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Beastly Visages and Gruesome Maps

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  • Beastly Visages and Gruesome Maps

    As the title hints towards, this thread is for B:tP players to describe their Horrors and Lairs, be it through images, paintings, drawings, descriptions, poems, animations, etc, etc. Who knows, you, or someone else, might get inspiration for new things to suggest to your ST or add into your nWoD/CoD/GMC Story, or something like that.

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    Alphonse "Iron Al" Moran is a mobster and my first Beast PC, game still running.

    His Horror is a metallic Golem, which is together with the name somewhat of the core of this character at creation.
    The Golem is a huge humanoid with a tiny head and massively oversized upper body and arms. Rather than a polished steel appearance, it was supposed to still feel somewhat primal, so it's jagged. It doesn't have a mouth, but it can resonate at a frequency to give of a deep, bone-rattling humming. It revels in smashing fleshy things like people to bits until its arms are covered in rust-like blood.
    I found an image that is very close to what I imagined, although it depicts an Ice Golem:

    The Lair is a huge foundry/forge complex, with veins of liquid metal running through the ground, the melting fires being felt about everywhere and the entire place being riddled with chains lying on the ground or hanging around like metallic vines, posing a tripping hazard. The sole source of light within the Forge being the moving flames and the soft glow of the metallic liquid veins. (Poor Light, Burning, Extreme Heat and Undergrowth, in case you were wondering. This is supposed to be expanded by sharp tools strewn about - Jagged or possibly Razored - and the booming noises and constant hissing of the machinery returning to work)
    While not a 100% fit, the Iron Forge from Trine Enchanted Edition fits the bill quite well in spirit:


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      Awesome! Thanks for posting.


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        Never actually used it, but I had an idea for Leviathan (devilgod of the first two Hellraiser movies) was actually an Incarnate Talassi of impossible power, with maxed-out Lair, with every possible Chamber established. The Cenobites that serve Leviathan are either Minions and Thralls, or else are Horrorspawn...