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[Homebrew] Revised Primordial Cults

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  • GibberingEloquence
    started a topic [Homebrew] Revised Primordial Cults

    [Homebrew] Revised Primordial Cults

    Blood Anointment (Basic Obcasus Rite)
    Dice Pool: Power + Expression or Occult - 2
    Time Per Roll: One hour
    Duration: Permanent
    Bonus: Rote Quality if the targeted mortal has a Condition which represents subservience or devotion to the Beast.
    Cost: 1 Lethal Damage worth of blood from the Beast, a recipient for said blood which has iconography related to the Horror and is worth Resources 2.

    The Beast bestows upon the mortal the right to become the High Priest/Priestess of his Primordial Cult. "Mortal" is defined here as a character who has Integrity but is not a Hero nor Slasher. The Beast can have a number of High Priest/Priestesses equal to [Horror's Power], who gain the officiate the membership of other Cultists. Such people not only become official members of the Beast's Primordial Cult (see below), but they also gain access to Cultist Merits. The Beast in turn can purchase dots in the "Mystery Cult Influence" Merit, as described in Mage: The Awakening 2ed Core Book.

    Furthermore, the number of Cultists gives bonus dice for Satiety Potential, as long as they remain devoted and actively promote his Legend. As a rough guideline: hundreds give +1, thousands give +2, and a hundred-thousand give +3. Any mundane attempt to make someone abandon the Cult suffers a penalty equal to the Beast's [Expression or Occult], while supernatural attempts trigger a Clash Of Wills.

    Exceptional Success: The primordial terror mixed with religious awe reinvigorates the Horror. The Beast gains 1 Satiety. Furthermore, the Beast can extend his senses through the High Priest/Priestess reflexively and open Primordial Pathways to their location at any time. He must still spend 1 Willpower, but foregoes the usual roll in order to score an automatic Success, and he adds [Expression or Occult] to his Resolve for determining how many turns the Primordial Pathway lasts. The Beast can return to his previous location much in the same way.

    Revised Primordial Cults

    Use the Mystery Cult Merit from ChroD Core Book. Such Cultists do not inherently become Heroes when you abuse them as explained in the Beast Player's Guide; such a development is to arise as a natural consequence of the plot. If a given level of this Mystery Cult gives Supernatural Merits, the Beast who has Influence over it can acquire equivalent traits, such as an Atavism or Nightmare. Multiple Beasts can have Influence over the same Primordial Cult, as long as they are Broodmates.

    Examples Of Cultist Merits:

    Summon The Master (●● or ●●●●, Supernatural Merit)
    Prerequisites: Mystery Cult 3, Resolve 3, Occult 2 + Rituals Specialty
    The Cultist rolls Resolve + Occult + Rituals Specialty as he makes a sacrifice in name of the Beast or one of his Broodmates. This can benefit from Equipment related to the Occult Skill, Merits like Library and Teamwork. The particulars of the sacrifice vary between Cults, but can take the form of an opportunity for the Beast to Feed his Hunger. The roll for the ritual is an Instant Action but takes one hour, and has a Satiety Potential equal to [Successes/2 Round Up], which must match the Beast's Satiety as usual for a Feeding. The Cultist instinctively knows in advance when a given sacrifice is sufficient. With the 2 dot version of the Merit, the Beast can travel to the cultist's immediate vicinity via a Primordial Pathway. The Beast does not need to spend Willpower for this, scores an automatic Success and can return to his previous location much in the same way. With the 4 dot version of the Merit, the ritual has a Satiety Potential equal to [Successes]. This ritual can take the Beast to anywhere in the world, but not alternate dimensions such as the Hedge, Underworld and Shadow. The Beast can answer summoning rituals as often as he wants, but can only benefit from the sacrifice once per Chapter.

    Horrid Evocation (●●●, Supernatural Merit)
    Prerequisites: Mystery Cult 3, Integrity 6 or less, Occult 2
    You can mimic one Nightmare possessed by the Beast or his Broodmates. You use the same Attribute, but instead of Satiety, you use [10 - Integrity], because the more fragile your self-image is, the more easily the dark energies of the Primordial Dream flow through you. You are considered to have Normal Satiety by default, but can mimic the High Satiety Effect for 24 hours by inflicting 1 Lethal damage to yourself in front of an effigy of the Beast's Horror. To mimic the Satiety Expenditure, you must suffer a Breaking Point with a penalty equal to [Successes] on the activation roll of the Nightmare (maximum of -5). If the Exceptional Success result of a given Nightmare says it counts for Feeding the Hunger, you instead receive the Steadfast or Inspired Condition. You can buy this Supernatural Merit multiple times, up to a total amount of Nightmares equal to your Resolve.
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  • Eternal Darkness
    Cool homebrew, but unnecessary as far as using the MCI merit. The Primordial Cult is already an MCI for the mortal members. I do like broodmates being able to share a cult, though and the rites are pretty dang cool. Nice work.

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