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  • Forum fun: Guess That Beast!

    So I thought this might be a fun diversion and/or a source of inspiration for Beast, and figured I'd see if anyone would also have fun with it. The game is called "Guess that Beast". Here's how it works:
    1. Write up a monster from any work of popular fiction as a Beast you might encounter in the World of Darkness. You don't have to be 100% with the details - after all, the original stories were written by Heroes with their own agendas! - but try to make it recognizable enough that others would be able to guess.
    2. Try to guess the original monster based on other people's write-ups without looking at an answer.
    3. If you guess correctly, congratulations, you get points! You can't exchange them for anything but you can feel good about yourself knowing you have them.
    Here's an example to get the ball rolling:

    Family & Hunger: Namtaru Tyrant

    He thought he'd achieved a good balance, living as a Beast. His job as a sewer worker in suburban Maine gave him plenty of seclusion, and with his particular Atavisms, he could get anywhere in town unnoticed in an emergency using the tunnel network. When he needed to feed, there were always kids poking around where they shouldn't, and using some monstrous guise to terrify them would always satisfy his Hunger for a while. The braver ones learned to face their inner fears, and the rest learned not to go hanging around dangerous spots. Everything was working out perfectly.

    Operative word: was. The latest kid to go poking around a storm drain entrance fell and hurt his arm pretty badly while scrambling to get away, and now a group of the older children were organizing themselves and looking for the "monster" he'd seen. He knew he needed to scare them off quick, before they found his Lair and forced a confrontation...

    Pennywise, from Stephen King's It.

    What are your re-imagined characters?

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    Just wanted to say I appreciate the thread and I've been trying to find a good one since yesterday night.

    I'll see what comes up once I'm at my PC later today.

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    I write about Beast: The Primordial a lot


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      I kept looking for a perfect one, but then figured just writing one would be better. So here we are:

      Family & Hunger: Anakim Ravager

      Even among those of his Family this Beast is a legend. Older than most, a giant among giants. So powerful and reclusive many think he's just a myth. Storms announce his arrival and his steps are like thunders themselves. Is it as if the sun prefers to disappear rather than have to look at him. How he managed to do so? Nobody knows for sure, but it's certain that the Begotten is fervently dedicated to teaching the Lesson he considers important, which might be one of the reasons that allowed him to reach such a complete state of balance and determination.

      This time though? The one that needs a Lesson is a mighty young Hero. She's obscenely powerful and motivated, as if killing monsters is the only purpose of her life. She also wields a mighty weapon of which everyone is afraid of. But she's also still a kid and there are certain things she does not want to face. And some lessons, like the one that our loved ones can die and we need to accept it, that deaht has nothing to do with monsters, magic and trophies, must be taught. Hero or not.

      He knows that he risks his own life to get this truth across, but he still needs to try.

      The Titan from I Kill Giants. Seemed to have the right balance between not too hard and not too easy.
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      Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub

      I write about Beast: The Primordial a lot


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        Very evocative and good. Both descriptions actually make me think of using these descriptions to create actual NPCs if I ever run a Beast campaign.


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          How do I put the spoiler thing? I want to do one for a Talassi Predator


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            Just do [SPOILER- followed by [/SPOILER-. Just replace the dashes with ] and write what you want in between.


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              hey there

              Ok, actually post soon


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                Family and Hunger: Namtaru Predator (or would tyrant or Ravager be better?)

                The following figure serves as a cautionary tale to young Beasts, used to teach beasts that they must accept that their horror needs to be fed (whether they hate it or not)

                A well mannered, intelligent man respected by all, it was difficult to imagine he was an embodiment of nightmares of Revulsion. The beast himself, too, had a hard time reconciling this. Oh, he knew he wanted to do what it wanted, but to really go through with it, he just couldn't.

                So he Starved and let his horror become ravenous. His Horror terrorized his hometown, until one elderly man died from a heart attack, somehow able to see the Horror even while awake. Horrified at what he'd done, the Beast realized his folly. He, for once, began to enjoy his Hunger and Gorged himself till finally slumbering. And in his time, fully apart from the Horror and realizing he would never be able to indulge it as it deserves, he Unfettered his horror. To this day, the people of that town have no clue as to his true nature.

                Dr. Jekyll, with My. Hyde as the horror


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                  Here's my attempt at an entry to this thread.

                  Family and Hunger: Anakim Nemesis (or mayhaps a Collector of Lies/Deciet?)

                  This Anakim is one of a ten (10) strong Brood of greatly feared Begotten, a metallic Beast who prizes Honesty above all other traits.

                  However, he tends towards being highly sadistic in his attempts to teach his Lesson, though he'll try to reign it in where possible, and has an intense lust for battle to the point that he'll challenge anyone he sees as a potentially worthy adversary. He's also become known, at least in some circles, by the nickname 'Left Hand of the Dark Mother', along with the Title 'The/Of Truth(ful(lness))', with the exactness of the latter depending on who you ask.

                  It is rumoured that he and his Brood-Mates were active in britain a few millania back, before being sealed away by a group of Heroes, with the seal having only recently been weakened enough to let them escape out into the waking world once again.


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                    Family and Hunger: Ugallu Whisper

                    You'd never guess this tired man could pull your secrets out like teeth. His academic demeanor and posh accent might lead you to mistake him for a teacher, or at least a grad student. Repulsed at his own nature, he lets his Horror hover on the edge of starvation, torn between sating his Hunger and harming those closest to him. His grip on what's human is fraying every day, and he fears it's only a matter of time before it snaps.

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