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I have a Idea a Demon blooded Mage with a Activated Cipher.

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  • I have a Idea a Demon blooded Mage with a Activated Cipher.

    Let’s be really on the nose and call her Sophia. Sophia had a a Good upper middle class Childhood with loving parents,

    All right siblings, she was mildly Flighty,Lazy Being diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Autism in her teens, as a Child, and was in the 98th Percentile of All Children In America in Reading, and took a Keen Interest In Politics and Folklore ..

    Mostly normal except that when her grandfather a WW2 Medic who had fallen into a rut of Drinking and melcholy .so he Made a deal with a Demon for the parentage of his children. He failed so deeply as a Father so why not?

    And so sold the right to his family..

    Because of her Intellect and admitted laziness she Crashed with her parents, one day she goes outside for some fresh air.

    Our she thought she saw someone who needed help., in Subzero Weather gets stuck and Awakens Because it’s really Cold and she starts Suffering hyperthermia and Awakens into a Mage of the IDK ath

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    ...Why is this in Beast?

    Sean K.I.W./Kelly R.A. Steele, Freelance Writer(Feel free to call me Sean, Kelly, Arcane, or Arc)
    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.-Keiichi Sigsawa, Kino's Journey
    Male/neutral pronouns accepted, female pronouns enjoyed.


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      Shit I made a mistake. feel free to delete it