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  • [New Hero] Legendary Outlaw Ace

    Note: This NPC uses my homebrew rules for Heroes, which can be found here.

    Turned into stone by an Incarnate Beast during the days of the Wild West, an outlaw Hero slumbers until he rises from the suspended animation for unknown reasons. He is mostly unaware of the details of his past and doesn't really fit in, so he just keeps doing what he is best at while trying to adapt to the 21st century. No one knows his real name, but he goes by Ace as an allusion to when he was caught cheating at poker right after rising by slipping in his namesake card. Ace is confused by the contemporary world and its many convoluted rules. However, he is the exact opposite of comically inept: thievery and bounty hunting are timeless professions and he is still in his element, even if his methods are mostly outdated.

    Of note is that Ace keeps very little of what he steals and gives the rest to those in need, which admittedly worked better in the Wild West. Beasts who assume he is just an extremely skilled Hero with an odd fashion sense and mannerisms are in for a surprise: he knows a lot of mundane and supernatural secrets of various cities throughout the USA that most have forgotten, even if his information is often incomplete due to the passage of time. But most importantly, Ace is not out for anyone's death. Should he be pushed far enough to actually consider murdering, those who are responsible most likely earned it. In such a case, his enemies will be given one last chance to change their ways, with no excuses allowed. Should they refuse, they will find that he is far, far more cunning than they could have ever imagined and better learn to sleep with one eye open.

    Storytelling Hint: Ace doesn't remember it, but he is so hesitant to commit murder because that is what led him to meeting the Incarnate and getting turned to stone. He was desperate to lure out the abomination and slay it so he could claim its vast hoard and never let his family be poor again. He took the one person the Incarnate still cared about as a hostage and tried to exchange them for the hoard. The creature petrified him with its gaze before he could carry out his threat, and when he woke up all his loved ones were long dead. Ace is deep down very world-weary, and will gladly give up his role as a Hero if he can find something more fulfilling out of life, but his Destiny urges him to constantly hunt. So far, he hasn't found anything better to do. There is no intrinsic reward for trying to help him or punishment for refusing to do so. The PCs are in a position of total freedom to act as they want, which is an unique opportunity in the Monomyth. It could be liberating for them, in its own strange way.

    Life: Selfless
    Legend: Trickster

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 5, Resolve 5
    Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 6, Stamina 4
    Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 4, Composure 4

    Skills: Academics 1, Crafts 2, Medicine 1, Occult (Beasts) 3, Investigation 3, Athletics (Chases) 4, Brawl 2, Firearms (Revolver) 4, Ride 3, Larceny (Lock Picking) 4, Stealth (Shadowing) 4, Survival (Tracking) 2, Weaponry (Dagger) 3, Animal Ken (Horses) 2, Empathy 3, Expression (Humor) 3, Intimidation (Bluffing) 2, Persuasion (Fast Talking) 3, Streetwise (Criminals, City Secrets) 4, Subterfuge (Dirty Tricks) 4

    Merits: Epic Potential (Dexterity), Area Of Expertise (Dirty Tricks), Common Sense, Danger Sense (Advanced), Direction Sense, Empath, Encyclopedic Knowledge (Occult, Streetwise), Eye For The Strange, Interdisciplinary Specialty (Dirty Tricks), Investigative Aide (Occult, Streetwise), Tolerance For Biology, Trained Observer 3, Confounding Sleight, Crack Rider 3, Double Jointed, Greyhound, Iron Stamina 3, Parkour 4, Quick Draw (Revolver, Dagger), Seizing The Edge, Sleight Of Hand, Closed Book 3, Inspiring, Iron Will, Fast Talking 4, Striking Looks 1 (Rugged), Table Turner, Untouchable (Advanced), Firefight 3, Gunslinger 5, Aura Reading (Advanced 3), Citywalker, Unseen Sense (Beasts)

    Health: 12
    Willpower: 9
    Defense: 12
    Initiative: 13
    Speed: 25
    Armor: 1/0 Via Reinforced Clothing + 3/0 Versus Beasts And Their Kin
    Integrity: 6
    Destiny: 5
    Gifts: Champion’s Endurance 3, Champion's Trophy* x 3 (Enemy Within, From The Shadows, Phantom Thief), Chosen Blade x 1 (Revolver), Fool's Feast, Kinslayer, Legendary Hunter, Open Gate 3, Real World 3, Saint's Whisper, Warrior’s Speed 3, Dragon Slayer 5
    Conditions: Amnesia, Hesitant (Committing Murder), Outsider

    *Enemy Within is a mask, From The Shadows is a pair of boots and Phantom Thief is a pair of gloves.

