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    Beast The Primordial is the first CoD or WoD line I ever read, and to this day one of my favorites. I don't play it though because I don't like to play with others, but as a writer, I enjoy building stories and ideas.
    One of the first ideas I came up with, back when I was first getting into ttrpgs, before I even knew what "homebrew" was, was building some new Inheritances for Beasts.
    I figured since I wasn't going to do anything with them personally, I might as well post them for others to potentially see. I'm going to preface this with the fact that it's been a while since I read the books, and that these Inheritances don't "fit the theme" of Beast in the traditional sense, but made sense to me in other ways.
    In world though I feel like these two Inheritances are either unheard of, or so hard to achieve or for the pieces to align properly that they are just considered myths and legends to convince Beasts there's a way out of this life that can actually make them happy in the end. These Inheritances are perhaps not very good for characters who aren't up to challenging roleplaying, but I think they add some depth to Beasts for storytelling purposes. Think of them as denying the destiny they have been written, and wanting to break out of the role they have been cast in, subverting it and deconstructing the whole thing to make something better.
    I have two ideas.
    The first is what I call "Devotion."
    Devotion was based partially off of Beauty and The Beast, which is a very apt source to work with both in name and in theme. The idea behind Devotion is the story of a monster falling in love with a person, and the person slowly making the monster want to change, and be a better person.It also have the modern take that many people these days love a monster who struggles against their nature to be kind, loving, protective, and good, and is actually allowed to be better and transcend their natures without having to give in. Proving that there is hope, and love is the single most powerful emotion humans have.
    In order for Devotion to be achieved, the Beast must be in "True Love." True Love is the state of love where the Beast would do anything for the person they love, are devoted to them entirely, as well as being concerned for their happiness and needs more than the Beast is for their own. This person is known as their "Beauty." The Beast must pledge their love for their Beauty, promising to protect them and all they stand for, to love them more than life, as well as to become a better person because of them.
    Now being "better" doesn't mean more moral, but it does mean doing whatever the Beast truly believes is the best thing to do, and to work to become better at that.
    When Devotion is triggered the Beast is changed by the power of love. Their mind is altered, the Beauty becomes the most important part of their life, they cannot comprehend willingly harming, or letting harm, befall their Beauty,and they will do whatever the Beauty asks of them, though the Beast does reserve the right to interpret the commands as they see fit.
    A Beast who would force their love on someone, or would try and manipulate someone into becoming their Beauty will never achieve Devotion, as that is simply giving into the darker urges of the Beast and their Horror, but unfortunately, that protection doesn't go both ways. The Beauty can abuse this relationship, and sadly if this does occur, the Beast will be just as happy and do everything their Beauty desires. They will hold no animosity for their Beauty, and will be overjoyed at the prospect of the Beauty using them and their abilities for their goals. Fortunately for the few Beasts that achieve Devotion, this is rare. What is far more common if the Beast in a one-sided, unrequited, but just as fulfilling Devotion with someone who is unaware of the Beast's supernaturally enhanced love for them. The Beast is actually just as filled with joy simply making the Beauty happy, or by furthering their goals and dreams, and this joy is all-encompassing. The Beast would never get the urge to try and make the Beauty love them in return, for the Beauty's happiness is the only thing that matters.
    The Inheritance will be shattered should the Beast willingly harm their Beauty, their True Love is broken, or their Beauty dies and the Beast does not do everything within their power to live up to the ideals of their Beauty, thus keeping them alive in their hearts. If it is shattered, all the changes are undone, and the Beast suffers all the hunger and pain they would have experienced if they hadn't have reached Devotion, usually killing them from starvation, or driving them insane and making them complete monsters depending on how long they were Devoted before it was shattered. The longer the Devotion, the worse the results will be. (This is based off how heartbreak, or the death of a loved one, can really change a person, and can make someone who was loving before into a really hateful person filled with misery, agony, and acidic hatred.)
