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  • Djinn and Ifrit Horrors

    In the Beast Players Guide Djinn and Ifrits are listed as Mythical Inspiration for Tyrant Horrors but I am curious as to which of seven families would Djinn and Ifrit horrors be from?

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    Traditionally genies are seen as incredibly powerful, to the point that wording a wish wrong or twisting the intent of it (which is often so taken for granted there are people who believe no wish can't be twisted) can turn the whole world against you. So Anakim.

    You could probably wrangle in Talassii or Eshmaki if you want to play up other angles, being trapped inside an object or forced into servitude, or being so old that you come from a time before there was light. With a more religious tone can probably go with Revulsion.
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      Mostly agreeing with nofather. In general, I think pretty much any Family can fit, depending on the angle you play up the most, though I also see Anakim as working best due to being incredibly powerful. Talassii might work if you focus on the whole trapping you in their net of rules and promises etc.
      Makara or Inguma could also work reasonably well, due to the depths of their knowledge or their tendency to leave people out of their waters, and Inguma if you play up the Strangeness.
      Ugallu due to being literally exposed to their power at all times, having no place to hide from their might.
      Namtaru if you go for straight-up revulsion.


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        well, Jafar does it excellently in Alladin. what do you think?