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The Primordial Mutation

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  • Krat05
    started a topic The Primordial Mutation

    The Primordial Mutation

    A (I think) minor supernatural template inspired by one of the ideas on the Beast: The Primordial Plot Hooks. Or at least the cause of the template.

    Points about the Primordial Mutation:
    • Effects some of the victims of a Begotten's predations.
    • These victims develop a sense of awe for the one that fed upon them (hereafter referred to as the progenitor).
    • Their bodies warp in ways that are consistent with the progenitor's Horror.
    • They can always identify in which direction their progenitor.
    • Each individual one develops a Dread Power or other capability consistent with their progenitor, but not necessarily consistent with what others with the same progenitor will have.
    • Where one appears, more will always start appearing.
    • Have a ban/bane appropriate to their progenitor.
    • Their progenitor's Hunger & Family/Moment get imprinted on them, causing psychological alterations.

  • Krat05
    I found the plot hook that inspired this idea. Page 1 of 1001 Beast Story Hooks, post 6 by Kveldulf.

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  • Krat05
    Possibilities for Dread Powers or capabilities to be wielded by one with the Primordial Mutation. Each individual may have one of these Dread Powers/capabilities & only one. Semi-colons indicate the end of one capability & the start of another that are attached to the same source.

    Inspired by Lair Traits
    Blazing Light: resistant to extreme light.
    Burning: immune to fire.
    Darkness: can see in absolute darkness with no problems.
    Disruption: cause complex equipment to break down; fix complex equipment.
    Extreme Heat + Extreme Cold: resistant to extreme weather conditions; thermokinesis.
    Maze: incredible sense of direction, even in situations where magic causes the surroundings to change.
    Minions/Thralls: good at persuading people to help them.
    Mirages: unable to be fooled by illusory images; can will someone to hallucinate something.
    Noxious Gases: can breath perfectly fine in areas where the air is of poor breathing quality; resistant to gaseous toxins.
    Suffocating: hold breath for a very long time.
    Thin Air: can breath perfectly fine in areas where the air is of poor breathing quality.
    Thunderous: seperate noises from each other, no matter how difficult this would otherwise be; immune/resistant to going deaf.
    Unstable: enhanced balancing skills.

    Inspired by Atavisms
    Alien Allure: Striking Looks Merit.
    Alien Mindset: immune to mind reading.
    Basilisk's Touch: immunity to contact poisons; carry drugs/poisons in your body which you then pass on to others via skin to skin contact.
    Crushing Coils: can crush objects with bare hands.
    Cyclopean Strength: strength enhanced beyond physical limitations.
    Death of Light: dim all light in a radius of something.
    Doppelganger: craft a doppelganger of someone you know.
    Dragonfire: expel a gout of fire.
    Enemy Within: assume the appearance of someone you have previously seen.
    Eye of Heaven: study a subject to identify strengths & weaknesses.
    From the Shadows: be unnoticeable; incapable of being picked up by cameras, recordings, etc.
    Heart of the Ocean: breathe underwater; unimpeded by water resistance when swimming; consciously blight an area with crushing pressure that wears away at structures, this gets harder the longer it is active.
    Illusion of Safety: mark a door or window to make it impassable, requires raw force to breaks through this, or the willing negation on the marker's part.
    Lightning Strike: make a spontaneous attack, adding momentary amplified speed to the attack.
    Looming Presence: appear larger than you really are, ideal for intimidation; actually get bigger temporarily.
    Mimir's Wisdom: detect deception; eidetic memory; hyperthymesia; enhanced perception.
    Needs Must: mark a target & track them automatically using the mark as a homing chip.
    Ravenous Maw: can consume anything that fits in your mouth, regardless of danger.
    Relentless Hunter: accelerated healing; stay awake longer without fatigue; immunity to incapacitation; temporarily ignore need for food, drink, & sleep (note it says "ignore" the need doesn't go away, you're just not acknowledging it).
    Shadowed Soul: see in darkness or while blinded; while shadowed, perceive through any contiguous darkness; instantly travel between two shadows.
    Shadow Stalker: lock onto a shadow, perceive & communicate out of it; turn into a shadow.
    Siren's Treacherous Song: mimic sounds perfectly with your voice; produce a banshee-like screech.
    Skin Deep: alter your balance of Strength, Dexterity, & Stamina.
    Storm-Lashed: immunity to weather effects; your presence attracts storms; inflict a random storm on a nearby area.
    Unbreakable: temporarily ignore physical damage done to your body.
    Weakness Exposed: instinctively target weak points in armour.
    Wings of the Raptor: triple jumping distance; sprint up any surface; lower the amount of pull gravity exerts upon you.

    Inspired by Other Stuff
    Nightmares: inspire fear.

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