    What this Inheritance does for the Beast that makes it desirable is that it radically changes the Beast and the Horror itself. The need for fear has been overridden with the overwhelming force of love, and joy. They do not need to feed to keep their Horror stable, as their love for their Beauty keeps them fed. They can further feed by protecting their Beauty, helping them achieve their goals, or by acting on the Beauty's ideals and desires, as filtered through the Family and Hunger of the Beast. The Horror in question starts to undergo a transformation that, while it is still a monster, if is no longer defines by fear, and now with love. It will adapt to what their Beauty would find most appealing with the original Horror as the base to work with. So while this makes them much more palatable for the Beauty to interact with, they are still clearly monsters. The Beast's emotional theme still retains fear and terror as viable, but also introduces love, rapture, and protectiveness, allowing them to develop "Nightmares" that aren't nightmares. They also gain the ability to assume a physical approximation of their Horror, much like an Incarnate, should the Beauty be in mortal danger, though the Beast loses control and acts on instinct towards protecting the Beauty with whatever force is necessary, and takes a lot out of them, leaving them unable to use any abilities for a period of time afterwards as they recover from the experience
    The only changes the Beauty goes through is that now they have a supernaturally enhanced mental protection from terror. The Horror uses it's own nature to protect the Beauty from being terrorized by supernatural beings, and won't run screaming should the Beast show them their true forms. They also gain the ability to use some of the Beast's own abilities by themselves, what abilities are shared depends on the Beast and Beauty in question, but enables the Beauty to be able to do things normal humans couldn't do.

    The second Inheritance is what I call "Symbiosis."
    Symbiosis is an Inheritance by which is requires both a Beast and a Hero to achieve, and effects them both.
    Symbiosis is incredibly rare, and hard to reach because it requires a Hero that is sane, is aware of the dangers that Beasts pose, but doesn't hate the Beast, but wants to help the world alongside the Beast. And in turn requires a Beast who is actively trying to be better than their nature makes them, as well as respecting and relying upon the Hero for help, friendship, understanding, and guidance.
    Together the Beast and the hero change each other, and become more together than they were separate.
    The closest canon to it is Syenah and her mother, but is different enough for me to want to metaphysically separate it. It was partially inspired by Enkidu and Gilgamesh, and also modern tales of a monster hunter and a monster getting along and working together to save people (both human and monster) both from crazy humans and insane monsters. They might not always agree, but are partners and will always have each other's backs and protect one another.
    Symbiosis represents loyalty, camaraderie, and partnership where Devotion is love, joy, and protection.
    The Beast and the Hero are both changed by this Inheritance as they achieve it together, and only together. They are now refereed to as "Partners."
    The Beast now derives feeding out of their sense of loyalty to the Hero they are bonded with, and by the synergy and synchronization of the Beast's and the Hero's goals, and protecting others from the depredations of the supernatural world, as such their hunger track is now much larger, and decays slowly, and they gain more food from each time they act on these goals, allowing them to feed less often on their protection partnership with their Hero, as filtered through their Family and Hunger. When they reach starvation, they don't lose control of their Horror, but instead become irritable, aggressive, grumpy, and much more likely to snap at random people, and will go looking for supernatural problems to deal with, usually inadvertently causing them in order to feed on stopping them. When they reach a full hunger track the Horror doesn't slumber, but instead is simply very contented and will instill a similar feeling of contentedness in the Beast, who won't want to do much outside of just being happy, and at peace for once as the Horror just is quiet, peaceful, and not leaving them without any power. They can now learn Nightmares that utilize teamwork, loyalty, and partnership instead of fear. They can also use their Atavisms and Nightmares, and other abilities, through the Hero, just as the Beast can now use some of the Gifts of a Hero, leaving them both a sort of metaphysical hybrid between the two. They are also able to assume their Horror Form, like the Incarnate, in the real world, though this consumes a lot of hunger, and leaves them tired, exhausted, and drained for a period after the change.
