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[Homebrew] Representing Other Monsters Using Beast Rules

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  • [Homebrew] Representing Other Monsters Using Beast Rules

    If you decide to ST a Chronicle of Beast, and you do not have the core rule books for the other gamelines (or just want to cut down on cross-referencing and such), you may use these rules. You are not obligated to use all of it. By all means, use whatever works. Each such description is an abstraction: the other monsters do not have Atavisms, Nightmares, Lairs and such. It is just an approximation of the most common abilities they display in their respective gamelines, which may vary on an individual basis. Likewise, the Anathema are inherent traits and always use the High Satiety effect. Unless otherwise specified, the listed Lair Traits cannot be actually imposed by other monsters. They are just a reference to possible sources of Lair Resonance in their iconic locations. For example: a Vampire might have a legitimate medieval castle which is luxurious and always protected against sunlight, hence Wondrous and Poor Light. More monsters to come soon.

    Families: Eshmaki, Makara
    Hungers: Prey, Power, Transgression
    Atavisms: Alien Allure, Draining Kiss, From The Shadows, Infestation, Lightning Strike, Limb From Limb, Needs Must, Relentless Hunter, Skin Deep, Unbreakable
    Nightmares: All Your Teeth Are Falling Out, You Are Alone, You Must Obey, You Are Infected, They Walk Among Us, You're One Of Us, We Know All Your Secrets
    Best At: 8 (Seduction, Hunting, Machiavellian Politicking)
    Worst At: 3 (Resisting Frenzy, Identifying With Prey, Rising And Acting During The Day)
    All Other Dice Pools: 5
    Willpower/Scene: 3
    Initiative: 6
    Defense: 4
    Speed: 12
    Health: 7
    Lair: 1-3
    Starting Satiety: 3-5
    Lair Traits: Echoing, Poor Light, Sealed Exits, Darkness, Wondrous
    Anathema: Bane, Phobia, Rage, Weak Spot
    Merits: Allies (Politicians 3, Police 3), Retainer (Ghouls 3), Resources 3-5, Table Turner, Fast Talking 4, Safe Place 3-5
    Notes: The Bane and Phobia refer to sunlight and fire, while Weak Spot refers to being staked through the heart. The listed Hungers indicate how they drink blood. Predators hunt down, Tyrants apply political leverage and Enablers seduce. They gain 1 Satiety when drinking someone's blood until they feel ill and weak, or 2 Satiety if they kill the victim by draining them dry.

    Families: Eshmaki, Ugallu
    Hungers: Prey, Power, Punishment
    Atavisms: From The Shadows, Inescapable, Limb From Limb, Looming Presence, Needs Must, Relentless Hunter, Skin Deep, Titanic Blow
    Nightmares: All Your Teeth Are Falling Out, Fear Is Contagious, Run Away, You Are Not Alone, You Cannot Kill It
    Best At: 8 (Blending In, Hunting, Dealing With The Shadow And Spirits)
    Worst At: 3 (Resisting Death Rage, Refusing A Challenge, Disobeying The Hierarchy)
    All Other Dice Pools: 5
    Willpower/Scene: 3
    Initiative: 8
    Defense: 6
    Speed: 15
    Health: 9
    Lair: 1-3
    Starting Satiety: 3-5
    Lair Traits: Echoing, Poor Light, Maze, Exposed, Mirages
    Anathema: Bane, Rage
    Merits: Direction Sense (Advanced), Language (First Tongue), Greyhound, Parkour 3, Seizing The Edge, Allies (Pack Mates 5), Iron Will (Effective Resolve Of 4), Inspiring, Retainer (Wolf-Blooded 3), Small Unit Tactics, Look Between Worlds
    Notes: The Bane refers to silver. The listed Hungers indicate how they protect their territory. Predators hunt down, Tyrants use tactical thinking and Nemeses ensure the prey that survive will never disrespect the territory again. They gain 1 Satiety when the prey provides a challenge, or 2 Satiety if the Sacred Hunt also improves the spiritual ecosystem somehow. Werewolves can use Skeleton Key, but only for the Shadow. Their version of Skin Deep mimics their inherent shapeshifting.

