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    At the start of combat, roll 1d10 for the opposition and compare it to the Beast's [10 - Satiety]. If the result on the 1d10 is lower, then the Beast applies Down And Dirty Combat with Rote Quality. Supernatural opponents such as Werewolves in Gauru Form, Vampires in Frenzy, or otherwise affected by a violently altered state of mind require normal combat. Heroes are considered immune to the Down And Dirty Combat imposed by this Birthright and thus require normal combat.

    Even when using regular combat rules, enemies are so shaken by such overwhelming brutality that they do not add the relevant Skill to calculate Defense, usually Athletics. Their result on the 1d10 to calculate Initiative also turns up a 1 automatically. Supernatural abilities that control thoughts and emotions trigger a Clash Of Wills if they are used to prevent the Beast from entering or finishing combat.

    Once per scene, if the Beast defeats an opponent in combat (Down And Dirty or not), he can spend 1 Satiety to immediately open all their Doors and give one command that is not obviously suicidal and does not provoke a Breaking Point. This must be expressed as a single sentence and achievable within the scene. While inside the Lair or otherwise fused with the Horror, there is no need to spend Satiety.

    In the edge case that the opponent does not use a Skill to calculate Defense in the first place, such as Ephemeral Beings per RAW, they suffer a flat -5 to Defense.


    Once per scene, the Beast can roll Presence + Intimidation or Occult + Lair. This lasts for a number of turns equal to Successes, during which anyone who looks upon the Beast becomes petrified for the rest of the scene. They have an effective Durability of 5. They also remain fully conscious, aware of their surroundings and may be moved. Potential victims instinctively know that they can avoid being petrified by closing their eyes. During this, they suffer the Blinded Tilt on both eyes and the Beast may take advantage of that fact. By spending 1 Satiety, the Beast can maintain his petrifying aura for one hour per Success. While inside the Lair or otherwise fused with the Horror, there is no need to spend Satiety.


    Once per scene, the Beast can reflexively vanish and reappear within the immediate vicinity of any individual who is within [Horror's Finesse x 100] meters and is suffering from a Condition that represents fear, such as Spooked, Shaken or Frightened. If there are no valid targets within range, the Beast knows in advance. The Beast can spend 1 Satiety and roll Dexterity + Stealth vs Wits + Composure. The target can benefit from traits like Danger Sense, Trained Observer and Needs Must. If the Beast wins, the next attack counts as a Killing Blow. Characters with supernatural means of detecting ambushes may trigger a Clash Of Wills. While inside the Lair or otherwise fused with the Horror, there is no need to spend Satiety.


    Once per scene, the Beast can roll Manipulation + Subterfuge + Lair or Wits + Investigation + Lair vs highest Resolve + Composure among the people within his immediate vicinity as an Instant Action. All individuals who are suffering from a Condition implying remorse, guilt or shame (e.g. Guilty or Embarrassing Secret) must immediately Resolve it. By spending 1 Satiety, the victims reveal so much sensitive information that the Beast applies the Leveraged Condition on them. Characters with a supernatural ability to resist a compulsion to tell the truth may apply a Clash Of Wills. The Unchained are outright immune to this Birthright. If there are no such individuals nearby, the Beast knows in advance. While inside the Lair or otherwise fused with the Horror, there is no need to spend Satiety.


    The Beast has Influence (Water 3). No roll is involved, the Beast simply selects [Expression/Occult/Survival], and achieves automatic Successes equal to that Skill while using the Influence in an unopposed manner. Mundane attempts to outmaneuver, remove and navigate through the ensuing Environmental Tilts suffer a penalty equal to that Skill. Supernatural attempts trigger a Clash Of Wills. Directly attacking someone with the water requires a roll of [Highest Finesse Attribute] + [Skill] - Defense, with a Damage Bonus of +0L. The maximum Range of this Influence is [Horror's Power X 10] meters.

    Once per scene, the Beast can spend 1 Satiety to make one use of Mass Create Water, which creates an amount with a Size equal to [Horror's Resistance X 10], or inflicts the Flooded Tilt over a radius of [Horror's Resistance x 100] meters. In the case of the Tilt, it creates one foot of liquid per dot in the Skill. Furthermore, for the rest of the scene, direct attacks receive a Lethal Damage Bonus equal to Lair. While inside the Lair or otherwise fused with the Horror, there is no need to spend Satiety. This Birthright can represent elements found in similarly dangerous locations if they resonate with the Horror/Lair, such as Plants, Ice or Sand.
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    Let Him Speak.

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    This is great. It's nice to see someone aware of Begotten Birthrights. Let me just point out that I myself took a while to be aware of Birthrights.
    However, so far every fanmade/homebrew Begotten Family I've read about so far has been completely devoid of any Birthrights.

    Fan-made/homebrew Families that I know of follow for anyone interested in fixing this issue:
    Irkalla, the Nightmares of Ending
    Kishin, the Nightmares of Conflict
    Typhon, the Nightmares of Chaos

    Sorry if I come across as rude, that is not intended.
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