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The astral and Heroes

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  • Primordial newcomer
    started a topic The astral and Heroes

    The astral and Heroes

    Quote for today: "you believe you're on a righteous path. You believe you're a force for good. But you're not."-John Seed, from Far Cry 5.

    Heroes are a menace to Beasts. They believe themselves the unquestionable good to the beasts' inhuman evil. In reality, they prove that they can be just as bad as the beasts, sacrificing innocent lives for the sake of killing the monster.

    But let's be fair here. Humanity largely believes in the hero's journey, and that monsters deserve death.

    Heroes, therefore, are simply going by these beliefs. They believe themselves right because in the eyes of humanity, they ARE right. This is made even worse by the fact that Heroes unconsciously sway the minds of the populace to follow them and validate them. Despite being unaware to it (most of the time), they are able to use the Jungian Astral in a way that beasts simply cannot. As to where Beasts carve out a niche in the primordial dream to become a booming presence that ripples into the astral, Heroes are made by humanity, and Heroes use that connection to control them when they feel ripples caused by Beasts. To as where a beast (specifically his horror) is a personification of Fear that has been largely forgotten by humanity (in its deeper meanings), Heroes are still by and large remembered by humanity. Because of this, Heroes are largely taking on roles that, subjectively, are true. In the astral, they really ARE the Heroes they claim to be.

    So what can be done by Beasts to open their eyes to reality?

    There are no mechanics for it, but it is shown in a narrative sense that Heroes can be shown the error of their ways. So in the astral landscape, what can Beasts do to convince Heroes of their flaws? Can it be done by emphasizing their Life and more strict adherence to lessons? Can beasts successfully influence the astral to the point Heroes cant wield like a hammer? What becomes of Heroes forced to acknowledge that black and white is often grey, and that they can be the darker blot?

    And what happens when a Hero has faced Beasts that have only ever embraced their monstrous natures? Does the astral strengthen the Heroes' role in the story when its proven right by the beast (albeit unintentionally)?

    So that's it, just a musing on Heroes. Sorry its rough, this is kinda my first attempt on an essay type post. Hope it's interesting

  • HelmsDerp
    There is a mechanic to revert a Hero to a purely mortal state, but it's tucked away in a big list of powers, many of which are optional rather than inherent: Beasts Incarnate can simply sever a Hero's connection to the Dream.

    More helpfully I think Heroes are a fear response embodied. Beasts are fear, and Heroes are the Fight Response. They're the ones who lash out and attempt to destroy the perceived source of fear where most people flee or freeze. They're not any less afraid they just mask it with violence.

    (Side note I suppose this makes cults the Fawn response.)

    The path to transcending fear is through knowledge and understanding, and that requires one to stop trying to destroy what they're afraid of and study it (with an eye to more than just more efficient means of destruction). To even have a chance here a Beast would have to arouse a Hero's curiosity. Challenge their worldview in a way that makes intrigued rather than defensive. Which is, you know, a pretty tough thing to do when their existence is centered around lashing out at perceived threats.

    A Hero would have to be open to learning, and that's made difficult by the way the Primoridal Dream seems to make them existentially uncomfortable. Trying to ease the discomfort becomes their main priority, even as it tends to lead them into a worsening spiral

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