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    Tell us stories that happened in your B:TP games, the weider, more random and just plain odd, the better. It doesn't matter if the Begotten where the 'central' splat or not, nor if their Players directed them into unforseen Noodle Incidents or were just NPCs who were in the wrong/right place at just the right/wrong time, nor if you were one of the players or the ST. If it's hilarious, weird, stupid, awesome or some other descriptive word I've forgotten, then add it in. Who knows, you might find a good laugh or seven here.

    Note: This thread is different from my other story thread, Scary Stories and Terrible Tales. That topic is for mytholigical/legendary/folkloreish tales and stories about, including and/or centering upon a Beast's Horror, whilst this one is about noodle incidents and other such events that occured in-game.

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    This is a story from my First (And only time at the moment) Where I play B:TP. I was hosting a one-shot a convention. after the characters were introduced. I didn't have much of a plan set up (I am a very new DM ^^") I thought up an idea on the fly that Birdy from MacDonalds was a evil corporate and with our ugallu being a nemesis the party hunted her down to her HQ.
    The Brood stalked through to the top of the HQ, they then dragged Birdy into there lair and fought.
    When the fight was about over Con Center staff were herding us out of the room. Birdy had one final hit until she was done for, our Ugallu(Same guy funny enough ^^') Got the killing blow on her right as it turned Midnight. It was incredible that the dice were on our side at that final moment.