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[BPG] Athenaeum of the Dark Mother problem - No working Hungers with group?

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    And of course there's family. I mean this is a repository of relics, and knowledge collected over who freaking knows how long by Beasts. As we've mentioned Mages took a shot at this place to get at the information it holds, stands to reason some Beasts might join just because having access to the resources this place makes available might benefit their allies.


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      First take on the Athaenum Begotten I prepare for the setting. Are they looking promising and working with Athaenum general idea?

      MacLean Twins

      Amna and Connor were first brought up on this world on the door steps of Dean Orphanage, few miles northwest of Edinburgh centre. They were at age of four weeks, in large basket, with only handwritten note with their names, surname and date of birth. Siblings to this day do not know who is older of them two – not alone whom they parents are. But they have their own idea.

      They came from foster home to foster home for years – but, in the end, returned to Dean Orphanage. Day before their 16th birthdays, Amna started to have recurring dreams once or twice a month. Nightmares, really. Connor quickly joined her. They dreamed of deep, dark ocean. In few months, it became dark water pulling them down and down. They told many times about this to the orphanage stuff, but nothing beside taking them at the sea shore was done on that. About a year on with dreams was a dark underwater realm. After next half year, twins saw abandoned palace with massive crystal halls, surrounded by ornate gardens of multi-coloured seaweed. There was coming light from it as from the phosphorescent glow of tiny sea creatures at night. But there was no one there beside them. And at their 18th birthdays, they were both captured in their dreams by bluish, amphibian creatures inside palace. Finfolks. Their souls, all along.

      As newest beasts, siblings dwelled into stories and legend they could get in their communal library. Legend and myths of Scotland pointed them to Fins. With raising Hunger for power of their Horrors, they need to leave orphanage as one of educators that they treated as closest to their real mother – Miss Sutherland – declared publicly they are ‘bad influence’ on rest of children. In private, twins heard from her they are spawn of Satan. As they run from facility that practically risen them their whole life, they understand one thing. They never did meet their mother. She abandoned them, just as Miss Sutherland did. Because they were not twins real mother. As their souls are monstrous Finfolks, they true parent is Mother of Monsters. And then they felt their first Guidance.

      After vision, they awoke on the steps of University of Edinburg Library. As runaway orphans they did not have any real moneys to pay for visit – but their Horrors let them in. There they were found by ??? ( mentor character that I need to add, maybe mage Kin? ) who let them stay for a few days there. Twins spent all the time reading about myths and stories of various Dark Mother likes figures, cracking identity of their own parent. Days becomes weeks, then months, and siblings started to work for the University, in library. Now it’s 4 years later and MacLean siblings are full-time staff members, studying half-time as Anthropology Majors on weekends. They still look for their mother. Their real Mother.

      Amna MacLean

      Family: Makara
      Hunger: Power

      Connor MacLean

      Family: Talassii
      Hunger: Power

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