    The Hero is now mentally stabilized by the Beast's partnership. The Primordial Dream is now in sync between the two of them, preventing the Hero from going off the deep end just by existing. They now can gain Gifts through protecting others and working with their Beast Partner, and are able to use the Beast's powers alongside them. This essentially elevates the Hero to a full supernatural template that is tied to the Beast, allowing them to learn Gifts that reflect this new partnership, and can emulate other Supernatural powers should both the Beast and Hero understand them. At the cost of this change certain Gifts are either converted into new abilities, or they are altered. Most are opened to any supernatural beings both the Beast and Hero understand, or are developed in response to other beings. With enough power, the Hero can assume the Champion Form in the real world, and use potent Gifts and abilities much more freely.
    The Lair trait is now shared between the two of them, and is altered to match this new partnership. The Hero is permanently immune to environmental dangers from the Lair, or imposed traits much like the Beast would be. The major feel of the Lair is now split between the two of them, and now warps to reflect this companionship. The Hero also changes upon entering the Lair like how the Beast will assume their Horror's form. This Champion Form is similar to the Horror in that it doesn't have to look like the Hero but must retain it's humanoid general shape, but can appear as anything, but radiates power, grace, and heroism. The Horror also changes to match the theme set by the Beast's and Hero's partnership, as the Champion Form is created with this theme in mind.
    This Inheritance can be broken if they dissolve their Partnership, though the changes will remain with them, though they won't develop any new abilities based on this Inheritance. Both the Hero and the Beast will be able to harm each other more efficiently, and can resist the others powers much more easily, plus the separation between them doesn't separate their shared Lair. It also revokes the mental protection for the Hero, and the new ways the Beast can feed are also revoked, making them have to revert back to feeding on fear.
    And finally, this last ability of the Symbiosis is that the Beast and Hero can become one. This is nearly completely unknown, and incredibly hard to achieve, but if the Hero and Beast are in mortal danger, trying to protect each other, and are so mentally, and spiritually in-sync they can touch and become one being for a period of time. This form, called the Primordial God, is amazingly powerful, and is able to impose the Lair upon reality more easily, and is able to use powerful abilities to protect others. This form can only last a period of time, though the more it's used the longer it can be maintained, and more powerful it becomes, when the form expires, the Hero and Beast are separated, and they experience a form of "burning out." They cannot use any abilities for a period of time in direct correlation to the strength of the Primordial God Form. The shorter the period (I.E. the weaker it is) the longer the burn out that occurs, so the more powerful, and in sync the Hero and Beast are in Primordial God form, the less time it takes for their mortal bodies to recover from the ordeal.
    Once Primordial God has been achieved even once, the two beings are now bound together completely, and are different for the experience, and the ability to willingly break off this Inheritance becomes null and void.

    Also, because I'm a helpless romantic, I made them compatible. Basically Devotion and Symbiosis could be attained together if a Beast and Hero were to fall into mutual, reciprocated Love and Partnership.
    I know they don't really fit the themes of Beast, but I liked the idea of these Inheritances making it so a Beast could become more than they were before, and try to make the world a better place, starting with themselves first. Plus it gives some Beasts a dream to try and achieve. I'd like to believe that these Inheritances are actually recent. Like in the past 30 or so years, as the modern takes, and subversion of the traditional monster and hero stories have changed, and we as a people now look for different stories where someone isn't defined by their inborn nature. Like Paarthurnax says "What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" Beasts can escape the horror and tragedy of their tales, but through great effort and circumstances that might not be entirely in their own hands.
    Also, like I said, I write stories, so these might not be balanced, or mechanically sound or playable, but I figured someone might like them, and who knows maybe incorporate them into their games. It would probably be easiest with a group that really likes the dynamic and is up for some serious roleplaying, and probably starting with these Inheritances, or for NPCs for the storyteller.
    I would say Devotion is for games with couples, as Beauty's don't have to be completely human, so you could have a Beast and another supernatural being working together, or something different.
    Then Symbiosis would be like a buddy cop thing, or a paranormal investigation/protection agency, or like best friends working together to help people.
    Then Devotion/Symbiosis would probably be best as a combination of the two.
    Or you could do whatever you want with these, including hating them, *Shrugs* I don't care.