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Family/Hunger for a Gargoyle Horror

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  • Family/Hunger for a Gargoyle Horror

    I was considering making a Beast character with a Gargoyle horror, would that be more of an Ugallu/Nemesis or Whisper; or an Eshmaki/Whisper?

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    It depends on what you want to emphasize. What makes gargoyles scary? Considering the foundational myths, I think Punishment is probably the most suitable Hunger (or, if you go back even further, Ruin). Family is certainly up for interpretation: Eshmaki or Ugallu or even Namtaru would be fitting choices, so, again, it depends on what you want to emphasize and how you want to feed.


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      Throw us your character concept, that might help us helping you.


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        I originally didn't have a concept but I was thinking an ugallu/nemesis Gargoyle as a security guard who punished trespassers would be fitting. Also, I unfortunately am not apart of a gaming group but I find all of the Chronicles of Darkness games great for characters creation and intriguing reading.


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          Yeah, gargoyles are traditionally used to ward off evil, regardless of what culture they're associated with. So I'd say Punishment would be the most appropriate Hunger to go with.

          As for their Family, that's more difficult to place. There's lots of different kinds of gargoyles, including the 'Grotesque' which could be satisfied by playing a Namtaru!