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Night Horrors, Mythic Foes

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    Chapter 3
    • A vampire Bloodline born from the worship of the Dark Mother.
    • A Nosferatu whose use of Nightmare (as a result of a taste for Begotten blood) has warped to create physical manifestations of people's fears.
    • A Bloodline connected to the Circle of the Crone that has developed a Discipline to manipulate the Primordial Dream.


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      Chapter 3
      • A Begotten who got infected by a Beshilu looking to make itself a hybrid. The resulting creature is a monster resembling a cross between an oversized, humanoid rat & whatever the Begotten's Horror was. It has become possessed by the idea of fear as a disease & intends to make this "fear plague". It also likes teaching "lessons", but only ones that make sense to its warped mind.
      • The Leopard/Tiger Host (information on this can be found on the thread "Possible Host Concepts?").
      • A Geryo.
      • A vicious anshega who has learnt how to draw upon the Primordial Dream for power.
      • A Leopard Man loyal to the Insatiable-Blooded Insatiable.
      • A small-town werewolf belonging to the Lodge of the Screaming Moon.


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        Chapter 3
        The Rest
        • A mysterious creature which can turn Begotten back into humans, for a price. Oh, & the souls needed for such a task, it steals from innocent victims.
        • An angel that has been tasked, by the God-Machine, to find some way to affect the Begotten & other things of the Primordial Dream.
        • A Noble (Princess: The Hopeful).
        • A Promethean that was made by a Begotten.
        • A Sin-Eater that has seen too many ghosts of the victims of the Begotten. Now they hunt Begotten in revenge for these hurting dead.


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          I've got some more to post on this thread. Plus, I feel like Chapter 3 is incomplete without anything from Deviant: The Renegades. But for now this is where I'm going to stop.


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            I've got found two more things to go on this thread. This first one, would probably go into Chapter 1:

            A thing. Every day it has a new Hunger & a new Horror. It goes around doing its best to teach people lessons, Begotten style. But there's no sanity or coherence behind it & so the "students" just get damaged.


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              The second is something I had to think about the structure of it (as opposed to the thing in the previous post). It is my attempt at making an antagonistic Primordial Cult, which I really wanted to do ever since I first started coming up with entries for Night Horrors, Mythic Foes, & I feel like it came out really good.

              Cirque du Rêver
              A traveling circus & hanger-ons that has a dark secret.
              Long ago (maybe) there was a Begotten with a Primordial Cult. In time the Begotten was killed by a Hero, & in the wake of this event the cultists found themselves without purpose & not regressing back into non-Primordial Cultist people.
              At some point they found former members of another Primordial Cult & absorbed them for want of a better word. Still looking for a purpose, they repeated this several times before finding a Begotten they could serve, & all was well. Until the Begotten died.
              After the fifth Begotten died, the ringleaders of this disturbing patchwork of Primordial Cults came together to figure out how to properly solve their problem. And they came upon a solution.
              Taking the name Cirque du Rêver, they fashioned themselves into a traveling circus & began moving across the land in search of Begotten. Not to serve, oh no they had tried that & it always ended in failure, but to capture so that they could bask in the glory of their gods whenever they needed to.
              Haven't you heard? The circus is in town!

              The name is French (I think) for Circus of Dream, which might not be grammatically correct, but a bit of incorrect grammer in the name feels right for the group.