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    I use the character creation section of Beast: The Primordial as well as the other game lines as means of creative expression and I had an idea about a Brood where each Family and Hunger were represented only once. I have also based their respective horrors of of similar mythological monsters from seven different cultures. The following are two examples of the Brood rosters I have thus far:

    Eldjotunn/Norse (Anakim/Ravager), Black Dog/Brittonic Celt (Eshmaki/Predator), Nixie/Germanic (Makara/Enabler), Babarogi/Slavic (Talassii/Nemesis), Thunderbird/Native American (Ugallu/Tyrant)

    For this example I am having a hard time finding inspiration from Gaulish Celt (French) and Greek mythology for either an Inguma/Collector or Whisper and a Namtaru/Whisper or Collector.

    Hrimthurse/Norse (Anakim/Tyrant), Dragon/Brittonic Celt (Eshmaki/Collector), Doppleganger/Germanic (Inguma/Ravager), Jorogumo/Japanese (Talassii/Predator), Gargoyle/Gaulish Celt (French)(Ugallu/Nemesis)

    For this example I am having a hard time finding inspiration from Greek and Slavic mythology for either a Makara/Enabler or Whisper and a Namtaru/Whisper or Enabler

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas any of you might have.

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    I am thinking of a king minos/minotaur/namtaru who collect young primogens from his people to put them in his labyrinth lair


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      For the greek namtaru enabler a centaur or satyr ?


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        Possibly, though I really don't see a centaur/satyr as revolting.


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          Originally posted by Darklander View Post
          Possibly, though I really don't see a centaur/satyr as revolting.
          Imagine filthy furs, the strong smell of animal, an half animal half man head...


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            A Greek Inguma/Collector could be the shapeshifting Kobaloi (Sg. Kobalos), who even robbed Herakles once. (Herakles came for revenge, but they amused him, so he took pity and didn't go with the usual heroic revenge-slaying).

            Enablers and Whispers are harder.
            Slavic Namtaru Enabler: Baba Yaga could be easily adapted, seeing how she often is depicted as either evil or helpful, and almost always ugly (for more uglyness, go Babaroga).
            What might be a more natural fit would be the Bes: sort-of-demons that drive people into rage. So an anger-focused Enabler would be totally their thing, egging on the horned husband to take revenge of some sort (inadvertedly driving his family apart in doing so) for example, and would have a field day with today's universities and talk shows (just think how decent public debates can turn vicious within minutes because of a single sentence). Spiteful words, break-ups, roadrage, fist-fights, even murder and school-shootings, that's their bread and butter. Think Hannibal manipulating people for entertainment, throw in the "What Have I Done?" trope, and you're in the right ballpark.
            Slavic Makara Whisper: Vodyanoi could be adapted, though the authentic stories more lend themselves towards Nemesis.
            Slavic Makara Enabler: Rusalkas could fit the bill, what with one of the associations with them being women pregnant out of wedlock. More natural Nemesis, though I guess.

            Greek Namtaru Whisper: Maybe Dracanae like Keto fit your bill? Otherwise, the Graeae, the three old witches who share one eye and one tooth (showed up in Disney's Hercules as the Moirai or Sisters of Fate) might be what you're looking for.


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              You have some very compelling ideas Wormwood I was also considering a Greek Harpy Namtaru/Collector as from what I have read about them in mythology is that they defiled anything they touched. Also, the Rusalka from Slavic myth would indeed work well for a Makara/Enabler as they were also depicted as seductive female water spirits as well as the souls of those women who drowned.
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                Sure, that works.

                In case you want to give different cultures a go, e.g. an opposing Brood, I recommend giving the the Scion subforum a read for inspiration. There's plenty of mythology (and experts) to be had there: Egyptian, Native American, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. etc.


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                  Considering I went for the Namtaru/Collector Harpy I was wondering if you happened to know any creatures from French folklore that would work well for an Inguma Whisper?