    Families: Anakim, Ugallu
    Hungers: Hoard, Secrets, Power
    Atavisms: Dragonfire (Magical Blasts), Eye Of Heaven, From The Shadows, Illusion Of Safety, Inhuman Panoply, Mimir's Wisdom, Needs Must, Shadowed Soul (May Use Mediums Other Than Shadows)
    Nightmares: Behold My True Form, The Walls Have Eyes, We Know All Your Secrets, Cursed Object, You Are Never Safe (See Below)
    Best At: 10 (Planning Ahead, Subtly Manipulating Events, Investigating And Researching Mysteries)
    Worst At: 3 (Resisting Hubris, Resisting Curiosity, Reacting When Surprised)
    All Other Dice Pools: 5
    Willpower/Scene: 5
    Initiative: 6
    Defense: 4
    Speed: 10
    Health: 7
    Lair: 3-5
    Starting Satiety: 1-9
    Lair Traits: Special (See Notes)
    Anathema: Entrancement
    Merits: Encyclopedic Knowledge (Occult), Investigative Aide (Occult), Allies (Mortal Occultists Who Have Seen The Truth 3), Contacts (Several), Iron Will (Effective Resolve Of 5), Resources 3, Safe Place 5, Staff 5 (Same As Allies: Occult), Untouchable (Advanced, With An Effective Penalty To Investigations Of 3-5)

    1) Once per scene, a Mage with enough time to prepare can roll their Planning Ahead dice pool and spend 1 Satiety. Each Success gives him access to one Numen or Influence dot for the scene. Doing this inside a Sanctum grants 8 Again on the roll. This takes the form of an occult ritual in which he needs ingredients and tools that are symbolically fitting for the powers he wishes to draw forth. He gains 1 Success even if he fails the roll and does not need Essence, but is limited to a total amount of Numina and/or Influence dots equal to his Lair + 1. Mages may also impose any and all Lair Traits in potential, restricted only by their self-control and sense of responsibility.

    2) Whenever a Mage must use their Reacting When Surprised dice pool, or uses overt magic in front of mortals, the ST may opt to impose one of the following effects on anything or anyone within the scene: 2 Minor Lair Traits, 1 Major Lair Trait, an Influence, a Numen OR a Nightmare. If the Mage is both surprised AND within the presence of mortals, the Mage might unleash (1d10/2 round up) Rampaging Horrors as if Ravenous for the rest of the scene, but in the real world instead of the dreamscape. The Rampaging Horrors do not have Nightmares, but can have any Atavisms and Hungers. Each one is also considered to be Satiety 0, with an effective Lair rating equal to the Mage's and the same amount in Satiety points to spend.

    3) At the end of every scene in which a Mage uses overt magic, all mortal witnesses either forget what occurred or rationalize it somehow, and suffer a Breaking Point for Integrity.

    4) The Entrancement refers to Mysteries and the listed Hungers indicate how they investigate and use such phenomena. Collectors focus on tangible artifacts and beings, Whisperers focus on forbidden information and eldritch lore, and Tyrants focus on lording over those they see as inferior and controlling their lives. Mages gain 1 Satiety when they investigate or research a new Mystery, or 2 Satiety when doing so puts the lives and sanity of those around them at risk.

    You Are Never Safe (Mastigos Kinship) [Written By BigDamnHero]

    There is nowhere you can go. Nobody can protect you. The predator stalking you will overcome every barrier you erect. It can even invade your dreams.

    Dice Pool: Wits + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance

    Normal: The Beast tags the victim with a beacon that the Beast can always detect the direction of, distance to, and whether or not it’s in another realm (such as the Hedge, Bright Dream, Shadow, etc...). If the Beast chooses to delay the effect until the victim sleeps, then the Beast becomes aware when the Nightmare activates. The beacon persists until the next sunrise or sunset.

    High Satiety: The Beast can use You Are Never Safe on someone to whom the victim has a Medium or stronger Sympathetic Link (Mage: The Awakening Second Edition, page 173).

    Satiety Expenditure: While the Nightmare is active, the Beast manifests a Lair Trait in the location of the victim.

    Exceptional Success: Until the beacon fades, the Beast treats three successes as an Exceptional Success instead of five when opening a Primordial Pathway to the location of the target.
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