    Hesitant (Persistent)
    Your character is consistently slow to act when faced with a certain problem, whether out of fear, doubt or something else. When he must confront it through violence, his Initiative Modifier is halved round down, his Initiative roll turns up a 1, his Defense does not use the relevant Skill and his attack suffers -3 with no Willpower expenditure allowed (this lasts for the first turn only). When confronting it by other means, such as Social Maneuvering, his targets gain +2 to contest him and gain an Exceptional Success with 3 Successes.
    Beat: Lose a fight or have someone achieve an Exceptional Success to gainsay you.
    Sources: Psychological trauma, mind-affecting supernatural abilities.
    Resolution: Receive a Dramatic Failure or Exceptional Success on a Breaking Point for Integrity, have a decisive confrontation with the problem.

    Outsider (Persistent)
    Your character is unfamiliar with the rules of a location or group, which can lead to embarrassment, suspicion and isolation. His Impression Level for Social Maneuvering is one step lower and he must open 1 more Door. Those who try to fool and take advantage of him gain a +2.
    Beat: Cause significant trouble for yourself and those with you due to your ignorance.
    Sources: A sheltered upbringing, believing in propaganda and stereotypes.
    Resolution: Familiarize yourself with the rules.

    Gunslinger (••• Or •••••)
    Prerequisite: Wits •••, Dexterity •••, Firearms ••
    Your character can reliably hit any target within the short Range of his gun (the latter must be Size 1), but it requires a lot of concentration. By spending 1 Willpower point (which does not add dice) or sacrificing his Defense, he achieves 1 automatic Success on a Firearms roll this turn plus the actual results on the dice and Damage Bonus of the gun. With the 5 dot version, he can also hit targets within medium Range and may upgrade one point of damage into Aggravated, which causes permanent Tilts. He can use this Merit a number of times each chapter equal to Firearms rating. This Merit does not work if the target is behind full cover, unless the character also has Firefight 3, in which case he may combine Gunslinger with the third Maneuver of Firefight.

    Confounding Sleight (••) [Written By Acrozatarim]
    Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand ••, Larceny ••••
    Effect: Anyone searching your character suffers her Larceny dots as a penalty on their roll to find anything of Size 1 or less she is concealing about her person.

    Aura Reading (Advanced, • To •••••)
    Prerequisite: Aura Reading, Wits •••, Empathy ••
    Your capacity to notice the true nature of others is honed to a fine edge. Add dots in this Merit to the activation roll for Aura Reading. Furthermore, you may see through active supernatural powers of concealment, illusion and deceit with a Clash Of Wills using Wits + Empathy + Dots in this Merit. This does not work on passive abilities, such as a Changeling's Mask or the Cover of an Unchained.

    Untouchable (Advanced, ••)
    Prerequisite: Untouchable •
    Effect: Attempts to use the Investigations System against the character are penalized by his Subterfuge.

    Phantom Thief [Eshmaki]
    The avaricious always seek to closely guard their material belongings with a love they seldom show to other people. The Beast demonstrates the folly of their vices by casually taking away all their most prized treasures.

    Normal Satiety: The Beast adds his Lair to all Larceny rolls and needs no tools when they would normally be required. Locks, safes and so on quickly twist open with his touch alone. Furthermore, he never needs to perform extended actions no matter the level of security: his rolls always take a turn each. This requires him to touch the target, so he may still be detected. The Beast may stack this Atavism with traits like From The Shadows and Sleight Of Hand.

    Low Satiety: The Beast gains the Rote Quality on all Larceny rolls plus the actual results on the dice. He may also perform Larceny rolls at a distance of [Lair x 3] meters, but must still be able to directly perceive the item or its container. This represents the Horror ignoring intervening distances and directly manifesting stolen items in the Beast's hands. Mundane attempts to notice or counter this suffer his Lair as a penalty, while supernatural attempts trigger a Clash Of Wills.

    Satiety Expenditure: For the rest of the scene, the Beast can enter and exit the Astral frequency of Twilight. This is done as an Instant Action if Satiety is Normal, or reflexively if Satiety is Low. During this, he can directly take a number of items equal to [Lair x 2] into his Lair, as long as they are valid targets for Larceny and have a maximum size of [Lair + 5].
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    Let Him Speak.

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    This reminds me of the righteous devil from exalted, I do like this but why the beast gifts? Is this homebrew or he is a beast himself or is he one of those inverted beasts?


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      I think it is a custom Hero gift that lets him steal atavisms from trophies taken from Beasts, don't know the details though other than it is from a homebrewed attempt to make playable Hero characters