons gather. Especially as Scotland is famous of its wyrms in various myths and legends.

        In mortal spheres, Council is rumored to be high class secret club for richest and most influential in city. It’s not very further from truth - only that dragons setting there are not human monsters. With serpentine reptiles having so much important place in local inhabitants nightmares from the closeness of Sleeping Dragon itself, local Hive is very much influenced by various dragons myths, often even brought up with waves of migrates from all over the world coming to Edi to work and live.

        Council has now at least two centuries long tradition, with members saying there were even further in the past founders of this legacy brood. There were always local Begotten and other monsters asking dragons for their help with money and influences. Wyrms are predatory and often ruthless in their social methods – but you can count they will deliver their end of the barging to you. And you really do not want to break the word given to a dragon.

        Council has shared Lair and using modern technologies to be always in touch – but for appearances and having good time, once a month they organize ‘secret meeting’ in expensive hotel that in reality is party with humans acquaintances and servants.

        Brood members concepts

        Scotland dragons

        ‘From Cirein Croin, a sea serpent believed to be the largest creature ever, to the long, thick tailed wingless Beithar who haunted the quarries and mountains around Glen Coe(…)

        In the tale of Froach & the Rowan Tree, Froach swims to an island to gather berries from a magic Rowan Tree to save the life of his lover’s mother. He slips past the dragon guarding the tree then swims home only to discover he needs the entire branch. Back he goes, but the dragon awakes. Froach is wounded and swims toward home. His lover throws him a sword so he can kill the dragon and get to shore.’

        Name of character – Horror

        Alister Woodward – Guarding dragon ( Rowan dragon )
        Alister is known corporate leader, dedicated in showing people place they should take. They will not ‘pass through his garden’ – and if they do, they will get a real Lesson.
        Family: Anakim ( Land dragon )
        Hunger: Power

        Fiona Coast – Sea dragon ( Cirein Croin )
        Hunting for ‘next big whale’, Fiona is predator both in business meeting and on the streets. She will acquire your wealth as fast as she will gutter you if she will not like you.
        Family: Makara ( Sea dragon )
        Hunger: Prey

        Gavin O'Neill – Mountain dragon ( Beithar )
        Gavin is recognizable as guarding his assets as ‘dragon guards his cave’. He collects what is dear to people to show them they should be better in protecting their things – that he will take care now. And if he gets next million on his account, he will not weep on that.
        Family: Eshmaki ( Stalking dragon )
        Hunger: Hoard

        Svietlana Koltsova – Slavic dragon ( Zmij )
        Famous widow after one of Russian oligarchs that died in sudden age of 45 years. Official cause of death were written as natural, however there were some rumours that Svietlana’s husband look like ‘scared to death’. She left Russia with her assets and help few companies as investor. Publicly she is just bored, rich single women that like to party and knows a bit about economics.
        Family: Ugallu ( Sky dragon )
        Hunger: Power

        Kuan-Yin Lung ( Male ) – Asian dragon ( Chinese )
        Mysterious investor from China that gladly support young start-ups. And then takes what he needs.
        Family: Makara ( River dragon )
        Hunger: Hoard
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          First take on the Edinburgh Apex that is from time of Jacobites risings. Looks for your comments on this.

          Edinburgh Apex

          Jacobus – Beast Unfettered
          Family: Inguma
          Hunger: Ruin

          Apex of Edinburgh is now old fear of many Scotsman and British alike. It’s a living, distant memory of country divided by nearly century, treason and plotting. But also of ones freedom to religion. All of that mixed with political claim and love for kings that even did not been in the country.
          Jacobus is the Latin name for the king James II ( and later, his dynasty ) that Jacobites movement wanted to restore the throne of United Kingdom in end of 17th and up to half of 18th century. In 1745, Jacobites taken control of Edinburgh in September 17th and left it on November 4th of that year. It was time when Jacobus became finally Apex in city. But decades of what lead to creation of this Horror and then what it left in society and history – is the real source of it’s nightmares grip on humanity.

          By decades till 1745, Jacobites where looked by British in society for as rebels, killers and thieves. In November of 1666, 5 years after Restoration of Charles II, the first Jacobites uprising get almost to Edinburgh. It started the fears that spawned, in the end, Jacobus itself. From now on, Horror that later become Scotland’s capitol Apex, taken his form.

          Rumors says Jacobus had few hosts across the years. However, Edinburgh ones were always one and the same, from 1745 year. Local Begotten stories say that after almost two centuries, human body of Horror was destroyed in WW2 Blitz bombing. However, this devastation also sated it enough so Jacobus could be free from his own shackles and join Sleeping Dragon as famous Unfettered of region. Still, Jacobites history and their legends being one of most important myths of modern Scotland lend Jacobus to stay as Apex of this place, even if he is not one of Begotten.

          Description: Jacobus is manifesting as looming, humanoid figure, about of size of man. He is clothed (now) in the 18th century garment and looks almost human – at least at first sight. He’s totally hairless, his skin is golden, and on his body there are marked silver crosses, like birthmarks. His head is directly grown with gold crown of United Kingdom he has on his forehead. Great, bloodied silver cross is in his hands, larger than Jacobus himself, like often Jesus is depicted in passion plays. Blood on his clothes and cross in his hands marks he known how to use it as weapon to his opponents.
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